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A proverb is a short
phrase or saying that gives
words of advice concerning
life in general.
1. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Eating fruits daily will keep us in good
2. Absence makes the heart
grow fonder
 Meaning:

We feel more affection towards

others when we are separated from them
for some time.
3. Charity begins at home.
 We should be kind to our family
members first before showing kindness
to strangers.
4. Don’t judge a book by its
 Don’t
pass judgements about someone or
something based on outward
5. Don’t make a mountain out of
a molehill.
 Don’t
make a huge fuss over a small
6. Every cloud has a silver

 Every
situation, however grim, has a
hopeful or positive side to it.
7. Experience is the best
 Youwould be able to learn something
better by doing it.
8. Half a loaf is better than no
bread at all.
 Itis better to receive something rather
than nothing at all.
9. Look before you leap.
 Never act hastily. Think carefully
what you are going to do before
taking action.
10. Nothing ventured, nothing
 Ifyou are unwilling to take risks, you
can’t expect to get the results which
you hope for.
11. Out of sight, out of mind.
 Wecease to worry or think about
anything when we do not see it regularly.
12. A stitch in time saves
 Promptaction at an early stage may
prevent serious trouble in the future.
13. Still water runs deep.
 Thefact that a person is quiet does
not mean that he does not think
wisely or possess little knowledge
and lack any emotion.
14. Too many cooks spoilt the
 Itis better for one person to do a job or
something, otherwise there will be utter
chaos if too many people try to handle it.
15. When in Rome, do as the
Romans do.
 Ifyou are away from home, adapt
yourself to your surroundings and to
the local customs.