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Basketball Manual

Basketball Manual


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Published by: mack1117 on Oct 18, 2009
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As far as control is concerned it’s a pretty logical situation. If your hand is on one side of the ball
the other hand should be the mirror image of that. That will give you the most symmetrical and
the most balanced position for your hands on the ball. It’s a natural position. It’s not contrived.
It’s not something that you have to work to get. Don't spread your hands out to get a big as
surface as possible, because you would have less feel, touch and therefore control.
Don't tighten your hands because that is just as disadvantageous. It should be a natural spread
hand with the index finger and thumb forming a “V” on the basketball. Not closed and not
exaggerated but a natural “V” on the ball. The ball should rest in the finger pads and
touch the palm just a little. It’s mostly the fingers that hold the basketball.

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