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Open Road Espaol y Ciudad de Libros se han aliado para difundir a

renombrados autores espaoles y latinoamericanos, as como a escritores
internacionales, entre los hispanohablantes de todos los rincones del
mundo. Mediante esta alianza global, volvemos a familiarizar a los lectores
con las obras de autores aclamados cuyos libros son a menudo difciles
de encontrar. Hay algo para todos en nuestro catlogo. Los galardonados
con el Premio Nobel se sientan a la mesa con los escritores de thrillers; la
ficcin popular disfruta de la compaa de obras que invitan a la reflexin;
el misterio y el suspenso van de la mano de la crtica social.





Open Road Espaol and Ciudad de Libros have joined together to bring
renowned Spanish and Latin American authors, as well as international
writers, to Spanish readers from all over the world. Through this global
partnership we reacquaint readers with the works of acclaimed authors
whose books are often hard to find today. Theres something for everyone
in our catalog. Nobel Prize winners sit at the table with thriller writers;
popular fiction enjoys the company of works that invite contemplation;
mystery and suspense go hand in hand with social criticism.



Books in Spanish

Is Dawn Finally Breaking

For E-books in Spanish?
By Erik Riesenberg

In recent months, the doubledigit sales growth of e-books in

English has begun to plateau, but
since the Spanish-language book
market tends to be around three
to five years behind the Englishlanguage market, e-book sales of
Spanish books in the U.S. are just
beginning to gain traction. Publishers of Spanish books based
both in the U.S. and abroad are
positioning themselves to benefit
from the hoped-for uptick in

ne sign of the growth in importance of e-books can be seen on

Amazon, where, on any given
day, around 65% of the top 100
books in Spanish are e-books.
That number is nearly 50% on
bookseller sites like Barnes & Noble.com. The
growth in the Spanish e-book market is due to
a combination of more publishers offering increasing amounts of titles in this format, and
to more devices being purchased by Hispanics.
Latinos in the U.S. are increasingly reading
and listening to their books on such devices as
the Kindle, Nook, and Apple iPad and iPhone.
A recent study by the Pew Research Centers
Internet & American Life Project showed Hispanics adopting e-readers and tablets much
faster than the U. S. population as a whole. In

2011, about 5% of Hispanics owned such a

device, the study found. In 2012, that number
rose to nearly 20%.
In addition, as the total U.S. Hispanic population grows, the demand for e-books in
Spanish evolves with it. Research shows that
although there are over 50 million Hispanics
in the U. S., less than 50% read in Spanish. The
actual number of potential Spanish-language
book buyers is closer to 12 million, which still
makes the U.S. the 10th most populous Spanish-speaking country in the world.

Vendors and Selections on

The rise
To meet the growing demand for Spanishlanguage e-books, Amazons eBooks Kindle en
Espaol store currently offers over 70,000
books in Spanishmore than double the number of e-books in Spanish that were available
when the store launched in April 2012. This
is around the same number of titles offered by
other online retailers like Bajalibros.com and
BN.com (Amazon has about 1 million Spanish-language print titles for sale).
From the publishers side, Vintage Espaol,
an imprint of the newly formed Penguin Random House, publishes around 5060 titles a
year. More than 90% of our titles are also published in a digital version, says Jaime De Pablos, publishing director of the imprint. We
have seen a substantial increase in e-book sales
for our print bestsellers. This trend is also
mirrored by Celebra and C.A. Press, the two
other Penguin Random House imprints that
publish books in Spanish.
Santillana USA director Silvia Matute says
that the publisher currently offers around

demand for

eBooks Kindle
en Espaol
currently offers over

books in Spanish

Vintage Espaol,
an imprint of newly
formed Penguin Random House, publishes
around 5060 title a year.
More than 90% of
our titles are also
published in a digital
version, says Jamie De
Pablos, publishing
director of the imprint.

Santillana USA
currently offer around

3,400 titles in e-book

format, says Silvia Matute
director of Santillana
USA, and she expects
the number will grow to
by the end of 2014.

W W W . P U B L I S H E R S W E E K LY. C O M

Books in Spanish

demand for

3,400 titles in e-book format. She expects

this number to grow to 4,000 by the end of
2014. The genre breakdown is approximately
65% fiction, 30% nonfiction, and 5%
childrens titles.
Open Road Integrated Media is a new player
on the Spanish e-book field. Our goal this
year is to offer around 300 backlist titles,
including 16 titles from the immensely
popular Chicken Soup for the Soul series, says
cofounder and CEO Jane Friedman.
While the number of adult titles offered by
publishers is increasing rapidly, childrens titles seem to be on a much slower curve. Spanish-language book distributor and publisher
Lectorum Publications currently offers around
150 childrens titles in e-book format. Initially, we saw a demand for e-books from libraries and schools, but that interest faded
quickly, as school budgets were reduced and
teachers preferred physical books, says owner
Alex Correa.
Another important factor in upping the
number of Spanish-language titles now available for sale is that the vast majority of digital
titles offered in the U. S. are titles that were
originally published overseas. This has opened
a window for foreign-based publishers to finally enter the U.S. marketplace, as the logistics and costs of distributing and selling print
books in the country had been prohibitive for
many. To maintain their market share, some
domestic publishers like Vintage Espaol,
Santillana USA, and Open Road partner with
foreign counterparts to also offer these foreignpublished e-books to the U.S. reader.
Baker & Taylor is another American company that has partnered with a Spanish company. Last summer it signed a deal with e-Libros to provide e-books in Spanish to libraries
in the U.S. These titles are mainly for academic research and include such genres as computer science, economics, engineering, fine
arts, health sciences, law, politics, psychology,
and European and American classics. According to Diane Mangan, divisional merchandising director, B&T currently offers 15,000
20,000 e-books in Spanish through e-Libros.

Baker & Taylor

currently offers

e-books in Spanish
through e-Libros.

Sales Upswing

The distributor also offers digital content from

U.S. trade publishers that publish in Spanish,
though it currently has a very limited number
of trade e-books from foreign publishers. But
we are actively looking to substantially increase the number of Spanish-language digital
titles from foreign publishers in the very near
future, says Joe Schick, director of global
digital content.

Sales Upswing

In 2013, Atrias
(Unbreakable), the
autobiography of Jenni
Rivera, sold 17,000
copies in the e-book
format while the English
digital version sold nearly
25,000 units.

Penguin Random
House has had
several bestsellers in
recent years. Viviendo
by actress and television
host Adamari Lopez sold
around 14,000
e-books, while Salvando
Vidas by fitness instructor
Jose Fernandez reached
nearly 12,000 units.

P U B L I S H E R S W E E K LY A P R I L 7 , 2 0 1 4

The combination of more titles being available

as e-books and more readers with digital devices has led to good growth for some publishers. According to Johanna Castillo, v-p and
senior editor of the Simon & Schuster imprint
Atria, Spanish-language e-books sales have increased between 300% and 400% in the past
three years. In 2013, Atrias Inquebrantable
(Unbreakable), the autobiography of Jenni Rivera, sold 17,000 Spanish-language copies in
the e-book format while the English digital
version sold nearly 25,000 units.
Penguin Random House has had several
bestsellers in recent years. Viviendo by actress
and television host Adamari Lopez, sold
around 14,000 e-books, while Salvando Vidas
by fitness instructor Jos Fernndez reached
nearly 12,000 units. These numbers still pale
in comparison to the Fifty Shades juggernautthe combined total for the three ebooks in Spanish sold nearly 100,000 units.
Sales for Santillana USA were up 31% from
2012 to 2013, with approximately 15% of the
companys revenue in the U.S. coming from
e-book sales. Santillanas title La verdad sobre el
caso Harry Quebert has actually sold more in
digital than in print.
Bajalibros.com has seen sales double over
the last year. Some months even show a 50%
increase over the previous month, says founder and CEO Viviana Zocco. She attributes this
growth to the increased selection of titles,
more Hispanics using devices to read books,
and the ease of finding out-of-print titles in a
digital format.
Price point continues to be a driving force

Full-Color RVR 1960 Study Bible


Books in Spanish

Marketing e-books
in Spanish

and a source of contention. As with e-books in

English, the price of e-books in Spanish runs
the gamut from 99 and up. While publishers
want to maintain a higher price for their ebooks, online retailers like Amazon would
rather see these prices go down even further.
As a way to generate interest and sales, publishers are working with Amazon to do weekend promotions, when an e-book normally
priced at $9.99 and above is lowered to around
$3.99 and is featured prominently on the
main Kindle en Espaol page as a way to
spark sales.

sponsors author
events and presentations
as a way to generate
greater interest for
books and create brand

Marketing E-books in
As with all books, discoverability is one of the
biggest hurdles authors and publishers need to
overcome. This is even more problematic for
e-books in Spanish, as media platforms are
limited. Social media is one of the tools publicists and authors are using to break through
the noise. Authors are creating their own web
pages and linking them to a variety of bookseller sites for readers to purchase their ebooks.
Most major houses have Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter accounts targeted at the
Spanish-language reader and linking back to
their web pages in Spanish. They use them to
announce upcoming titles, showcase author
interviews, and provide exclusive content. Bajalibros.com sponsors author events and presentations as a way to generate greater interest for books and create brand recognition.
Open Road Integrated Media is reaching out
to Spanish cultural centers, libraries, and
bloggers to get the word out about its backlist titles.
However, backlist and new authors still lag
very far behind in e-book sales. The publicity
for a bestseller in print usually carries over to
the e-book version and drives sales to both that
authors new and previous titles. The same is
not true for backlist titles, and publishers are
struggling to find ways to get the word out
about a new edition.

