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Liferay Administration Guide

Liferay Administration Guide

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THE administration guide provided by Liferay
THE administration guide provided by Liferay

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Published by: nicolargo on Oct 09, 2009
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Themes are hot deployable plugins which can completely transform the look and
feel of the portal. Most organizations have their own look and feel standards which
go across all of the web sites and web applications in the infrastructure. Liferay makes
it possible for a site designer to create a theme plugin which can then be installed, al-
lowing for the complete transformation of the portal to whatever look and feel is
needed. There are lots of available theme plugins on Liferay's web site, and more are
being added every day. This makes it easier for those who wish to develop themes for
Liferay, as you can now choose a theme which most closely resembles what you want
to do and then customize it. This is much easier than starting a theme from scratch.
There is more about theme development in the Liferay Developer's Guide.


Plugin Management

Tip: Liferay 4.4.2 and below support the Portlet 1.0 standard: JSR-168.
Liferay 5.0 and above support the Portlet 2.0 standard: JSR-286. You cannot
run Portlet 2.0 portlets in Liferay 4.4.2, but because the Portlet 2.0 standard
is backwards-compatible, portlets written to the 1.0 standard will run in
Liferay 5.x and above.

Advanced Liferay Configuration

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