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MISSION-spread Grieg teachings about the sexual continence for men GOALS AND OBJECTIVS it will be a one year campaign or cruciade aiming to make the notion of sexual continence and its practice a very well known and a common and natural and penetrating notion. We need a strong daring, penetrating name for this campaign. This campaign will continue next year and the next years changing forms and adapting them to the new conditions and needs.

The strategic planning cycle - THE SWOT ANALYSIS

S Strengths describe the positive attributes, tangible and intangible, internal to our school. They are
within your control. What do you do well? What resources do you have? What advantages do you have over your competition? -we have the teachings -a huge quantity of information -the know how-during more than 25 years yogies under Grieg umbrella were training and practicing sexual continence -qualified personal with a huge theoretical and practical experience -all the notions presented are strongly sustained by the very life experience of the teachers, lecturers, authors etc.. -a yoga and tantra school based on ancient tantric traditions -the school is an official environment proving validity and credibility -a tantric master author of a large number of valued publications in this field - channel of distributions-by others yoga schools and the other structures created around them

W-Weaknesses might include lack of expertise, limited resources, lack of access to skills or technology,
inferior service offerings, or the poor location of your business. These are factors that are under our control, but for a variety of reasons, are in need of improvement to effectively accomplish our marketing objectives. Weaknesses capture the negative aspects internal to your business that detract from the value you offer, or place you at a competitive disadvantage. These are areas you need to enhance in order to compete with your best competitor. -