Despite working with social media channels

to promote their titles, companies in the Spanish-language market acknowledge that it remains difficult to attract attention to backlist
and midlist books, whether those titles are in
print or digital. For one thing, there is a dearth
of Spanish-language book reviewers in the U.S.
Breaking out a new author or new translation
continues to be a big hurdle, says Aleyso
Bridger, a literary agent specializing in Spanish-language books. Like many media outlets
in English, there has been a sharp cutback in
the number of people reviewing books. Therefore, most of the media attention goes to authors that are already household names.

The Effect of Self


We are

actively looking
to substantially
increase the
number of
digital titles
from foreign

Joe Schick, director of

global content for
Baker & Taylor.

P U B L I S H E R S W E E K LY A P R I L 7 , 2 0 1 4

As the popularity of self-publishing in general

has grown, both Atria and Santillana USA are
beginning to look at acquiring works from
popular self-published authors. Later this year,
Atria will publish an e-only format of the
Spanish version of Raising a Bilingual Child.
Libraries are increasingly turning to digital
versions to meet the demand for Spanishlanguage books due to lack of shelf space,
restrictive budgets, and consumer demand.
According to the American Library Association, 76% of libraries in the U.S. now have
access to e-books in Spanish, but not all
areas are equally represented. For example,
while 95% of libraries in New York State
now offer e-books to readers, only 55% do so
in Arizona.
The success of English-language e-books
appears ready to spill over into the Spanish
market. New vendors and publishers are
getting into the market, while established
players are aggressively defending their hardearned territory. All the new activity gives the
Spanish-language e-book market a solid
foundation on which to grow. 

Erik Riesenberg is an industry professional

with over 15 years of experience in the
Spanish-language book publishing industry.

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Books in Spanish

The YA Market in Spanish

Shows Signs of Maturity
By Juan Carlos Prez-Duthie

While in Miami earlier this year to promote her latest novel,

the thriller El juego de Ripper, bestselling author Isabel Allende
was overjoyed to find that most of the audience were young
readers. These high school and college-age students had
perhaps encountered her previous work in Spanish for young
adults, since three of her novelsLa ciudad de las bestias (2002),
El reino del dragn de oro (2003), and El bosque de los
pigmeos (2004)have been part of the nations school
curricula for several years. There were so many young
people, they look like my grandchildren, recalls
Allende. My books are taught in schools, colleges,
and in universities, and so each year, I gain young
readers, which is wonderful.

any other writers

would love to be in
Allendes shoes, appealing to teenagers
and young adults. Of
course, the YA market for books in Spanish (trade and
school) in the U.S. will never be as large
as the one in English, but it is healthy,
growing, and one that commands attention.
The market for Spanish-language
books in this country has grown for two
reasons, says Alex Correa, CEO of Lectorum, the countrys largest independent
distributor of books in Spanish. One,
because the immigration of Latin Americans continues, so there are families arriving whose first language is Spanish.

That is the language they read in, and

that feeds a need. The second factor is
that schools in the United States are
adopting dual education systems, which
provide education in two languages,
mostly Spanish and English.
This dual system, Correa points out, is
not the same as the old bilingual system,
which was hailed and criticized in equal
measure. Whats interesting now is that
this dual approach is more inclusive,
says Correa. English-speaking students
as well as Hispanic students receive their
education in Spanish and in English, and
so the children of parents who do not
know Spanish can now learn it, and they
will eventually be able to read in Spanish.
There are numbers that seem to sup-

P U B L I S H E R S W E E K LY A P R I L 7 , 2 0 1 4


gain young

Isabel Allende

port this trend. According to a study on

the future of Spanish in the United States
released by the Pew Research Center in
September of 2013, with more than 37
million speakers, Spanish is by far the
most widely spoken non-English language in the U.S. today among people
ages 5 and older. It is also one of the
fastest-growing, with the number of
speakers up 233% since 1980, when
there were 11 million Spanish speakers.
A 2011 study published by the U.S.
Census Bureau projects the number of
Spanish speakers in the U.S. to reach anywhere between 39 and 43 million by the
year 2020.
Could these rosy numbers translate
into readers? One thing we must always
keep in mind is that there are two very

different YA markets. On the one hand,

theres the school market, and then there
is trade, says Silvia Matute, director,
general books division, for Santillana
USA. Trade is well documented by
Nielsen BookScan, although they dont
divide between childrens and YA. Matute offers the following numbers: In
2013, 15% of the sales of books in Spanish in the U.S. corresponded to childrens
and YA; 12% was fiction and 3% nonfiction. As we all know, Hispanic youth in
this country tend to read in English, unless they are recent arrivals or they are
reading as part of their school homework, continues Matute.
No matter their first language, there
is something all youngsters have in common that has helped propel the YA sector
in both English and in Spanish: the hip
factor. Young people move in groups
chasing the fad of the moment, notes
Matute, and thus sales are concentrated
in a few titles. Even today, when the furor over a trend such as vampires seems
to have mellowed a bit, Santillana USAs
Spanish-language versions of Stephenie
Meyers Twilight series, Crepsculo, continues to be a top-seller.
We believe the growth phenomenon
in YA is not temporary, Matute adds. It
is fueled by the success of social media
among the young. Plus, the movies help
bring readers over from other genres.
This is echoed by Jaime De Pablos, director of Vintage Espaol. We have several
YA series, and they are usually those that
do well in the U.S., he says. So we go
after what works in the general market.
Not much has been attempted with
Spanish originals or books from Latin
America. The Spanish-language market
is small, and so we dont have as many
outlets for promotion and publicity, but
of course when a book comes with a movie tie-in, there are many more ways of
reaching people.
Translations do significantly better
than original works in Spanish, especially those books that have movie tie-ins,
agrees Diane Mangan, divisional merchandising director Childrens, Small
Press and Spanish, for Baker & Taylor.
Approximately 50% of B&Ts Spanish

YA book sales come from the school and

public library markets and the other half
from online retailers such as Walmart.
com and Target.com.
For Vintage Espaols De Pablos, the
YA market in Spanish is quite stable.
There is a nucleus of young people that
read in Spanish, although it is also very
possible that they are older. Which is
precisely one of the most unexpected factors that come into the sustainability and
growth equation of YA literature, whether in English or in Spanish: who exactly
are the readers of YA books? Surprisingly, many seem to be adults.
Mainly female, states veteran bookselling consultant and part of the management team at the Books & Books
bookstores, Raquel Roque. Young adult
literature is widely read by adults. It is
an underrated market. Roque goes on to
explain how the Spanish-language YA
market is still developing. You have
teens who have recently migrated to this
country. In Miami, for example, there are
Venezuelan kids who have just arrived in
the United States, explains Roque, although many of them quickly switch to
reading in English as they are learning
the language. As a bookseller, she adds,
she has noticed that these young readers
will often buy both the English and the
Spanish versions, with books in series
like the Hunger Games and Divergent
being favorites, and read them simultaneously.
Roque includes in her list of YA readers those enrolled in international baccalaureate programs; libraries, schools,
and institutions; English-speaking students, both young and adult, who are
learning Spanish; and a small group of
readers who are young adults and who
read in Spanish for pleasure.
Not finding anything he enjoyed reading as a teenager is what drove Miamibased novelist and scriptwriter Jos Ignacio Valenzuela to write YA books in
Spanish. He authored a well-received
series, Cuatro Ojos, and a trilogy, Triloga
del malamor, whose success he says surprised him more than even his publisher,
Alfaguara, who distributes his books in
the U.S.


Books in Spanish

a long time
I For
thought about
how to make
literature more
attractive to
young people.

Jos Ignacio Valenzuela

Ive never written for movies, TV or

literature based on whats hot at the moment, says Valenzuela, whos publishing
his first childrens book this year, De qu
color es tu sombra? I personally dont believe in labels. Thats for other people to
decide. My first task is to entertain myself. For Valenzuela, making reading
entertaining is a way of attracting and
holding on to readers from an early age.
Had it not been for my mother,
grandmother, and aunt, all writers, who
would tell me, Forget about El Mo Cid
or Marianela, youll get to enjoy them
one dayor who cares if you dont? Read
instead Crnica de una muerte anunciada.
If it hadnt been for them, I dont think
I wouldve become a writer, says Valenzuela. So for a long time I thought about
how to make literature more attractive to
young people, and I realized there was
not much available. Finally, I created my
own series, writing what I thought I
would have enjoyed when I was 15.
Juan Carlos Prez-Duthie is a bilingual
journalist and translator with over 20
years of experience.
W W W . P U B L I S H E R S W E E K LY. C O M

Books in Spanish

Spanish-language Books News

New Owner for Santillana
Penguin Random House has signed an agreement with Spanishlanguage publisher Santillana, which is currently majoritycontrolled by PRISA, to acquire the trade book business of
Santillana Ediciones Generales. Santillanas publishers operate
in Spain, Portugal, and Brazil. The move, according to PRH,
will significantly increase its presence in Spain and Latin
America. Santillana is the only Spanish-language publisher that
still has offices in the U.S. and publishes U.S.based authors.
What the impact of this acquisition will be on the trade division
of the Miami-based office has not yet been made public. PW was
able to obtain part of a communication that was sent by Grupo
Santillanas CEO, Miguel Angel Cayuela: This decision has not
been easy for us, as it requires us to be separated from a very
important part of our company we live in changing times in
the world of education and publishing. Times that demand that
we be prepared to take on new challenges and combat doubts
with certainty.

LaLA Returns in 2015

In October of last year, LaLA, the largest
Spanish-language book fair in the U.S.,
announced that it was canceling the 2014
edition of the Los Angelesbased fair.
Lack of funds and changes in the administration in Mexico were cited as the rea- Marisol Schulz
son for taking the fair from an annual to a biannual fair. Many
feared that it was the end of LaLA but the organizers, the University of Guadalajara Foundation USA and the Guadalajara
International Book Fair (FIL), have made good on their promise.
In March of this year it was announced that LaLA will be held
in Los Angeles on May 1517 of 2015. Previously an annual
book fair, last year it was decided to make LaLA a biannual fair
and this scared many in the industry but I think both publishers and the public will be pleased with what we have in store for
2015, commented Marisol Schulz, director of LaLA and director of the Guadalajara International Book Fair FIL.
Building on its record attendance of over 85,000 people in
2013, the fourth edition is expecting to exceed those numbers.
As in previous years, it will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. For 2015, the fair is looking to include a greater
number of Latino writers who publish in English and to duplicate the success of the childrens area.

Ocano Moves to IPG

Grupo Ocano, one of the largest book publishers in Mexico,
switched U.S. distributors in March, moving from Bookmasters
10 P U B L I S H E R S W E E K L Y A P R I L 7 , 2 0 1 4

to Independent Publishers Group (IPG). Childrens titles under

the imprint Ocano Travesa will continue to be distributed by
Lectorum Publications Inc. In mid-March, IPG started with
about 100 Spanish-language backlist titles and this fall it will
begin offering some new titles, including ones from Ocanos
new fiction imprints. Ocano is best known for its nonfiction
books and authors such as Jorge Bucay, Walter Riso, John Gray,
Robert Greene, and their collection of cookbooks. Among its
imprints is a science fiction series that includes books by George
R.R. Martin as well as a new literary series, Hotel de las letras
(Hotel of the Letters), which includes a romance novel written
by a manBrazilian Marcal Aquino.

Erik Riesenberg Joins PromoLatino

Erik Riesenberg has joined the marketing and communications
agency PromoLatino Inc. as v-p. Most recently, Riesenberg was
the associate publisher and director of international marketing
and sales for Penguin Random House; he has been in the publishing industry for over 15 years in a variety of editorial, marketing, and sales positions. At PromoLatino, Riesenberg will be responsible for
business development and project management. I am very excited to be joining
PromoLatino, said Riesenberg. I look
forward to using my experience and contacts in the Hispanic entertainment industry to help clients reach their full po- Erik Riesenberg
tential in that marketplace. PromoLatino is a full-service
agency, with expertise in the Hispanic audience and extensive
experience in the book publishing industry. We are thrilled to
have Erik as part of our agency. His skills and depth of knowledge about this market is a true asset to our team, added Leylha Ahuile, president and founder.

Premio Alfaguara 2014

The recipient of the Premio Alfaguara 2014 (Alfaguara novel prize) was announced on March 20 in Madrid. This years
recipient of the prestigious literary award is Jorge Franco of
Colombia. El mundo de afuera (The World from Outside) was
chosen from 872 manuscripts, the most ever submitted in
the history of the award with 37 manuscripts originating
from the U.S. Franco will receive $175,000 along with the
publication and distribution of the novel in the 19 countries
where Spanish is spoken. The novel is set in Medellin, Colombia, and is described as a brief and, to a certain degree,
simple novel about love and death. Alfaguara is the literary
imprint of Grupo Santillana.

Books in Spanish
Open Road Releases Spanish Titles

Spain and Latin America and by Open Road in the

U.S., Canada and the rest of the world. In addition to
social media campaigns, the company plans co-promotions with Spanish lifestyle sites; outreach to Spanish
speaking communities in bookstores, libraries, community
centers; bilingual e-book gifting promotions; and targeted
advertising to the trade and consumers. Jane Friedman, cofounder and CEO of Open Road said: We are strong believers in the power of the Spanish-language market and are
excited to unveil our initial list and connect our authors with
Spanish readers across the world.

Open Road Espaol in partnership with Ciudad de

Libros unveiled its launch catalogue of Spanish-language e-books last month. The new venture, Ciudad de
Libros/Open Road Espaol, released around the world its
first 40 e-books in Spanish in late March. An additional 200
titles will be published throughout 2014. Titles range from
original works in Spanish to translations from English-language writers such as William Styron, Erskine Caldwell,
Philippa Carr, Ellery Queen and Harold Robbins. The launch
is being backed by marketing efforts by Ciudad de Libros in

Tips for Librarians

Librarians Reach Out to Hispanic Patrons in Unique Ways
While many public libraries in the U.S. have been serving
Spanish-speaking patrons for years, in some parts of the country libraries are just beginning to engage this part of the community. The areas with the largest concentration of Hispanics
continue to be the West and South, with the greatest growth
is primarily coming from Southern states.
Hispanics are not just moving to different cities in different
parts of the countrythey are also moving from cities to suburbs. A 2010 report from the Brookings Institute found that
for the first time, more Hispanics live in suburbs than in cities. A 2010 American Community Survey study had similar

It is often challenging for librarians to engage the Spanishdominant patron as many such patrons are not familiar with
the many services a U.S. library offers. There are language barriers, issues of trust, and the challenge of navigating a new
system that must be overcome. Many libraries have become
very successful at engaging the Hispanic patron, but much
has been done by trial and error. In order to assist librarians
who might be new to servicing this community, PW spoke
with seasoned librarians on the challenges they have faced and
the solutions that are working for them.

Many Hispanics are not familiar with the U.S. concept of

a public library; what they are and how they work, so dont
assume anything and explain the basics:

Community outreach advertise and engage potential

patrons where they are and not just within the library. Here
are a few things you can try:

Membership is free
Books must be returned
A library card is issued regardless of immigration status

Get to know your communityalthough Hispanics share a

language, they come from different countries and therefore
are likely to be interested in different types of books.
Offer services that are needed by members of the
community. Here are a few examples:
Basic computer classes in Spanish
Conversational English classes
Partner with reputable community organizations that

offer services such as
Voter registration
Signing-up for new health care coverage
Study groups for citizenship classes
Career choices for Latinas
Financial literacy classes on creating a household
budget, purchasing a home, planning for retirement,
and saving for childrens college education.

Once they attend an event, let them know of the many

services the library offers.

Place promotional material in places they frequent

such as:
Hispanic grocery stores
Currency exchanges or places used to send money

to Latin America
Doctors office and health clinics

State on all of your material that the services you offer

are free of charge.

