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Liferay Administration Guide

Liferay Administration Guide

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THE administration guide provided by Liferay
THE administration guide provided by Liferay

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Published by: nicolargo on Oct 09, 2009
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Unfortunately, sometimes certain users can become abusive. If you wind up with
a user like this, you can certainly make attempts to warn him or her that the behavior
he or she is displaying is unacceptable. If this does not work, you can ban the user
from posting on the message boards.
Again, this is very easy to do. Find any post which was written by the abusive
user. Underneath the user's name / profile picture is a link called Ban this User. Click
this link to ban the user from the message boards.
If after taking this action the user apologizes and agrees to stop his or her abus-
ive behavior, you can choose to reinstate the user. To do this, click the Banned Users
tab at the top of the Message Boards portlet. This will show a list of all banned users.
Find the user in the list and click the Unban this User link.

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