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Part 1

A) Somatic motor fibers B) Preganglionic Parasympathetic fibers C) Preganglionic Sympathetic fibers D) Postganglionic Sympathetic fibers E) Postganglionic Parasympathetic fibers

A) Uncinate Process B) Head C) Tail D) Body

A) Celiac B) Inferior mesenteric C) Internal Iliac D) Lumbar E) Superior Mesenteric F) Diaphragmatic

A) Hepatic Vein B) Left renal vein C) Superior Mesenteric Artery D) Gastroduodenal Artery E) Right renal Pelvis

A. Inferior Mesenteric B. Superior Mesenteric C. Middle Colic D. Left Colic. E. Celiac. F. Splenic

A. Femoral hernia B. Undescended testicle C. Enlarged Lymph node D. Direct inguinal hernia E. Indirect inguinal hernia

A) Conjoint Tendon B) Parietal Peritoneum C) Aponeurosis Tranversus Abdominis D) Transversalis Fascia E) Aponeurosis of External oblique

A) Deep circumflex femoral artery B) Iliohypogastric nerve C) Genitofemoral nerve D) Spermatic cord E) Inferior Epigastric

A) Common iliac artery B) Middle colic artery C) Right colic artery D) Ileocolic artery E) Inferior mesenteric artery F) Abdominal aorta

A) Inferior phrenic arteries B) Lumbar arteries C) Gonadal arteries D) Superior mesenteric artery E) Celiac trunk

A. Falciform ligament B. Gastrolineal Ligament C. Lesser omentum D. Lineorenal ligament E. Transverse mesocolon

A. Left Gastric B. Left hepatic C. Left inferior phrenic D. Right gastric E. Splenic

A. Ascending lumbar veins to azygos and hemiazygos veins B. Esophageal branches of left gastric vein to esophageal branches of azygos vein C. Superior mesenteric vein to splenic vein D. Superior rectal vein to inferior rectal vein E. Veins in falciform ligament to paraumbilical veins

A. Suprarenal gland B. Head of pancreas C. Liver D. Right colic flexure E. Duodenum

A. Short gastric arteries B. Left gastroepiploic artery C. Gastroduodenal artery D. Proper hepatic artery E. Celiac artery

1. C) Preganglionic Sympathetic fibers 2. B) Head 3. A) Celiac 4. D) Gastroduodenal Artery 5. B) Superior Mesenteric 6. D) Direct Inguinal hernia 7. D) Transversalis Fascia 8. B) Iliohypogastric nerve 9. D) Ileocolic artery 10. C) Gonadal arteries 11. D) Lineorenal ligament 12. A) Left gastric 13. A) Ascending lumbar veins to azygos and hemiazygos veins 14. E) Duodenum 15. D) Proper hepatic artery

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Completed: Anatomy Practical/Embryology/Histology/Written Anatomy

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