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Dear Parents, How would you like an instant language boost for your children?

LIMITED TO THE FIRST 20 K-3rd grade STUDENTS!!! Buena Vista Elementary PTA will be offering a Spanish enrichment program once a week on Mondays, 2:303:15 p.m. beginning April 7th (class ends May 19th). We will meet in the library. The program covers basic vocabulary, pronunciation and in grammar in songs, games, conversation and reading / writing practice. If interested, please commit to your childrens weekly presence, short written homework, and some free basic language practice (childrens books, study cards, YouTube, DVDs, motivating conversations, FUN). Also, please, buy The Complete Book of Spanish. Grades 1-3 (max. $14.94 + taxes). The mix of pictures and written content will offer a good choice of material for different levels of reading / writing proficiency. Aside from the book, there is no charge for the class. The teacher (and BV parent), Birgitta Day, was trained in Europe and taught German and Spanish in Dallas, TX. If interested, please, complete and return the lower part of this handout. First come, first served. REMEMBER theres a cap of 20 students!!! For further questions please contact the PTA (bvmontessoripta@gmail.com) at and Birgitta at 214-923-0953. Thanks! ----------------------------------------------------------------

Students Name: Teachers Name: Parents E-Mail Address: Parents Phone Number: Who has permission to pick your child up? Is your child allowed to walk home alone?

I, ________________________, understand that I must pick my child up promptly at the end of class (3:15). Name of parent or guardian

____________________________________ Signature of parent or guardian

______________ Date