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Professional Resume for Christine Plett Digital Portfolio: christineplett.weebly.


Christine Plett
Philosophy on Education
Education is the opportunity for students, teachers and parents to collaborate on the journey of being life-long learners. In order to achieve optimal learning experiences for each student, I must lead by example so that students consistently see a passion for learning reflected in me. One of the most valuable tools to equip students with is the self-assurance and ability to be independent and critical thinkers. By introducing the importance of problem solving, communication and selfdirection, the combination will result in students who are able to think for themselves, confident in their own opinions and decisions, and the motivation to pursue only the best for their future.

Key Strengths
Collaboration: Values and promotes creating and building lasting relationships with students and parents, between students, and with co-workers, as well as providing invaluable opportunities for professional development and innovation. Communication: Demonstrates importance and value of communication of thoughts and ideas through oral, written and visual mediums with the goal of promoting optimal learning and professional environments. Innovation: Through collaboration and communication, is open and willing to learn new and adapt past ideas or strategies that will contribute to the continued improvement of being an educator and life-long learner.

Professional Experience
Grade 2 Teacher Prairie Waters Elementary, RVS August 2013 to present

Works collaboratively in a grade team environment through planning units of inquiry following the IB PYP program framework and creating assessment tools for and of student learning. Part of school leadership committees where responsibilities include planning staff events and activities, congratulatory and sympathy gifts, volunteer appreciation events,

Professional Resume for Christine Plett Digital Portfolio: christineplett.weebly.com

Grade 4 Teacher September 2012 to December 2012 & February 2013 to June 2013 Prairie Waters Elementary, RVS Created unique and fast-paced learning opportunities through classroom experiences and professional development (through formal training and conversations with team teachers) to gain a deeper understanding of the IB Primary Years Programme, as well as creating environments of trust, confidence and independence. November 2011 to June 2012

(K-4) Physical Education Teacher Prairie Waters Elementary, RVS

Provided opportunities to connect personal passion for health with student physical health and general awareness of the importance of maintaining healthy and active lifestyles. Planned activities and units incorporating the IB PYP framework December 2010 to February 2013

Substitute Teacher Rocky View School Division

Provided occasions to experience and observe various educational communities, technologies, age groups, and behaviors, therefore allowing opportunity to reflect on ways in which to engage all ages in authentic learning experiences in both the present and the future.

Bachelor of Education, Master of Teaching Elementary Generalist, University of Calgary, Alberta Bachelor of Arts, Behavioural Science 2008 Ambrose University College, Calgary, Alberta September 2008 to May 2010 September 2005 to May

Professional Learning Experience

Implementation of Communication of Student Learning o RVS Community of Practice: Blogs as Student Portfolios (2013-present) Creation and practice of class and student digital portfolios o Developed and piloted new RVS report card Adapting and developing criteria Accelerate Learning: The Daily 5 & The Literacy Caf (February 2014) RVS Community of Practice: Incorporating Inquiry into the Classroom (2012-2013) Level 1, IB Primary Years Programme (September 2012) Standard First Aid, Rocky Mountain Adventure Medicine (March2010) WestCAST 2010, University of Lethbridge (February 2010)

* References available upon request