If any of the services are available in Spanish, highlight

that as well.
The confianza (trust) factorbuild a trusting relationship.
Unfamiliarity brings about a lack of trust, and when language
barriers are added to the mix, trust is what keeps many from
utilizing the services offered by their neighborhood library.
Trust will help you build a strong and lasting relationship
with your Hispanic patrons.

PW would like to thank Yemila Alvarez, community engagement manager from the San Francisco Public Library, and Lupe
Leyva, branch manager from the Boyle Heights Public Library of
California, for their input on this article.
W W W . P U B L I S H E R S W E E K LY. C O M


Books in Spanish

AprilAugust 2014

Spanish-Language Titles

Obelisco (May)
ISBN 9788415968290
This tool helps readers chronicle their
thoughts as they go through the Think
and Grow Rich journey, but also reminds
them to list their desires, record
questions, make lists, express moments,
and more.
El zelote (The Zealot) by Reza Aslan
Ediciones Urano (May)
ISBN 9788415732037
This is a biography with the pulse of a
fast-paced novel: a portrait of a man
(Jesus of Nazareth), a time, and the birth
of a religion.

Heroe (Hero) by Rhonda Byrne
Atria Espaol (July)
ISBN 9781476765013
From creator of the international
bestselling book The Secret comes Hero.
This book brings together the wisdom
and insight of 12 of the most successful
people living in the world today.
Reflexiones diarias de El Secreto
(Secret Daily Teachings) by Rhonda Byrne
Atria Espaol (July)
ISBN 9781476764474
The author takes readers through a year
of teachings, sharing wisdom and
insights for living in harmony with the
laws that govern all human beings.
Elige estar bien! (Choose to be Good) by
Diego di Marco
Ediciones Urano (May)
ISBN 9786079344122
1,001 tips for improving overall wellbeing. With a nutritional plan, this book
offers easy to follow tips for getting a
restful sleep, lower stress, and simple exercise activities.
Cero Cero Cero (Zero Zero Zero) by
Roberto Zaviano
Anagrama (May)
ISBN 9788433978837
A mix of journalism and fiction, this
book is the study of the international
cocaine trade, which dominates a large

part of the worlds economy.

Hermanos (Brotherhood) by Deepak
and Sanjiv Chopra
Ediciones B (May)
ISBN 9788466653121
This book follows the Chopra brothers as
one becomes a world-renowned spiritual
teacher and the other rises to the top of
Western medicine to become a professor
at Harvard Medical School.
La felicidad te est esperando
(Spontaneous Happiness) by Andrew Weil
Ediciones Urano (May)
ISBN 9788479538446
Dr. Weil redefines the notion of
happiness and demonstrates the
limitations of the biomedical model of
mental health. He presents a vast proven
array of integrative treatment strategies
for depression.
Cortzar de la A a la Z (Cortzar from
A to Z) by Julio Cortzar
Alfaguara (April)
ISBN 9786071130365
An illustrated biography of Julio
Cortzar to celebrate the 100th
anniversary of his birth: photos, texts,
paintings, manuscripts, and handwritten
notes bring the man and author to life.
Piense y hgase rico da a da (Think
and Grow Rich Success Journal) by
Napoleon Hill and Joel Fotinos

12 P U B L I S H E R S W E E K L Y A P R I L 7 , 2 0 1 4

El sistema Kinslow (The Kinslow

System) by Frank Kinslow
Sirio (May)
ISBN 9788478088553
The Kinslow System offers the basic
tools and instructions to lift us above the
calamity and conflict of life.
Tranquilos y atentos como una rana,
La meditacin para los nios con
sus padres (Calm and Attentive as a
Frog: Meditation for Kids with Their
Parents) by Eline Snel
Editorial Kairos (May)
ISBN 9788499882420
This meditation guide is a simple and
effective tool that can easily be adapted to
the needs of children. It includes stories
and offers brief and simple exercises that
children can do on a daily basis.
Once anillos (Eleven Rings) by Phil
Roca (May)
ISBN 9788499187433
During his career, Phil Jackson, Chicago
Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers coach, won
11 championships by approaching the
game and players using psychology, Zen
meditation, and a leadership style based
on selfless teamwork.
Me llamo Neymar (My Name Is
Neymar) by Mauro Beting and Ivan
Ediciones B (May)
ISBN 9788466654456

Books in Spanish
The history of this young professional
soccer player, Neymar Jr., is captured in
a dialog between the talented Neymar
and his father.
Suea que tienes alas (Dream That You
have Wings) by Hctor Apio Quijano
Diana (April)
ISBN 978-607-07-2074-1
A guide to open yourself to energy and
knowing how to ask to your Superior
Guardians and Spiritual Teachers what
you need, in order to find balance in your
Concete a t mismo y a los dems
(Know Yourself and Others) by Mnica
and Bruno Koppel
Planeta (April)
ISBN 978-607-07-2077-2
Based on ancient Chinese philosophy, this
is a guide to interpreting the principles of
balance and symmetry that mold us and
how they affect our daily life.
Breve historia de la Inquisicin
(Brief History of the Inquisition) by Jos
Ignacio de la Torre
Nowtilus (April)
ISBN 978-84-9967-567-1
The true story of the Holy Office
the controversial, bloodthirsty, and
cruel institutionfrom a critical and
demystifying point of view.
Civilizaciones perdidas: Las huellas
secretas de un pasado remoto (Lost
Civilizations: The Secret Trace of the
Distant Past) by Tom Martnez
Nowtilus (April)
ISBN 978-84-9967-585-5
Millenary cities, places of power,
impossible objects, tombs, mummies,
sacred relics, lost civilizations... Discover
the archaeological findings that reinforce
our belief that the past keeps amazing
and hidden secrets.
Breve historia de la arqueologa
(Brief History of Archeology) by Jorge
Garca Snchez
Nowtilus (May)
ISBN 978-84-9967-564-0

This book covers the history of archeology

from antiquity through the dawn of the
Renaissance to modern scientific
advances and radiocarbon. Discover all
the scientific milestones and find the
origins of civilization itself.
Los mdicos de Hitler (Hitlers Doctors)
by Manuel Moros
Nowtilus (May)
ISBN 978-84-9967-576-3
The medical crimes of the Third Reich
and how its policy of creating an Aryan
super race lead to massacres in the
extermination camps, outrageous clinical
trials and heinous medical experiments.
Breve historia del arte (Brief History of
Art) by Carlos Javier Taranilla de la Varga
Nowtilus (June)
ISBN 978-84-9967-558-9
A complete overview of the world of art
throughout all ages and cultures. From
the Venus of Fertility to Hyperrealism
and Le Corbusier, discover what drives
humankind to create art.
Mujeres Nobel de la Paz (Nobel Peace
Women) by Lydia Escribano
Tombooktu (June)
ISBN 978-84-9967-607-4
Discover the biographical sketches,
ideals and achievements of 15 architects
of a more humane, fair, and democratic

no ha resuelto (100 Mysteries That

Science (Still) Hasnt Explained) by Daneil
Closa i Autet
Lectio Ediciones (July)
ISBN 9788415088677
One hundred concepts and phenomena
that science has not yet been able to fully
explain, including the origins of the
universe, disease, cold fusion, and a host
of others.
Ftbol contra el enemigo (Soccer
Against the Enemy) by Simon Kuper
Contra Ediciones (April)
ISBN 9788493985035
Award-winning sports journalist Simon
Kuper explores just how important
soccer is by traveling to 22 countries to
investigate the powerful influence that
the game exerts on politics, culture, and

Porque el ftbol importa (Why Soccer

Matters) by Pel
Penguin Group USA (April)
ISBN 978-0451468451
Pel, legendary soccer star and
humanitarian, describes his vision for
what soccer can accomplish by sharing
his story and insights on the game.

De Benedicto a Francisco: Una

cronica vaticana (From Benedict to
Francis: A Vatican Chronicle) by Arturo
San Agustn
Fragmenta Editorial (July)
ISBN 9788492416721
An insiders look at one of the most
significant papal transitions of the last
few centuries, including Pope Benedict
XVIs resignation to the surprising
election of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Pope

La alimentacin energetic (The Energy

Diet) by Robert Palmer and Anna Cole
Ediciones Robinbook (August)
ISBN 9788499173221
In this detailed and accessible guide, two
nutritional experts outline the foods and
nutrients the human body needs to
function optimally.
100 enigmas que la ciencia (todava)

Copa Mundial de la FIFA Brasil

2014: Expediente official (The Official
2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil: Official
Book) by FIFA
Aguilar (April)
ISBN 9786071131140
Every fan will find something interesting
in this official book of the FIFA World
Cup Brazil 2014.

