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MY TEACHING PHILOSOPHY I believe my responsibility as a teacher is to introduce students to their program material in a way that is both inviting and

encouraging. I will interact with my students with real-world activities and role-playing techniques. Engaging my students through different types of learning possibilities and continuous motivation will enhance their learning experience. I will present the material to the students in a structured manner that they will become comfortable with and help keep them on task. I will provide opportunities for students to participate in learning activities outside of the classroom, as well as, bringing in guest speakers when appropriate.

Part of the curriculum will involve collaboration through group assignment projects. I believe this will create an atmosphere where students can learn from each other while learning to provide constructive criticism on the group assignments. Students will learn accountability and respect for others through these group assignments. The college has a diverse community of students and these group assignments will bring students together and possibly build connections for students outside of the classroom.

I expect my students to come prepared to learn, participate and interact with the class. Students will be expected to work hard and I will adapt my teaching to those that require a different style of teaching. Working with a diverse community, I know that some students will need help and guidance with developmental courses. I will work with these students to provide them with the assistance they require.

Student learning will be measured though a variety of quizzes, assignments, and tests. Assignments will enhance their learning material. Students will be challenged through their assignments by definitions, research and guided reading. Quizzes will be held to measure their knowledge of the material in their assignments. Quizzes will be short in nature and asked in either a multiple choice or true or false type of format. Tests will cover the material typically in a longer format. The tests will involve some essay style questions where students will have to convey their knowledge of the material. Additional testing may require students to demonstrate their knowledge of the material through hands-on activities. I will be able to adapt my teaching based on the feedback I receive through the quizzes. The information I receive will help me determine what material I may need to review with the class to prepare them for the test. I understand that student success requires both a students desire to learn and the use of dynamic teaching methods that address the individual needs of students. My goal is to identify those needs and encourage a desire to learn amongst my students.