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Matthew C. Wettstein 2129 Stanhope, Gross Pointe Woods, MI 48236 Home Phone 313! "43#$%23 Ce&& Phone $86!

382#%911 'mai&( mattwettstein)*ahoo.+om

Creative educator whose goal is to spark the minds of elementary school children while being a positive role model for those children as well as a strong representative of the district.

Pro,essiona& Pro,i&e(
Driven, inspirational, and innovative educator who teaches for all learning styles while addressing the students need to enjoy their schooling. Always willing to learn and try new ways of teaching a task. Gets along well with colleagues as well as administration and parents. Have been recogni ed for e!ceptional communication skills by parents as well as nationally recogni ed for integrating technology in the classroom. 'd-+ation and Certi,i+ation" .a+he&or o, /rts# $iena Heights %niversity, Adrian, &'. +lementary +ducation with a ,sychology endorsement Mi+hi0an Certi,i+ation in '&ementar* 'd-+ation# ./0 All subjects 1.2* $elf CC3 4anguage Arts 52* ,sychology 52* &ay ())* -une ())*

1e&ated Wor2 '3perien+e( 'nstructional Coach, ,hoeni! &ulticultural Academy, Detroit, &' $ept. ()672Current 8ork collaboratively with teachers to create the best learning environment for their students. 9bserve teachers in their classrooms and conference with them afterward to discuss the observation. ,rovide one on one training on computer programs for grading and curriculum purposes. :lended 4ab ;acilitator, ,hoeni! &ulticultural Academy, Detroit, &'. <ov. ()6(2Aug. ()67 Created and implemented a new teaching=learning arrangement for students with severe difficulty being focused and successful in the general ed. classroom. Created lesson plans for various levels of academic ability. >racked student progress while using multiple educational programs designed to facilitate an accelerated learning trajectory. &iddle $chool +4A teacher, ,hoeni! &ulticultural Academy, Detroit, &'. ()6(2()67 +ducated ? classes of youth in +nglish=4anguage Arts. Differentiated curriculum and instruction to ensure all levels of ability were addressed. Held weekly conferences with students and parents. >racked student growth and used various data points to propel students desire to become successful.

.indergarten >eacher, Detroit $ervice 4earning Academy Detroit, &'. ())*2Current 8ork as lead teacher for the kindergarten team. +ducate 77 students ranging from ? to 5 years old. Create e!citing and differentiated lessons to engage and assist all learning modalities. Have implemented various technological advancements to ensure all students needs are addressed. Have received teacher of the month numerous times. Have gained honorable mention in a national contest for technology. Have helped recreate an after school program for the most at2risk male students in our school. >reatment $pecialist, :oysville of &ichigan Detroit, &'. 6@@026@@A 8orked with 60 males 1ages 6726A3 with numerous felony offenses. Assessed their behavioral needs to help institute behavior modification in connection with placement recommendations. 'mplemented several techniBues to help residents learn acceptable ways to deal with anger and trigger situations. Couth Companion, Catholic $ocial $ervices Adrian, &'. 6@@726@@0 $upervised male youth 1ages 6(26?3 with severe behavioral and=or mental challenges. ,articipated as a member of a 8rap Around >eam which included professionals such as social workers, teachers for each child and discussed highly energi ed issues that would help the youth become upstanding members of the society. 8orked in the families homes on a daily basis as well as the clients school officials. 'n charge of securing the communities safety as well as the clients.