14 P U B L I S H E R S W E E K L Y A P R I L 7 , 2 0 1 4

Books in Spanish
Copa Mundial de la FIFA Brasil
2014: Gua official (The Official 2014
FIFA World Cup Brazil: Fact Files) by
Aguilar (April)
ISBN 9786071131171
This official guide to the FIFA World Cup
Brazil 2014 offers the most complete and
authorized information about the worlds
most important sports tournament.
El mtodo CLEAN para el intestine
(Clean Gut) by Alejandro Junger
Aguilar (April 2014)
ISBN 9781622638970
The bestselling author of Clean offers a
complete toolkit for reversing disease
and sustaining lifelong health based on
caring for our gut.
Cmo ser interesante (How To Be
Interesting) by Jessica Hagy
Aguilar (July)
ISBN 9786071131065
Sometimes we all need a little nudge in
order to be interesting to ourselves and
others. Jessica Hagy explains how in this
inspirational how-to that combines pithy
lessons with deceptively simple diagrams
and charts.
El barn de la droga (The Drug Baron)
by Andrs Lpez Lpez
Aguilar (July)
ISBN 9781622639069
The fervor surrounding the capture of
one of the most infamous drug lords in
Mexico, Joaqun El Chapo.
Yo soy el hijo del cartel de Cali (I Am
the Son of the Cali Cartel) by William
ISBN 9781622639014
A first-person account of the rise and fall
of the Cali Cartel.
Oaxaca de mis amores (Oaxaca of My
Love) by Guadalupe Loaeza
Aguilar (June)
ISBN 9786071130617
A deeper look at the magical state of
Oaxaca; revealing its rich history,
tradition, and culture.

La cocina no
muerde (The
Kitchen Doesnt Bite) by Doreen Colondres
Aguilar (August)
ISBN 9781622639083
More than 100 delicious recipes from
acclaimed chef Doreen Colondres.
Acorn (Acorn) by Yoko Ono
Aguilar (May)
ISBN 9786071130303
Call it purposeful play, brain poetry,
guided motivation, call it whatever you
want. Acorn may change the way you
experience the world.
El factor microbio y las enzimas
sanadoras (The Microbe Factor) by
Hiromi Shinya
Aguilar (May)
ISBN 9786071130693
Prominent Japanese-American
gastroenterologist Hiromi Shinya shows
you how to boost your innate immunity
in this follow-up to his bestseller, The
Enzyme Factor.
Octavio Paz en su siglo (Octavio Paz in
His Century) by Christopher Domnguez
Aguilar (May)
ISBN 9786071130662
A biography of Octavio Paz that examines
the writers obsessions, his political
opinions, and his vision of history, art,
society, and the culture of our time.
Por qu mi perro hace eso? (Why
Does My Dog Do That?) by Caroline
Aguilar (May)
ISBN 9786071130969
This practical book provides a unique
way of communicating with dogs,
enabling owners to correct undesirable
behavior and develop a friendship built
on love, harmony, and mutual trust.

16 P U B L I S H E R S W E E K L Y A P R I L 7 , 2 0 1 4

Qu hace la gente exitosa antes del

desayuno? (What the Most Successful
People Do Before Breakfast) by Laura
Vanderkam Aguilar (May)
ISBN 9786071131003
Vanderkams three popular mini e-books
are combined into one comprehensive
guide, helping readers build habits that
lead to a happier and more productive
life, despite the pressures of their busy
Contrtame (Hire Me!) by Ivonne
Aguilar (August)
ISBN 9786071131041
The ultimate employment guide for
Generations X, Y, Z... and all those yet to
El mejor medicamento eres t (You
Are the Best Medicine) by Frdric
Aguilar (August)
ISBN 9788403014022
Both mind and body have very powerful
resources that you can activate to heal
many symptoms and illnesses.
Starbucks, la frmula del xito
(Leading the Starbucks Way: 5 Principles for
Connecting with Your Customers, Your Products
and Your People) by Joseph A. Michelli
Aguilar (July)
ISBN 9786071131652
In this book, Michelli explains that
success is all about loving your product,
loving your customers, and loving your
Polos y helados (Popsicles and Ice Creams)
by Sandra Mangas
Aguilar (July)
ISBN 9788403513914
Sandra Mangas, blogger and author of
The Recipe for Happiness, presents a new
book for the Chic & Delicious collection.
Batidos (Milkshake Bar) by Hannah Miles
Aguilar (July)
ISBN 9788403513822
This new book by Hannah Miles is
dedicated to desserts in drink form, often
accompanied by ice cream.

Books in Spanish
Hablando (bien) se entiende la gente II (Speaking Well
Makes the World Go Round) by ANLE
Espaol Santillana (May)
ISBN 9780882720838
In this sequel to Hablando bien se entiende la gente, readers will
find the answers to frequently asked questions regarding the
use of the Spanish language.
S fuerte: T puedes superar el bullying (y otras cosas que
te limitan) (Stand Strong: You Can Overcome Bullying (and Other
Stuff That Keeps You Down)) by Nick Vujicic
Fontanar (July)
ISBN 9781622639076
Vujicic provides strategies for developing a bully defense
system in order to handle bullies of all kinds by strength from
the inside out.
Supercerebro (Super Brain) by Deepak Chopra
Vintage Espaol (April)
ISBN 9780804173124
Bestselling author Deepak Chopra and Harvard
professor Rudolph E. Tanzi share cutting-edge
research for bringing the brain to a higher level of
functioning in: health, happiness, and spiritual
Muerta?... Pero de la Risa! (Dead? But of Laughter!) by
Mara Antonieta Collins
Vintage Espaol (April)
ISBN 9780307743442
One of the most well-known Spanish television anchors is back
with a personal account of how she persevered and regained the
confidence necessary to get her life and career back on track.
Escribiendo: La Nueva Historia (Writing: A New History) by
Laura Esquivel
Vintage Espaol (April)
ISBN 9780804171243
Laura Esquivels first nonfiction work offers a 12-step program
of sorts on how to retake control of your life through teachings
based on the intricacies and technique of writing movie scripts.
Lennon (Lennon) by David Foenkinos
Alfaguara (April)
ISBN 9788420415543
A unique biography of John Lennon told from his own point of
Philomena (Philomena) by Martin Sixsmith
Suma (April)
ISBN 9781622638956
Philomena pulls back the curtain on the role of the Catholic
Church in forced adoptions and on the love between a mother
and son who endured a lifelong separation.

Transforma {literalmente}
la manera en que te
ves y vives.

Transform {literally}
the way you see yourself
and how you live.

ost women struggle with some

form of insecurity. Have you
ever felt that way?
A Womans Secret for Confident
Living is a delightful examination of
the truths about God in Colossians.
These biblical principles can lead us
to a greater understanding of who
we are in Christ and how we can
confidently interact with others.
Enjoy the blessings God has in
store for you, one confident step at
a time!

Includes questions to bring depth and

dimension to individual or group study.

W W W . P U B L I S H E R S W E E K LY. C O M


Books in Spanish
Las cuatro dimensiones del amor
(The Four Dimensions of Love) by Nancy
C.A. Press (May)
ISBN 978-0147512000
Awaken your mind, body, and spirit with
The 4 Dimensions of Love, which will
redirect your life and will make you and
others find the true and existent

Who is your
choice for...?
Spanish childrens books
from Latin America

Spanish childrens

Early childhood,

early readers,
chapter books and
STEM collections

Collections customized
to specific collection

Library bound editions

Lorito Books has become the go-to
resource for educators and libraries
since 2008. Browse loritobooks.com
for our full selection of Spanish and
bilingual books and CDs.



Apunta a las estrellas (Aim for the

Stars) by Leila Cobo
C.A. Press (April)
ISBN 9780147508690
Through her successful experiences in
the Latin music world and with the
opinions of musicians from Shakira to
Daddy Yankee, Cobo describes what it
takes to have a successful career in music.
Mami no quiero ser obeso! (Mom, I
Do Not Want to Be Fat!) by Alexandra
C.A. Press (March)
ISBN 978-0142425640
A guide with invaluable information
and essential tools to initiate the road to
the transformation of eating habits to
give children a healthy and happy life.

