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Liferay Administration Guide

Liferay Administration Guide

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THE administration guide provided by Liferay
THE administration guide provided by Liferay

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Published by: nicolargo on Oct 09, 2009
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If there is a software catalog of plugins that you would like to point your instance
of Liferay to, all you need is the URL to the catalog. Once you have the URL, go to the
Plugin Installer in your Control Panel and click the Configuration tab. You will see that
there are two fields in which you can enter URLs to plugin repositories: Trusted Plugin
Repositories and Untrusted Plugin Repositories. Currently, the only difference between
the two is to provide a visual cue for administrators as to which repositories are trus-
ted and untrusted.

Enter the URL to the repository to which you wish to connect in one of the fields
and click Save. The portlet will connect to the repository, and items from this reposit-
ory will be shown in the list.

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