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VISUAL ARTS LESSON PLAN Grade Level: PreK-Second Duration: 2 class periods, 45 minutes Author: Sammantha Caraveo Date:

10/6/12 Unit: Mi ed Media Lesson: !ric Carle "nimals Massachusetts Visual Arts Curriculum Framework Learning Standards 1#1 $se a variet% o& materials and media, for e am!le" cra#ons" chalk" !aint" cla#" various kinds of !a!ers" te tiles" and #arns" and understand ho' to use them to produce di&&erent visual e&&ects 1#2 Create art'or( in a variet% o& t'o-dimensional )2*+ and three-dimensional ),*+ media, 2#, -or te ture, e plore the use o& te tures in 2* and ,* 'or(s .denti&% a 'ide variet% o& t%pes o& te tures, for e am!le" smooth" rough" and $um!#" in the environment and in art'or( Create representations o& te tures in dra'in/s, paintin/s, ru00in/s, or relie& ,#, Create 2* and ,* art'or( &rom memor% or ima/ination to tell a stor% or em0od% an idea or &antas% Connection Strands 6# Purposes o& the "rts# Students 'ill descri0e the purposes &or 'hich 'or(s o& dance, music, theatre, visual arts, and architecture 'ere and are created, and, 'hen appropriate, interpret their meanin/s#

1# 2oles o& "rtists in Communities# Students 'ill descri0e the roles o& artists, patrons, cultural or/ani3ations, and arts institutions in societies o& the past and present# S!ecific Lesson %$&ectives: 4he student 'ill5 - 6ie' and discuss art 'or( 0% !ric Carle - Create color&ul, te tured paper 'ith paints and te tured tools - Create an animal usin/ te tured paper Assessment of Learning: 7n/oin/ chec(s &or understandin/8 .s the student creatin/ te tures 'ith paints9 .s the student usin/ shapes to create an ima/e9 4ime on 4as(# 'ssential (uestions - :hat is te ture9 - *o all thin/s have te ture9 Guiding (uestions

;o' can 'e create te ture9 :hat tools 'ill %ou use9 :hat te tures do %ou 'ish to create9

Activit#: 4he student 'ill loo( at art 'or( &rom !ric Carle<s 0oo(s, and then create colored, te tured paper 'ith paints to 0e used to cut into shapes to create an animal o& their choosin/# Motivation: - !ric Carle 0oo(s ) 4he 4in% Seed8 =ro'n =ear =ro'n =ear8 4he Mi ed-$p Chameleon+ - Pictures o& animals - *iscussion, see essential and /uidin/ >uestions Materials: - Paper, three each - Paint 0rushes - =u00le 'rap - Stamps - "cr%lic paint - Scissors - ?lue - !ric Carle 0oo(s - Pictures o& animals )rocedure: *a% 1 - Materials 'ill 0e set out on ta0les - =e/in *iscussion, see motivation - ?ive demonstration - Students 'ill use class period to create paper - Clean up *a% 2 Material 'ill 0e set out on ta0les 2eintroduce lesson ?ive demonstration Students 'ill use class period to create an animal on paper Clean up

*eferences and s!ecific resources: *riscoll, *avid# )1@@@+ Massachusetts Arts Curriculum Frameworks+ Massachusetts, M*7!#

A!!endices: *u$ric