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Liferay Administration Guide

Liferay Administration Guide

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THE administration guide provided by Liferay
THE administration guide provided by Liferay

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Published by: nicolargo on Oct 09, 2009
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Liferay comes by default with 17 servlet filters enabled and running. It is likely
that for your installation, you don't need them all.
To disable a servlet filter, simply comment it out of your web.xml file.
If there is a feature supported by a servlet filter that you know you are not using,
you can comment it out as well to achieve some performance gains. For example, if
you are not using CAS for single sign-on, comment out the CAS Filter. If you are not
using NTLM for single sign-ons, comment out the Ntlm Filter. If you are not using the
Virtual Hosting for Communities feature, comment out the Virtual Host Filter. The
fewer servlet filters you are running, the less processing power is needed for each re-


Liferay comes pre-bundled with many portlets which contain a lot of functional-
ity, but not every web site that is running on Liferay needs to use them all. In port-
let.xml and liferay-portlet.xml, comment out the ones you are not using. While having a
loan calculator, analog clock, or game of hangman available for your users to add to
pages is nice, those portlets may be taking up resources that are needed by custom
portlets you have written for your site. If you are having performance problems, com-
menting out some of the unused portlets may give you the performance boost you

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