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gb spring

gb spring

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about the leaf spring
about the leaf spring

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Published by: shivkumar1587 on Oct 15, 2009
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Enter the ultimate tensile strength of the selected material. When selecting the check box in line
[1.6] the minimum value of the ultimate strength defined for the selected material will be
automatically set here.
Warning: The ultimate tensile strength of the cold drawn spring wires of some materials is
considerably dependent on the wire diameter. Material strength increases with
decreasing diameter of the wire. In automatic setting of material values the
calculation uses minimum ultimate stress values of the selected material for wires of
the largest diameters (approx. 15 mm, 5/8 in). The spring that you have designed
will therefore most probably be oversized. That is why in the case of final
calculations we recommend you to set this value manually depending on the wire
diameter used for the spring being designed. Approximate values of the ultimate
strength depending on the wire diameter can be found in the graphs:

Ultimate tensile strength - ASTM

Ultimate tensile strength - EN

1.21 Operational parameters, safety.

This paragraph is designed to set the operational and production parameters of the spring and to
them related safety coefficients.
Set the corresponding operational conditions in the selection lists. The input field for entering the
appropriate safety coefficient is situated to the right of each list. This coefficient expresses the
influence of the given parameter on possible decrease in the load capacity of the spring.
Note: If the check box to the right of the input field is selected, the safety coefficient value will
be designed by the program. In this automatic design the calculation also
incorporates in the coefficient value the suitability of the selected material and the
effects (interactions), if any, of the other values of the spring.

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