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Measu rement Frequency Band P Measu rement Frequency Band G1 Measu rement Frequency Band GSM 1800 or GSM

1900 Measurement Frequency Band GSM 800 P band 2 2TER 2TER 2TER G1 band 2 2BIS 2TER 2TER GSM 1800 band 2TER 2TER 2 + 2BIS 2TER GSM 1900 band 2TER 2TER 2 + 2BIS 2TER GSM 800 band 2BIS 2 TER 2TER 2 3.9 Short Message Service, Cell Broadcast Short Message Service Cell Broadcast (SMSCB) provides an operator with the capability to distribute short messages to idle subscribers within the PLMN. Before SMSCB data can be distributed, the cell must be configured with a CBCH, see Section 3.6 on page 18 . The number of reserved access grant blocks, AGBLK, is not allowed to be zero if the CBCH is configured on a SDCCH/8 accessing the system on a control channel. It is defined per cell. CRH is the receiving signal strength hysteresis in dB for required cell reselect ion over a location area border. It is defined per cell. CBCH Description CBCH is the cell broadcast channel and indicates whether or not a CBCH shall be included in one of the SDCCH/8 subchannels for the cell or channel group. It is defined per cell or per channel group. 5.2 Parameters for Special Adjustments 5.2.1 Parameters Transmitted on BCCH RACH Control Parameters CB is used to define if a certain cell is barred for access. It is defined per c ell. MAXRET is the maximum number of retransmissions an MS may do wheneave timeslot 0 to be able to listen to the CBCH which