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An Introduction

Having spent many years studying in historic Edinburgh, and having worked subsequently with one of Britains most renowned Architectural Firms, I have learnt to appreciate and apply the current high standards of knowledge and skills required in the field of Architectural Conservation. Among the projects I worked on in the UK are the British Houses of Parliament and the Palace of Westminster, the Choir House in the precincts of the Canterbury Cathedral, its core dating to the 12th century and several other National Trust and English Heritage Properties. I have now returned to India and have set up my architectural practice in Hyderabad, a city I grew up in and one that I deeply love and cherish. The projects I have worked on since returning to India are: The Domakonda Fort Restoration Project for the erstwhile Samasthan Rajas The UNESCO Nomination Dossier for Hyderabad as World Heritage Site The Purani Haveli City Museum for the Nizams Silver Jubilee Trust commissioned by Prince Muffahkam Jah The design of the Aftab Gallery at the Chowmahalla Palace

It is a privilege to work in India on conservation projects and it has given me an opportunity to apply the values and standards that I imbibed in the UK to my work here. Please find enclosed a copy of my Curriculum Vitae and select projects in England and India

Anuradha S. Naik B.Arch.(Hons.), M.Arch., RIBA, FRSA