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Lesson Plan Template

Instructors name: Kathy Rappaport Week of: Feb 24-28 Course/Grade: ELD3 Unit Name: Media Unit Ends Historical Fiction Unit

Common Core/ NM Content Standards: Craft and Structure RI.9-10.4 Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text, including figurative, connotative and technical meanings, analyze the cumulative impact of specific word choice on meaning and tone. Literacy W.9-10.2 Write texts to examine and convey complex ideas. Literacy SL.9-10.4 Making strategic use of digital media in presentations

Essential Question(s): Media Unit What kinds of problems does media cause for teens? Historical Fiction Unit Why is this period in history important? Why was this character selected to be the main character? How do the characters reveal the theme? What is the authors attitude about this historical event? Can the themes in the novel relate to modern culture?

Connections (prior learning/prior knowledge): Students have *studied the definitions of Ethos, Pathos and Logos. *identified statements as one of the three rhetorical devices, evaluated ads and concluded the main type of rhetorical device the ad is using. *written a persuasive email using all three rhetorical devices. *studied the founder of modern advertising, and analyzed how advertising works on the subconscious level to appeal to desires and fears. *applied their understanding of target audience by identifying the target audience of a specific ad. *reviewed advertising techniques used by marketers that fall under logos, ethos and pathos *applied their understanding of terms by relating them to ads Resources/Materials News Article topics on problems media causes for teens: Body Image Boys How Advertising Impacts Teen Girls Abercrombie and Fitch Media Brouhaha Marketing Energy Drinks to Teens Materialism and Teens Media and the Right to Privacy Fighting Back: Personal Branding

Other considerations (modifications, accommodations, acceleration, etc.):

Time allotted MONDAY Learning TargetStudents will make strategic use of digital media as they create a simulated Facebook page that brands them in a positive light for colleges and employers. Students will identify main ideas that are stated both explicitly and implicitly in a news article about materialism and teens and show understanding by answering questions. TUESDAY Students will write an expository, 5-paragraph essay about medias impact on teens using a problem/solution structure. They will use evidence from articles theyve been reading and logical reasoning to support their ideas.

Lesson activities for instructor and students Assignment(s) DueStudents will present their Facebook page to the class and explain how each part of the page is intended to attract their target audience. Students will complete questions about an article.

Students will write an outline of a 5-paragraph essay on a topic they select from a variety of topics on medias impact on teens. Students will begin writing the actual essay.

WEDNESDAY Learning TargetContinuation from yesterday

Assignment (s) Due -

Continuation from yesterday. Essay due Friday.

THURSDAY Learning TargetDetermine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text. Students will cite specific textual evidence to support insights they have about a novel.

Assignment(s) Due-

Worksheet on how to use context clues to understand vocabulary Students will begin reading The Boy Who Dared by Susan Campbell Bartoletti. Pages 3-11, and answer questions


Assignment(s) Due-

Students will cite specific textual evidence to support insights they have about a novel.

Students will read pages 11-23 and answer questions.

Post-Teaching Reflections on Lesson

What went well?

What needs to be improved? Why?

Strategies to consider for improving lesson: