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Republic of the Philippines National Capital Judicial Region METROPOLITAN TRIAL COURT Branch ______ Makati City _______________________,

Plaintiff, - versus _______________________, Defendant. ------------------Civil Case No. _______


!he #. Plaintiff filed parties this respectfully clai$ against of allege defendant su$ of of cri$inal that" for" $oney da$ages case property agree$ent

%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%

collection civil

%%%%%%%%%%%%% aspect of of enforce$ent recovery barangay personal

&. !he parties have co$e to an a$icable settle$ent and have e ecuted a co$pro$ise agree$ent 'ith the follo'ing ter$s and conditions. (copy ter$s and condition here) *. !he parties agree that the approval of this agree$ent by the Court shall put an end to thislitigation, e cept for purposes of e ecution in case of default.

WHEREFORE, pre$ises considered, the parties respectfully pray that the court approve this agree$ent and render +udg$ent on the basis thereof. Respectfully sub$itted. #, March &-#* City of Makati.

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Plaintiff

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Defendant