El rescate (The Rescue) by Nicholas Sparks
Roca (May)
ISBN 9788415729297
Taylor, a fireman, never risks falling in
love. During a storm, single mother
Denises car skids off the road with her son
Kyle. When Denise wakes, Kyle is gone

want. During sex, Ash

has explored his wilder
side, sharing with his
best friend Jace; but now
Jace is with a woman he
has no intention of
El valle del asombro
(The Valley of Amazement) by Amy Tan
Planeta (April)
ISBN 978-607-07-2059-8
This novel is a sweeping epic of two
womens intertwined fates and their
search for identity that moves from
the parlors of Shanghai to the fogshrouded mountains of a remote
Chinese village.
El mundial de Trino (Trinos World
Cup) by Trino Camacho
Tusquets (April)
ISBN 978-607-421-516-8
Mexican humorist Trino Camacho
portrays his view of soccer idols with
a mix of pop culture and the so called
feminine indifference to football to
draw and laugh around soccer
El coleccionista de lgrimas (The
Collector of Tears) by Augusto Cury
Planeta (April)
ISBN 978-607-07-1975-2
Julio Verne, a history teacher is preparing
a course on WWII, and examines the
social and psychological aspects of
Nazism and Hitler.

Adicta: Una Novela (Addicted: A

Novel) by Zane
Atria Espaol (August)
ISBN 9781476764979
Addicted follows one womans life as it
spirals out of control when her three
extramarital affairs lead her down a dark
and twisted path. Movie to be released in

En media hora la muerte (Half and

Hour Before Death) by Francisco Martin
Planeta (April)
ISBN 978-607-07-2053-6
A family secret is revealed and with it the
story of a family besieged by war and
forced to abandon their original countries.
In Mexico they will find the strength and
courage to rebuild their lives.

Frenes (Burn) by Maya Banks

Roca (May)
ISBN 9788415410904
Ash, Jace, and Gabe always get what they

Esprame en Pars (Wait for me in

Paris.) by Susana Cail
Tombooktu (April)
ISBN 978-84-9967-601-2

Books in Spanish
Olivia is a beautiful, intelligent,
professional married woman with a long
career in fashion. But everything changes
when Mario bursts into her life.
Malena, un bombn XXL (Malena, an
XXL Beauty) by Vernica Valenzuela
Tombooktu (May)
ISBN 978-84-9967-603-6
Malena is a straightforward and caustic
XXL girl, a walking disaster who hates
men until she falls in love with the masked
stripper who dazzles her at a party.
Atreverse o no atreverse (To Dare or
Not to Dare) by Vctor Garca
Tombooktu (May)
ISBN 978-84-9967-605-0
F a n t a s i e s , p l e a s u r e , m y s t e r y,
desirea stimulating collection of
erotic stories featuring Khamira, a
liberal woman. There are no taboos,
no limits for her.
Irresistible (Irresistible) by Conchi
Tombooktu (June)
ISBN 978-84-9967-613-5
A clandestine love story about passion,
sex, and business in the heart of
Manhattan. What happens when you
mix pleasure with business?
Memorial del engao
(Memoir of a Fraud) by
Jorge Volpi
Alfaguara (April)
ISBN 9786071130556
Focused on the market
crisis in 2008, this is
the story of a family
through three
generations, from World War II until
La cocinera de Himmler (Himmlers
Cook) by Franz-Olivier Giesbert
Alfaguara (April)
ISBN 9786071130358
Rose, cook for Himmler and confidante
to Hitler, survives the brutalities of the
20th century without losing her sparkle,
her sex driveor her thirst for revenge.

Una buena mujer (A Good Women) by

Danielle Steel
Vintage Espaol (May)
ISBN 9780804171724
One of Steels most dazzling and
atmospheric historical novels to date.
Young Annabelle loses her entire family
when the Titanic sinks, the world heads to
war, and yet she remains a good woman.
El Jilguero (The Goldfinch) by Donna
Vintage Espaol (June)
ISBN 9780804173025
A painting smuggled out of the
Metropolitan Museum of Art after a
bombing becomes a boys prize, guilt, and
burden. This mysteriously captivating
painting ultimately draws him into the
underworld of art.
El Libro de Los Americanos
Desconocidos (The Book of the Unknown
Americans) by Christina Henriquez
Vintage Espaol (June)
ISBN 9780345806413
This novel tells the story of the love between
a Panamanian boy and a Mexican girl.
Heridas abiertas (Sharp Objects) by
Gillian Flynn
Vintage Espaol (June)
ISBN 9780804171762
A young journalist returns home to
cover a dark assignment and to face her
own damaged family history in this
haunting read. From the New York Times
bestselling author.
El Proyecto Omega (The Omega Project)
by Steve Alten
Vintage Espaol (July)
ISBN 9780804172011
Altens most riveting post-apocalyptic
title to date, The Omega Project combines
elements of love, suspense, sci-fi, and
adventureall in the name of saving
La soberbia juventud (The Arrogance of
Youth) by Pablo Simonetti
Alfaguara (April)
ISBN 9786071129833
Social demands lead charismatic Felipe
W W W . P U B L I S H E R S W E E K LY. C O M


Books in Spanish
Selden astray, but Toms Vergara, the
storys narrator, seeks to get to the heart
of the young mans attraction.
La mujer de barro (Mudwoman) by
Joyce Carol Oates
Alfaguara (April)
ISBN 9786071129529
This novel by Joyce Carol Oates, author of
The Gravediggers Daughter among many
other titles, explores the price a woman
pays for success in the 21st century.
La pena mxima (Maximum Sentence)
by Santiago Roncagliolo
Alfaguara (April)
ISBN 978-84-204-1628-1
A political thriller that interweaves
World Cup soccer, a string of kidnappings,
and the brutality of the Argentinean
Rquiem habanero por Fidel (Havana
Requiem for Fidel) by J.J. Armas Marcelo

The number one source for

childrens literature in Spanish

Whether you are looking for

Spanish translations of best selling
series and books or you are looking
for authentic literature from Latin
America or Spain, we carry the best
selection available anywhere.

(800) 345- 5946 lectorum.com

ISBN 9788420416304
J.J. Armas Marcelos new novel is a satire
about the Cuban regime.
Inevitable desastre (Walking Disaster)
by Jamie McGuire
Suma (April)
ISBN 9786071130570
Just when Travis Maddox thinks he is invincible, Abby Abernathy brings him to
his knees. See the other side of the story in
this follow-up to McGuires bestseller,
Beautiful Disaster.
Expuesta (Slo una noche II) (Exposed
(Just One Night II)) by Kyra Davis
Suma (April)
ISBN 9781622639045
One passionate night with a stranger
turns Kasies world upside down, and
just when she thinks she is getting the
hang of things, her fianc finds out...
Contrato blindado (Slo una
noche III) (Binding Agreement
(Just One Night III)) by Kyra
Suma (April)
ISBN 9781622639052
One wild night in a Vegas hotel
changes everything for Kasie.
Sleeping with a powerful, sexy
stranger makes her rethink her
impending marriage, and a whole lot
Tinta rusa (The Other Story) by Tatiana
de Rosnay
Suma (April)
ISBN 9788483655436
Successful yet egomaniacal Nicolas
Duhamel seeks tranquility and
inspiration at a luxurious Tuscan hotel,
but instead finds that he must face the
secrets of his past.
El desconocido (Slo una noche I)
(The Stranger (Just One Night I)) by Kyra
Suma (April)
ISBN 9781622639038
A buttoned-up businesswoman takes
her friends advice; a trip to Vegas leads

20 P U B L I S H E R S W E E K L Y A P R I L 7 , 2 0 1 4

to a fling with a stranger.

La clarividente de la Calle Ocho (The
Clairvoyant of Calle Ocho) by Anjanette
Suma (August)
ISBN 9781622639090
In Miamis Little Havana, a failed clairvoyant becomes the other woman, and
her married lovers murder becomes the
door to reclaiming her lost gift and a
new sense of self.
Iris (Iris) by Edmundo Paz Soldn
Alfaguara (June)
ISBN 9786071131775
A frenetic science fiction novel about
imperial adventures and a people who
refuse to be oppressed.
Limbo (Limbo) by Agustn Fernndez
Alfaguara (June)
ISBN 9786071131409
A Mexican kidnapping, a U.S.
road trip, and two composers in
France, three stories that weave
together in the most unexpected
Newton: La huella del fin
del mundo (Newton: The Mark
of the End of the World) by Ral
Suma (June)
ISBN 9788483655269
The discovery of original manuscripts by
Sir Isaac Newton, identifying the year
2060 as the end of the world, unleashes a
series of international incidents with
dramatic consequences.
Pantallas de plata (Silver Screen) by
Carlos Fuentes
Alfaguara (May)
A collection of essays, written by the
great Carlos Fuentes just before he died,
includes reflections, and reviews of his
favorite films.
El inquisidor (The Inquisitor) by
Patricio Sturlese
Suma (May)

Books in Spanish
ISBN 9788483656600
In 1597 Angelo DeGrasso, Inquisitor of
Liguria, is given an important mission
from the Pope, in which he fights both
heretics and himself in an intricate
labyrinth of mysteries.

