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Builder: Casavant Frères, Saint-Hyacinthe, Quèbec, Canada

Date completed: 1979 (Op. 3437)

Casework: façade pipes of polished tin
Console type: integral
Stop controls: drawknob
Pedalboard: concave, radiating (includes second,
interchangeable flat/parallel pedalboard)
Key action: mechanical
Stop action: mechanical
Temperament: Equal
Tuning: A440
No. of stops: 8
No. of ranks: 7
No. of pipes: 452
Wind power: Ventus electric blower
Wind pressures:


Manual I (C-g3; 56 notes) Manual II (C-g3; 56 notes)

8 Hohlflöte 8 Gedackt (notes
4 Prinzipal 1-12 from 8 Hohlflöte)
2 Flöte 4 Rohrflöte
1 Quinte
Pedal (C-g1; 32 notes) Couplers/Accessories
16 Subbass Manual II to Manual I
8 Bordun (ext. of Subbass 16) Manual I to Pedal
Manual II to Pedal