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Fringe Knowledge

Fringe Knowledge


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Published by: Earthcat on Feb 01, 2008
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Exciting times are ahead! The waves of change are upon us. Will
you stick your head in the sand and be pulled under, or will you
surf the fringes of these waves to freedom?

How smoothly or harshly the Shift reaches completion really
depends on how successfully you and others choose to rise up-
ward in your spiritual wisdom, balance, and understanding. The
higher your soul frequency and awareness, the more you tune into
a channel of experiences that are harmonious and happy; others
connected to you also receive a little boost. When you lift your-
self, you lift the world in an indirect but significant manner.

You were born here for a reason, and that reason will become
clearer to you as life unfolds. If you pursue what really energizes
your soul and gives you a complete inner feeling of fulfillment,
then things will fall into place automatically. Your latent talents
will be called out of you by the needs of circumstance; respond to
challenges with enthusiasm and these budding talents will bloom.

Be smart when standing up for your beliefs. It is better to cre-
ate the new than just attack the old. Have fun with life, keep your
sense of humor, and remember to seek love, truth, and wisdom
above all else. May your spirit awaken and shine!

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