Vintage Espaol (April)

ISBN 9780804173674
This is the story of a woman driven to a life
of crime by passion, betrayal and revenge.
Inspired by the song from the Mexican
norteo music band Los Tigres Del Norte.

Bsame primero (Kiss Me First) by

Lottie Moggach
Suma (May)
ISBN 9788483655344
A solitary young woman is drawn into
the world of a charismatic web guru who
entices her into impersonating a
glamorous but desperate woman.

La iglesia del demonio (The Church of

Evil) by Hector Manuel Castro
C.A. Press (August)
ISBN Pending
Evil himself secretly takes over the
Catholic Church with the ultimate plan
to bring about the kingdom of Hell. An
exciting thriller.

El rey de los espinos (The King of

Hawthorn) by Marcelo Figueras
Suma (May) ISBN 9788483656259
When extravagantly dressed men attend
the funeral of a comic book writer,
15-year-old Milo knows they are the
dead authors heroes brought to the 21st
century for a purpose.

Maladrn (Badthief) by Miguel ngel

F&G Editores (April)
ISBN 978-9929-552-74-6
Around the year 1600, a group of
conquistadors undertake a personal
adventure: the search for the mythical
place where the two oceans join
underground, under the Andes.

Tiempo de canallas (Time of scoundrels)

by Carlos Alberto Montaner
Suma (May)
ISBN 9781622638963
A thriller set in Paris, New York, Barcelona, and Havana during the Cold War.
This is a surprising story of love, betrayal, and crime.
Punto de fuga
(Vanishing Point) by
Jeremas Gamboa
Alfaguara (June)
ISBN 9788420480343
Gamboas collection of
short stories gives a vivid
snapshot of Lima, Peru.
La puta de Babilonia (The Whore of
Babylon) by Fernando Vallejo
Alfaguara (May)
ISBN 9786071118691
This work brings to light the numerous
crimes committed by the Church,
starting in the year 323, in which it went
from victim to executioner.
Camelia, La Texana (Camelia, The
Texan) by Diego Ramon Bravo

Maremoto en Hawi (High Tide in
Hawaii) by Mary Pope Osborne
Lectorum Publications Inc. (July)
ISBN 978-1-933032-95-5
Jack and Annie go back to a Hawaiian
island. They learn how to surf and have a
great time, until strange things start
happening a tidal wave is coming.
Dulces recuerdos (Sweet Memories) by
Kathleen Contreras
Lectorum Publications Inc. (August)
ISBN 978-1-933032-91-7
In this loving portrait of family and
Mexican culture, a young boy and his
grandfather share memories and their
love of paletas, the delicious popsicles
that originated in Michoacn.
Gabriel Garca MrquezGabito
(When the Great Ones Were Young) by
Georgina Lzaro

Books in Spanish
Lectorum Publications Inc. (June)
ISBN 978-1-933032-85-6
Children and adults alike will learn about
Nobel Prizewinning Colombian author
Gabriel Garca Mrquez, his childhood,
and how he grew up to become the
literary giant he is today.
Miedo escnico en una noche de
verano (Stage Fright on a Summer Night)
by Mary Pope Osborne
Lectorum Publications Inc. (July)
ISBN 978-1-933032-92-4
The Magic Tree House whisks Jack and
Annie to England, where they meet
William Shakespeare. Both Jack and
Annie will become part of his theatrical
Buenos das, Gorilas (Good Morning,
Gorillas) by Mary Pope Osborne
Lectorum Publications Inc. (July)
ISBN 978-1-933032-93-1
Jack and Annie travel to the mountains
of Africa. There they meet a group of
amazing and frightening mountain
gorillas. Annie bonded well with them,
but Jake is left out.
Jueves de accin de gracias
(Thanksgiving on Thursday) by Mary
Pope Osborne
Lectorum Publications Inc. (July)
ISBN 978-1-933032-94-8
Jack and Annie go back to 1621 on
the first Thanksgiving Day. The
Pilgrims ask them to help, but they
dont know how to do anything the
Pilgrim way.
Primeras palabras (First Words) by
Igloo Books
Edimat (June)
ISBN 9788497865678
Children will develop their
vocabulary as they learn words
such as apple, cat, and
flower with this picture

One star, six flowers, eight pensthe

full-color photographs of everyday
objects in this book will help children
learn the numbers from 1 to 10.
Eleanor & Park (Eleanor & Park) by
Rainbow Rowell
Alfaguara (June)
ISBN 9786071128645
This is the story of two star-crossed
misfitssmart enough to know that
first love almost never lasts, but brave
and desperate enough to try.
Juguemos al ftbol y al football!
(Lets Play Ftbol and Football!)
(Bilingual Edition) by Ren Colato
Alfaguara (May)
ISBN 9780882723280
Carlos is not sure that he could play with
an oval-shaped ball. Chris is not sure
that a round ball would work.
Caillou, cada gota cuenta (Caillou
Ecology Club: Every Drop Counts) by Sarah
Margaret Johanson
Altea (June)
ISBN 9786071130778
After learning about water conservation
at day careand how even the smallest
of efforts can make a difference
Caillou looks for ways to save water at
Caillou aprende a reciclar (Caillou
Learns to Recycle) by Kim Thompson
Altea (June)
ISBN 9786071130716
The children at Caillous day care are
curious about the new recycling bin...
The book inspires interest in recycling
while explaining its importance in a
simple and fun way.

Primeros nmeros (My First

123) by Igloo Books
Edimat (June)
ISBN 9788497865647
22 P U B L I S H E R S W E E K L Y A P R I L 7 , 2 0 1 4

Caillou en el dentista (Caillou at the

Dentist) by Johanne Mercier
Altea (June)
ISBN 9786071130792
Caillou goes to the dentist for the first
time. Discovering the world outside the
house can be intimidating.
Caillou en el restaurante (Caillou at a
Fancy Restaurant) by Claire St-Onge
Altea (June)
ISBN 9786071130761
Mommy and Daddy take Caillou to a
fancy restaurant for the very first time.
Caillou en la biblioteca (Caillou at the
Library) by Johanne Mercier
Altea (June )
ISBN 9786071130754
Caillou goes to the library for the very
first time and discovers treasure.
Caillou, mi primer paseo (Caillou My
First Field Trip) by Mark Daly
Altea (June)
ISBN 9786071130815
Caillou goes on his first field tripto
the fire station.
Caillou en el teatro (Caillou at the
Theater) by Johanne Mercier
Altea (June)
ISBN 9786071130723
Caillous first visit to a live show turns
into quite an adventure.
Que s, que no, que todo se acab
(Maybe Yes, Maybe No, Maybe No One
Really Knows) by Miguel ngel Tenorio
and illustrated by Jess Aguado.
ISBN 978-607-8351-01-5
The prince in this story has to work and
he doesnt have an enormous castle or a
marvelous garden. The princess dreams
of meeting a prince just like the ones in
La reina de corazones (The Queen of
Hearts) by Alonso Nez and illustrated
by Ivar Da Coll
ISBN Pending
With great skill and undeniable humor

Books in Spanish
Alonso Nez presents us with a story
about an inconsolable queen who sends
her troops on a quest to find her missing

With his parents gone, Cragger is now

the King of the Crocodiles. And hes
determined to avenge his parents and
defeat the Lionsstarting with Laval.

La leccin De August (Wonder) by R.J.

Vintage Espaol (April)
ISBN 9780804171120
A beautiful, heartwarming story
about a boys eagerness to blend
in while struggling with selfacceptance. A heartfelt book
with a likable protagonist.

Soccermania/Futbolmana by Juan
Pablo Lombana, illustrated
by Zamie Casazola
(Bilingual edition)
Scholastic en Espaol
ISBN 9780545665162
Sixty-four pages of facts
about soccer and its history.

Bajo la misma estrella (The

Fault in Our Stars) by John M.
Vintage Espaol (May)
ISBN 9780804171083
A moving story about a 16-year-old girl
and her relationship with a boy, both of
whom are fighting terminal cancer.

How Do I Love
You?/Cmo te quiero?
by Marion Dane Bauer, Illustrated by
Caroline Jayne Church (Bilingual
Scholastic en Espaol (June)
ISBN 9780545665254
In this board book, a parent declares her
love: as bees love a flower, a duck loves a
shower, a bird loves to sing, a bear loves
the spring.

