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To our beloved directress, Ms. Teresita S. Sanchez; to our very supportive principal, Ms. Laizel Jane S.

Rosales; to our loving parents; and to my co-graduates: a very pleasant morning. As the old adage goes, one cannot reach ones destination if one doesnt acknowledge ones origin. My dear parents, in behalf of the graduating class, I would like to thank you for supporting and loving us unconditionally. From the womb up until now, you are still there for us: through the bad times and through the good times. Words arent enough for us to thank you for your love and support. All the gold, diamonds, and jadeites in the world arent enough to pay back all the sacrifices you made. You are the supernova and we are the resulting nebula: you consumed yourselves for us to be the stars that we are now. Your love, my dear parents, raised us into a higher pedestal and made us strong. We are sorry for being so badlongon. Sorry if there are times nga gahi kayo among mga ulo. Sorry if naay times na mag.sukol2 mi and mag.disturb me sa inyung work/career. Thank you for being our first teachers, for teaching us how to read and write; for guiding us through the stages in our lives; for helping us differentiate what is right from what is wrong; and for sending us to school. We are nothing without you. Also, in behalf of the graduating class, I would like to thank our teachers for teaching us the things that we should know and for being our parents in school. Before I would forget, to my Nanay Jusa, thank you very, very much for everything. Thank you for supporting my academic and extracurricular endeavors. Also to mamatels, thank you.