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gb spring

gb spring

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about the leaf spring
about the leaf spring

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The controls located in this paragraph serve for starting the design (optimization) functions of
the calculation. Spring design for the given ratios Dmax/Dmin, Dmin/d is started by moving one of
the scroll bars. When designing the spring the calculation is trying to optimize the dimensions so
that the wire diameter is as small as possible while keeping the required safety [1.27].
Note: The calculation will select the nearest suitable wire diameter out of the preferred series.
4.12 Check data.

This paragraph specifies the results of the strength check of the designed spring. The check is
carried out by comparing the permissible stress of the material used [1.20] with the actual stress
of the fully loaded spring. The resulting level of safety [4.19] should not drop under the required
value [1.27].
Lines [4.18] is used to calculate theoretical value of the maximum working load at which the
level of safety for the designed spring will still be met.
Warning: Spring subjected to cyclic load must also be checked for potential fatigue damage –
see chapter [17].

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