El Chavo: El partido de ftbol (The

Soccer Match) by Maria Dominguez and
Juan Pablo Lombana
Scholastic Inc. (July)
ISBN 9780545706919
A bilingual storybook based on the iconic
Hispanic brand, featuring art from the
animated TV show. Come meet El Chavo
and his quirky neighborhood friends in
this storybook filled with imagination,
adventure, and fun. Also in the series: El
Chavo: Locos por la lucha libre (Crazy
for Wrestling).
Escalofros HorrorLandia #11:
Escape de Horrorlandia (Goosebumps
HorrorLand #11: Escape from HorrorLand)
by R.L. Stine
Scholastic en Espaol (July)
ISBN 9780545665155
Not long ago, Luke and Lizzy Morris dared
to spend one day at HorrorLand, the
terrifying theme park where nightmares
come to life.
LEGO: las leyendas de Chima: La
venganza de Cragger (LEGO Legends of
Chima: Craggers Revenge) by Trey King
Scholastic en Espaol (July)
ISBN 9780545665216

Eric Valente, fracaso inminente (Eric

Vale, Epic Fail) by Michel G. Bauer
Destino (April)
ISBN 978-607-07-2061-1
The school adventures of a very distracted
kid who likes to draw cartoons and has
almost completed elementary school
without a nickname. But it could not be
that easy, could it?

La Biblia de los pequeitos bilinge
(The Toddlers Bible Bilingual) by V.
Gilbert Beers
Editorial Tyndale (March)
ISBN 978-1-4143-8752-9
A wonderful introduction to the main
events and people in Scripture, giving
parents an ideal way to begin instilling
Gods Word into their childs heart.
Jess: te llama para nios (Jesus
Calling for Kids) by Sarah Young
Grupo Nelson (July)
ISBN 9781602559752

24 P U B L I S H E R S W E E K L Y A P R I L 7 , 2 0 1 4

Devotions written as if Jesus is speaking

directly to a childs.
Mi propia Biblia (My Very Own Bible) by
Lois Rock and illustrated by Carolyn Cox
Editorial Portavoz (April)
ISBN 978-0-8254-1978-2
This handy Bible retells 37 great stories
of the Bible for young readers. Classic
Bible stories are accompanied by vibrant
Mi Biblia favorita (My Picture Story
Bible) by Marion Thomas, Illustrated by
Honor Ayres
Editorial Portavoz (August)
ISBN 978-0-8254-1962-1
Kids can discover Bible stories for the first
time with My Picture Story Bible. Every
story is told in simple text, with a colorful
illustration that brings the story to life.

A qu le tienes miedo? (What Are
You Afraid Of?) by Dr. David Jeremiah
Editorial Tyndale (April)
ISBN 978-1-4143-8055-1
Dr. Jeremiah explores the fears that are
holding people back from the life God has
called for, and shares supernatural secrets
for facing down these fears with faith.
La revolucin
pacfica (Peaceful
Revolution) by Mario
Grupo Nelson (April)
Changes Pope Francis
has begun in the
Catholic Church.
Doctrina (Doctrine) by Mark Driscoll
Gerry Breshears
ISBN 978-1-4143-8924-0
Editorial Tyndale (April)
An overview of basic doctrine that helps
Christians articulate their beliefs in
accordance with the Bible.
Una pareja conforme al corazn de
Dios (A Couple After Gods Own Heart)
by Jim and Elizabeth George

Estudios bblicos


Todo diseado para acercarte ms a Dios

Un estudio de 12 semanas

13 lecciones que profundizan en

Un estudio de 10 semanas para las

para aquellos que desean

las verdades fundamentales que

mujeres con respecto a lo que Dios

experimentar el gozo del

todo creyente debe comprender.

tiene que decir sobre el sexo y la

avivamiento personal.

intimidad en el matrimonio.


Books in Spanish
Editorial Portavoz (April)
ISBN 978-0-8254-1956-0
Jim and Elizabeth come together to
share from 40-plus years of marriage to
help couples grow closer to each other
and to God

Editorial Portavoz (May)

ISBN 978-0-8254-1569-2
MacArthur gives verse-by-verse analysis
in context and provides points of
application for passages, illuminating
the biblical text in practical ways.

Citas con el cielo (Appointments with

Heaven) by Dr. Reggie Anderson with
Jennifer Schuchmann
Editorial Tyndale (August)
ISBN 978-1-4143-9162-5
Dr. Reggie Anderson says that we are
closer to the next world than we think.
Stories from his life and practice.

Consejera Bblica, Tomo 2: Manual

de consulta sobre el matrimonio y la
familia (The Quick Reference Guide to
Marriage and Family Counseling) by Dr.
Tim Clinton and Dr. Ron Hawkins
Editorial Portavoz (May)
ISBN 978-0-8254-1845-7
This A-Z guide gives the information
needed to help congregants, clients, and
friends with their most important

Simplifica (Simplify) by Bill Hybels

Editorial Tyndale (August)
ISBN 978-1-4143-9126-7
Practical steps for sweeping the clutter
from our souls.
Abraham, el padre de la fe (Abraham,
the Father of the Faith) by Kittim Silva
Editorial Portavoz (April)
ISBN 978-0-8254-1941-6
Designed for pastors who want more
than a simple sermon outline, the text
includes commentary on basic themes of
this character from the Old Testament.
El Rey ya viene (The King is Coming) by
Erwin W. Lutzer
Editorial Portavoz (April)
ISBN 978-0-8254-1948-5
For the outsiders who doubt end-times
prophecy, its a wake-up call. For anyone
willing to take a serious look into the
future, it is an encouraging and
compelling call to action.
Nunca es demasiado tarde (Gods
Unlikely Path to Success) by Tony Evans
Editorial Portavoz (April)
ISBN 978-0-8254-1946-1
Dr. Tony Evans uses prominent Bible
characters, whose actions or reactions
were not consistent with Gods character,
to illustrate the truth that God delights
in using imperfect people.
Comentario MacArthur del Nuevo
Testamento: Hechos (The MacArthur
New Testament: Acts) by John MacArthur

Bajo las alas de Dios (A Sweet and

Bitter Providence) by John Piper
Editorial Portavoz (May)
ISBN 978-0-8254-1945-4
The ancient love affair between Boaz and
Ruth could be dangerous, inspiring all
of us to great risks in the cause of love.
Cuando una mujer se siente sola:
Encuentra fortaleza y esperanza en
tu vida (When Women Walk Alone:
Finding Strength & Hope Through the
Seasons of Life) by Cindi McMenamin
Editorial Portavoz (July)
ISBN 978-0-8254-1961-4
When Women Walk Alone will help readers
to turn their lonely seasons into
meaningful encounters with God.
Filipenses: Experimenta la paz de
Dios (Philippians: Experiencing Gods
Peace) by Elizabeth George
Editorial Portavoz (July)
ISBN 978-0-8254-5610-7
Elizabeth George helps women know
Gods presence in every circumstance in
their lives.
Momentos de gracia para el corazn
de la mujer (Moments of Grace for a
Womans Heart) by Elizabeth George
Editorial Portavoz (August)
ISBN 978-0-8254-1959-1
This gathering of moments with God
will infuse women with the confidence

26 P U B L I S H E R S W E E K L Y A P R I L 7 , 2 0 1 4

that God is watching over them and will

care for them in every circumstance.

El camino del tabaco (Tobacco Road) by
Erskine Caldwell
Open Road Espaol (April)
ISBN 978-1-4804-9081-9
Caldwells bestselling, controversial
classic: the story of a Southern
sharecropper family, ground down by
the devastation of the Great Depression.
Cuentos del Barrio del Refugio (Tales
of Shelter Neighborhood) by Jos Mara
Open Road Espaol (April)
ISBN 978-1-4804-9164-9
Startled and engrossed by the inhabitants
of the neighborhood, Merino takes
readers on an adventure from the real, to
the fantastic to the supernatural.
Grandes miradas (Big Glances) by
Alonso Cueto
Open Road Espaol (April)
ISBN 978-1-4804-9148-9
Gabriela is searching for the people that
murdered her boyfriend, a judge that
was brave enough to stand up to the
Peruvian corruption. But to avenge evil
she too becomes evil.
Hijas de
Inglaterra (The
Daughters of
England) by
Philippa Carr
Open Road
Espaol (April)
ISBN 978-14804-9101-4
The first three
books of Philippa Carrs celebrated
in the Daughters of England series, which
feature romance, mystery, is an epic
historical series.
xodo (Exodus) by Leon Uris
Open Road Espaol (May)
ISBN 978-1-4804-9331-5
The epic saga of Israels earliest days and
the people who fought to make it their



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