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Appendix Notes on Heir Conditioning

The Poet - Dato M. SHANmughalingam Poet, novelist. Studied at University of Malaya, Harvard and Oxford University. The Meaning In Stanza 1, the grandchild asksquestions to his/her grandfather and grandmother Grand dad did you breathe before air cons were invented - Meaning: The grandchild asks his grandfather if he was able to breathe before air conditioners were made. was it hard stayingalive without modern inventions? - Meaning: The grandchild asks whether his/her grandfather found it difficult to live without modern gadgets. Grandma werent you flusteredas you fluttered with paper fans? -Meaning: The grandchild asks his grandmother whether she was angry when she had to cool herself with paper fans. Could you communicate beforefaxes and long distance callsbecame basic necessities? - Meaning: The grandchild wonders how his/her grandparents communicated before there were no facsimile machines and telephones. These are considered basic needs in our lives.


In Stanza 2, the grandfather/grandmother responds tothe questions posed by his grandchild in Stanza 1. Grand child we livedbefore your age. Becauseof our ignorance,we did not knowpollution, stress, traffic jamsdestruction of forests, streams and hills - Meaning: The grandparent says that they lived at an earlier time than the grandchild. However, since they were not educated, they didnt have to deal with pollution, stress, traffic jams and the damage of the natural environment. We feared God and nature - Meaning: We were afraid of God and respected nature. Now nature fears you andMoney is your new God - Meaning: Now, nature is being threatened by you and money has become your main focus. Moral Values Take care and appreciate the nature Use technology wisely Do not be blinded by money Appreciate Gods creation Be religious. Do not forget your responsibilities.