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Final Report

Organization/Project: Blackboard Collaborate New User Guide Project Manager: Stephanie Suber Team Members: Jordan Baker, Information Developer Nick Carrawa , !ditor Project Duration: "ebruar # $ %arch &', &(#' Report Date: %arch &), &(#'

Project Summary *his pro+ect is a small,scale creation of a -D" Blackboard Collaborate New User Guide. *he /uide was re0uested throu/h the Customer Support Department because novice users were findin/ the multitude of resources on the Blackboard Collaborate website too overwhelmin/ to even be/in usin/ the product. *he needed a simplistic brid/e to familiari1e themselves with the product so the could then move forward to utili1in/ more advanced information about the s stem. *he final deliverable is composed of #2 topics. It will be distributed via the Blackboard Collaborate website and will be the first piece of documentation all customer service representatives provide their customers.

Estimates and Actuals Table

Project Acti ity Estimated Actual Percent !"ange

*otal hours -ro+ect mana/ement 5ritin/ !ditin/ *opic Count 7ours per topic

#)( &( #(( 2( #& #&.)

#'3 #) #(( 2' #2 ##.)

,#4 ,#.24 (4 6#.#2 6#4 ,#4

*he pro+ect ran ver smoothl with ne/li/ible chan/e noted across the board.

Estimates and Actuals by Milestone

Project Milestone Estimate # o$ total Actual # o$ total

*otal hours "irst draft review "inal review "inal approval -roduction Deliver

#)( )) 2: #3 2: N;<

#((4 284 &)4 #24 &)4 N;<

#'3 )' 2: #3 2: N;<

#((4 29.)4 &)4 #24 &)4 N;<

</ain, the pro+ect ran smoothl with ne/li/ible chan/e. Note that Deliver was not included in our timeline or bud/et, as Customer Service was plannin/ and bud/etin/ for Deliver costs.

Project Dependencies !omparison




-roduct stabilit Information availabilit -rotot pe availabilit Sub+ect matter e=perts >eview 5ritin/ e=perience *echnical e=perience <udience awareness *eam e=perience *ools e=perience

# 2 # ' 2 & ' 2 # #

# 2 # ' 2 & ' 2 # #

*he pro+ect ran smoothl with ne/li/ible chan/e.

'essons 'earned (it" Action !"art

Problem Solution Priority )*+,Person responsible Due date Status

Some concerns have arisen that the New User Guide was created in onl -D" form. >e0uests have been made for the content to be added as a section of the website, mostl for usabilit and productivit concerns.

Dais Buchanan will continue to assess customer desire, and should it pan out that this is a real need, another pro+ect will be planned to make the necessar additions.


Stephanie Suber and Jul #, &(#' Dais Buchanan

Investi/ation sta/es