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Nature and Process of communication

The act or process of using words, sounds, signs or behaviours to express your ideas, thoughts, feelings etc. to someone else.

Purpose of communication?

To Inform

To Persuade

Quiz Time.

What are the different models of communication?

The One-Way Model

The Shannon-Weaver model

Receiver Transmitter

The Two-Way Model

Organizational context factors

Organization Structure & Culture

Task characteristics
Communication behavior between individuals

Group characteristics

Functions of communication
Planning Organizing Leading Controlling

Presented by Aggyapal Singh (13DM014) Akshata Shakargaye (13DM020) Anjali Goyal (13DM028) Ankita Ashok Modi (13DM030) Ankita Gupta (13DM031) Ayyanat Syamnath (13DM050) Brijesh Thakkar (13DM054)