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What does a volcanologist study

• Volcanologist are like detectives trying to put the clues together that
the rocks tell them. They understand the past eruption and study to
predict how the next reaction is going to be like.
• Volcanologist study the remains of either dead or dormant
• Volcanology is broken down into four main groups of study.
• 1. Physical group: Study the actual processes and deposits of
volcano eruptions.
• 2. Geophysicists: Mainly deals with volcanic gravity and stuff.
• 3. Geodesic: They look at changes in the shape of earth to the
ground of deformation that occurs at volcanic eruptions.
• 4. Geochemists: Deals with the makeup of the earth as well as
volcanic products.
A picture of an volcanologist
trying to find information.
A girl working with the lava to test
the temperature of it .
picture of another tool they use .
One of the machines they use for
finding information.
Over 6,000 years ago Mount Mazama erupted fore the explosion the
mountain was 12,000 feet high. Its been replaced by a 1,900 foot crater
hole. Now it’s know as crater lake.
To believe it or not when a volcano erupts and lets
out all that hot lava and stuff it makes the air
cooler. The more the volcanoes let out gas the
more the air cools down.