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MR.Rohan Bhawna Upadhyay
What is a Brand?
•A brand is a set of associations that are linked to a product range,
a division, or company.

•These associations reside in the memory of customers

•These associations help customers understand-

1.What the brand or company is,
2.Why it is potentially relevant to them,
3.How it is different or similar to other products made by the
4. How it is similar or different from competitor’s products.
•Coca-Cola is123 years old and is one of the
most recognized brands

•Inspires creativity,passion,optimism and fun

•Focuses on the needs- customers, consumers

and franchise partners

• Brand value - $66,667 million

• Created in Atlanta, By Dr John S Pemberton

• Brand communicates the idea of " Enjoying life's

simple pleasures".

• Registered as a trademark in 1887

•Mc Donald's is the largest chain of quick service restaurants

•Mc Donald’s serves six million customers each day

• Good quality product at an affordable price-huge customer base

• To serve customers across the world- customized their products

• Protecting and preserving the environment by:

1.Litter bins outside all restaurants
2.Replacing plastic salad containers with paper card containers
3.Use low energy lamps and light level sensors
•Toyota Motor Corporation is one of the world's leading

• Offers full range of models- mini vehicles to large trucks,

under the Toyota and Lexus brand names.

•Toyota markets vehicles in more than 140 countries

•Recognized for Quality of products and production systems

•Factories in most parts of the world-assembling vehicles for

local markets

•Good post service facilities

• Been more productive then its competitors

• The brand characteristics people liked
about Google were:

1.Clean, minimalist interface

2. Lack of in-your-face advertising links
3. Friendly
4.Credible source of information

•Google genuinely believes in the motto:

the searcher is king
•Nike was born in 1972

•Wide range of sport equipment and apparel

•The reasons for it becoming the biggest sport brand are:

1.Market innovation
2.Fashionable Designs
3.Marketing strategy-sponsorship agreemets,professional
teams and college athletic teams
4.Popular in youth culture and hip- hop culture
5.Wide range of products for both Women and Men