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Inventors and Inventions Unit Projects

Partner Research on Inventor 1) Paragraph Essay: You will have two weeks to collect research in packet that outlines how your paragraph will be set up. Once you have done your research, start drafting your paragraph. Use the checklist below to make sure you have done everything! Find all research online or in books. Fill in packet. DRAFT 1: use packet to write each paragraph. You will have 5 paragraphs. DRAFT 2: have another group edit your paper (spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc) Rewrite it with the corrections they made. Editor Signature __________________________________ DRAFT 3: have a different person look at your paper. Look for transition words. Does it make sense, are the ideas clear, are the paragraphs set up correctly? Reviser Signature _________________________________ Final Draft: Make all corrections and revisions for this draft. Skip lines Indent all paragraphs Only pencil used Name, date, title on top of page Stapled together 2) Presentation on Inventor POSTER WHO? Inventor name, picture(big and centered on poster) Border around poster Bulleted lists of accomplishments (things your inventor did that were interesting) WHAT/WHEN? What did the person invent, include dates here, pictures WHERE? Where did the person get ideas, where did he/she live and grow up? HOW? Box of information that tells how the inventor created the invention WHY? How was the invention used back then and today? Has it changed? QUIZ QUESTION: Include a question and a flap up that people can check their answer POWERPOINT Title Page: Inventor name, picture of inventor, picture of inventions, your names Slide 1: Early Life Slide 2: Education and How did he/she come up with invention? Slide 3: How was the invention used? How is it used today? How has it changed? Slide 4: Cool facts about the invention/inventor Slide 5: Personal Comments from you! What do you think about this person or their invention? Slide 6: Quiz question about your inventor! Slide 7: Thanks for learning, pictures, your names again. Give presentation to the class. You will be graded on your poster and your oral presentation skills! CREATE YOUR OWN INVETION & INFOMERCIAL 1) Invention solves a problem and helps people complete a task 2) Design the following for your invention: Name and Logo (picture/design, ex: McDonalds yellow M) Slogan (quick saying that people remember, can be to a tune ex: Im lovin it)

Price of item 3 examples of how, where, and when your item can be used to convince your audience to buy it.

Infomercial Order of Events: Introduces common problem Demonstration of how to use invention to solve the problem Shows 2-3 times/places it can be used Shows Price and Deal (phone number to call, what payment you accept) Lists all the reasons to buy the product again

Closing, show logo/slogan again