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Against the Tide 08

Against the Tide 08

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Physicists have no outlet for expressing their views—especially unorthodox views—on the nature of the scientific method and/or social structures affecting their research because journals for physicists are solely dedicated to research. This book aims to fill this current gap in the literature with a sample of critical papers.
Physicists have no outlet for expressing their views—especially unorthodox views—on the nature of the scientific method and/or social structures affecting their research because journals for physicists are solely dedicated to research. This book aims to fill this current gap in the literature with a sample of critical papers.

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Published by: gladbutterfly on Sep 27, 2009
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The impostors illicitly reached high professional, managerial and political positions in scientific research.

Academia and universities are “eaten”, “dried” by their status of illegitimacy, false position, by their

frustrations of non-, anti- or pseudo- science. The public at large can easily ascertain that by simply watching

TV, the uncertainty of their speeches (in the rare and unhappy occasions when they cannot bypass the

public). In their precarious capacity of a logical communication, in the affects of their verbal communication


Against the Tide


To cure their “disease” they are frantically searching for definitive, out-and-out lists of objective criteria,

to justify their false scientific positions and to pledge for further promotions to higher “chairs”. Naturally

they are in pursuit of a chimera. They have heard, sniffed something but they do not know, understand,

remember what they have been told, show, offer and what they have refused. Genuine professionals in

scientific research, university professors of authentic vocation are not concerned with such counterfeit

professional promotion, their criteria are themselves and their activity. The scientific, professional,

managerial and political values in scientific research, in universities and academia are exactly themselves

and their professional results. Generally, the inventory of professional activities in these domains takes

account of the scientific results, scientific publications, scientific papers, public presentation of these results,

curriculum vitae, and as it does concern the professors, according to the quality of their “product”: the

student, the graduate.

The attempt of leading perfection to impossible limits in research and education, of altering the nature of

such activities according to the metaphysical “concepts” of one or another remains elusive and the tailoring

of the scientific research and the teaching act by the improper position—pattern held by these science

impostors, remains hilarious.

So, either the scientists are genuine, and in this case, they know it is impossible to formulate such steady,

absolute and universal criteria, or they are impostors and then, whatever criterion they formulate it is vitiated

and vicious.

Of course, the thirstiest for justice are the guilty ones. They would like to overthrow the current false

pyramid of professional positions in Romanian scientific research, universities and academies and to put it

back with them on top of it or at least, in a little higher position than they are now. “Who is judging who?” is

the battle cry in this pathetic war within scientific research, universities and academies in Romania. “To be

rejected but based on an objective judgment, and if admitted, be sure this judgment was objective”, this is the

present-day formula in Romania on this matter. Unfortunately, this is not the route forward. The solution is

pure and simple political. The utmost one can sensibly do in this direction and that would be of a huge

benefit, is to rule out the improper measures in scientific research, university education and academia and to

set up an adequate policy in this areas of activity. The immediate consequence would be a self-expelling of

the impostors and their placing—accepted by the majority and acceptable as it is right, convincingly

“right”—on natural, professional positions.

The impostors in Romanian science feed themselves, suck their sap, their substance, fuel themselves

from the misery and the disaster triggered by a totally insufficient budget allotted to scientific research, from

alleged laws and legal norms- contradictory, ineffective, fallacious, outrageous by their ineptitude, from

administrative and financial-accounting norms—incomprehensible due to their abundantly clear lack of

grammar, from wide-spread corruption, abuses and fraud practiced in this field by the so-called state

authorities in Romania, from confusions, idle formulas and managerial slogans in the competition and

project-based system in scientific research, from the law-protected absence of salaries, from the

management, administering, evaluation, monitoring, carrying out the so-called national program of scientific

research where trade in influence, illicit incomes and falsifying of the scientific research are flourishing. All

Apostol: Scientific Research in Romania


these issues are purely political and only policy can banish them. When leaving the impostors in Romanian

scientific research high and dry without the “object of work” and all these illicit sources of income, they will

lose “interest” for science, profession, research and research management and fall off like dry woods. By the

same token, the weighty higher-ups in universities are “feeding off” exclusively from illicit incomes extorted

from students. The determined measures for eradicating this plague are also of political nature. When they

will no longer take teaching bribe, university kickbacks and academic graft, such characters will suddenly

find the professorate as not interesting, the teaching activity tiring and they will apotheotically fade away,

leaving behind them a black trail.

Unfortunately, Romania has a theorizing people. Instead of working, Romanian people count the works

and theorize on work. Instead of running businesses, the Romanians theorize on the most profitable

businesses. Instead of managing, the Romanians teach how to do the best management and the best policy.

Frustrated by a history that deprived them of conquests, war preys or socio-political edifices, the Romanians

offer themselves a compensation for their dissatisfaction by playing nine men’s morris and laying down on

paper strategies. With our “sportsmen” and “young Romanian scientists” who sweep the board, obviously

“abroad”. With our “bravehearts” and all the others—so many—who were well-nigh to win a Nobel prize

but end up being “eaten alive by the foreign competition”. Being actually defeated, the Romanians find an

outlet in dreaming. Romania is a “dream country” meaning it has an oniric people. The Romanians suffer

from the competition, the best one, the categorizing, the hierarchy, the polls and gambling diseases. Romania

has a prize-winning people, obsessed with success. This sporting vision of a people on the Grant Bridge (a

famous bridge in Bucharest) moves inherently into the scientific research. (After all, Paris was also

conquered by “the French”). Scientometrics and the impact factor, quench the thirst for absolute, paradox

and “primus inter pares” of the frustrated Romanian pseudo-scientists and give the Romanian scientist a

“make it big” and “didn’t live for nothing” impression. All alone in their sports games portfolio, the

intelligence coefficient remains still alien to Romanians and Romanian scientists, which seems perfectly

understandable. Romania has a meta-existential people living in a virtual world. The Romanians are not

actually living, but live under the impression they do that.

There is no Romania but solely the idea of Romania. And this fully inoperative mentality is amplified

and exponentially increased by Romanian politicians and managers.

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