Exhibit H Reflection Upon reviewing the ACPA/NASPA competency areas, I have identified several areas of strengths and

areas for improvement and growth. Overall, my areas for development can be associated to my lack of experience or knowledge, whereas my areas of strength are competencies that I have been able to exhibit through my past and current work experience. Advising and Helping Through my work experience, I have not been in a formal advising role, but have had opportunities to advise, help and mentor students, interns and work study students. Taking on an active listening role has been a useful tool and strategy when working with students to facilitate goal setting. While I am able to problem solve and find solutions, because I lack a formal advising role, I do lack experience in dealing with crisis situations. My coursework, along with discussions with my peers, has helped me conceptualize how I may handle student crisis situations. Assessment Evaluation and Research Having worked on several national health studies, I understand and appreciate the importance of following IRB procedures and proper assessment techniques. I value this experience and was able to see firsthand the importance of being ethical when a research study had to issues warnings to the adverse effects the study was having on the participants. Additionally, I recognize that research is an area that requires some scrutiny to determine what factors may have influenced or potentially skewed the outcomes.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion As a professional, I feel very strongly that this is one area where there is a continual need to learn and develop. The world is ever changing, and along with this are the social justice issues that people must encounter. In order to continue to be on the cusp of addressing such issues, it is important to continually challenge one’s own beliefs. I can look back and recognize how my beliefs and viewpoints on issues have changed, shifted or been strengthened by taking the time to fully examine how my biases and past experience may be shaping my perceptions. Ethical Professional Practice While my professional practice is grounded in ethical principles, outside of my current program of study, I have never really been asked to describe or relate to professional practice principles. Articulating my ethical principles is an area that I will need to continue to work on and develop. History, Philosophy and Values People frequently ask me what I’m getting a Master’s in and this then generally leads to a discussion about the profession, its principles and why I would want to pursue a career in this area. In my experience, most people outside of academia do not have knowledge of student development professionals and our roles within higher education. Since many of my friends and family are not connected to a college or university, I have been afforded multiple opportunities to share about the profession.

Human and Organizational Resources While I have not formally supervised staff, I have managed multiple interns and work study students. I also have often taken on many of the tenets of this area in my roles. As I continue in my career, my goal is to be in a management role and supervise staff, thus this is a competency area I will build. Law, Policy and Governance This is an area where I have a strong interest and truly enjoy learning about policies and laws. I’ve often been seen as the ‘policy expert’ within my roles. Beyond having policy knowledge, I also have begun to question, analyze and propose changes to existing policies that are outdated or inconsistent. Being able to challenge and critically examine policies is a strength I want to continue to utilize and expand. Leadership Having worked at several different institutions, I have found that it can take some time to fully indentify organizational structures. Additionally, as leadership staff change (ex: my current role we are searching for a new Dean) this can greatly influence and affect agendas and resource allocation. Through my roles I have not had a formal leadership position, however, I am often the staff member who identifies issues, coordinates staff and is willing to look for and propose solutions to issues. Personal Foundations The personal foundations area is one that has been greatly intensified by the SDA program. I feel I have a greater sense of ‘self’ and more connected to my field. My confidence in

who I am and what I bring to an organization has significantly increased, and because of this I feel more prepared to take on new challenges. Student Learning and Development Through my experience in higher education, I had never been asked to connect theory to practice until entering the SDA program. While I understand the concepts and theories, this is an area which I will need to continue to develop as it is not something that I do intuitively.