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Essential Skills Evidence Form StandardListen Actively and Speak Clearly and Coherently Skills 1. Listen actively to understand verbal and non-verbal communication. 2. Give and follow spoken instructions to perform a task, ask and answer questions, and solve problems. 3. Present or discuss ideas clearly, effectively, and coherently, using both verbal and nonverbal techniques. 4. Use language appropriate to particular audiences and contexts. Description of Activity/Task/Experience that demonstrates I am at or above standard in the specific skills for the standard mentioned above: During the summer after my freshman year in high school, I signed up for tennis lessons. These lessons were for 2 hours a day for two weeks straight. I had played the year prior and had grown to like the sport so I wanted to become better. The instructors consisted of 4 upper level tennis players observing our form and telling us what we needed to change in order to improve. If we didnt understand what they meant when telling us what to adjust, we had to ask them to clarify. At the end of the lesson each day we had to play a set with the other players taking the class and present what we learned that day. After we were done with our set we had to explain to our instructors what we changed and how it helped our overall game.

Explanation/Reflection of how the activity/task/experience described above meets or exceeds the specific skills of the standard mentioned above: I was one of the most successful students in my class because not only did I listen to their instructions; I adapted my game to match what they were telling me to work on. When I had questions I was outright and said them unlike some of the other players in my class. Since these lessons worked so well, I continued to go for the remainder of that summer and have done at least 3 sessions per summer since. It has helped my tennis game immensely.