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A silicon chip in an integrated circuit (IC)

of microcomputer has a mass of 6.20 mg. Calculate how many silicon atoms are present in the chip. It is ____________ x 10 raised to 20th power, atoms. Answer: 1.33

6. A satellite orbits at a height of 250 km

above the earth's surface. Calculate the period of the satellite. (G = 6.67 x 10^ 11 N.m2/kg2, mass of earth = 5.98 x 10^24 kg, radius of the earth = 6370 km.) Answer: 132.6 min

11. Calculate the mass of 40 litres of

gasoline. (Use as specific gravity of gasoline = 0.82.) Answer: 32.8 kg

12. Calculate the volume occupied by 8.80 g

of ammonia gas at STP (Standard Temperature and Pressure). (Molar mass of Ammonia is 17.03 g). Answer: 11.57 L

2. A thin square steel plate 10 cm on a

side, is heated in a blacksmith forge to a temperature of 900 degree Celsius. If the emissivity is 0.60, calculate the total rate of radiation energy. (S = 5.67 x 10 raised to minus 8th power, W/m2 K^4). Answer: 1287 W

7. Calculate the gravitational force

between two identical balls, separated by 0.60 meters between the centers. (Mass of the balls is 6 kg.) It is equal to __________ x 10^ -9 N. Answer: 4.0

13. A spaceship moving away from earth

with speed equal to 0.910c fires a robot space probe in the same direction as its motion, with speed of 0.710c relative to the spaceship. Calculate the probe's velocity relative to the earth. It is in ___________ c. Answer: 0.984

3. The combined mass of car and

passengers travelling at 70km/hr is 2000 kg. Calculate the kinetic energy of the combined masses. Answer: 378 KJ

8. Spherical sound waves are emitted

uniformly in all directions, from a point source, the radiated power being 20 Watts. What is the sound level pressure of the sound wave, a distance r = 2.0 m from the source? Answer: 116 dB

14. A certain type of gas which is coloress

and very unreactive is in a steel vessel whose volume is 5.43 L at 30 degree Celsius temperature. Determine the pressure (in atm) exerted by 1.2 mole of gas in the vessel. Answer: 8.80

4. A pressure gauge registers 40 psig in a

region where the barometer is 14.25 psia. Calculte the absolute pressure. It is ___________________ KPa. Answer: 374

9. In making calculations of pressure,

meteorologists use bar instead of Pascals or Newton/m2. What is the equivalent of 10 bars in N/m2? Answer: 1,000,000

5. In the study of lens and mirrors, if a

plane convex lens of focal length 14 cm in air is to be made of glass whose refractive index is 1.50, what should be the radius of curvature of the curved surface? Answer: 7.0 cm

15. A bottle of ceramic cleanser, which is

essentially a solution of hydrogen chloride (HCl), contains 120 g of HCl and 700 g of water. Calculate the percentage by mass of HCl in this cleanser. Answer: 14.6 %

10. A 500 g sample of water is heated from

30 degree Celsius to 75 degree Celsius. Find the amount of heat absorbed by the water. Answer: 151 kJ

16. The rate of diffusion of gas is inversely

proportional to the square root of the molecular mass. Calculate the rate of diffusion of hydrogen to the rate of diffusion of oxygen. (Atomic mass of oxygen is 16, while hydrogen is 1.0). How fast does hydrogen diffuse compared to oxygen? Answer: 4 times

21. In thermodynamics, a 3 inch wall of

firebrick, whose thermal conductivity (k) is equal to 9 Btu/ft2-hr-F/m, has one surface at 300 degree Fahrenheit, the other 100 degree Fahrenheit. Calculate the heat conducted through the area of 2 ft in one day. Answer: 28,800 Btu

Answer: 167 kJ/s

26. A spherical tank has a diameter of 4 ft

and a wall thickness of 4/7 inches. Determine the allowable internal pressure if the stress is limited to 8000 psi. Answer: 157 psi

17. Calculate the number of moles of

nitrogen gas present in 67.2 L at STP. It is _________ mols. Answer: 3

22. Calculate the work done in compressing

slowly and isothermally 2 moles of an ideal gas from an initial volume of 5 cubic ft to 2 cubic ft, at a temperature of 310 K. It is minus _______ kJ. Answer: 4.72

27. A Carnot heat engine receives 600 kJ

of heat per cycle from a high temperature source of 800 degree Celsius. It rejects heat at a low temperature of 50 degree Celsius. Calculate the thermal efficiency in percent, of the Carnot engine. Answer: 70

18. A mass of 8 kg is 100 m above a given

datum, where local g = 9.70 m/s2. Calculate the gravitational force in Newtons with respect to the datum. Answer: 77.6 N

23. For an optical fiber 12 km long with

pulse-spreading constant of 5 ns/km, calculate the maximum digital transmission rate for return-to-zero. Answer: 16 Mbps

28. A piston cylinder device contains a

liquid-vapor mixture of water at 400 K. During a constant pressure process, 800 kJ of heat is transferred to the water. As a result, part of the liquid in the cylinder vaporizes. Find the entropy change of the water during the process. It is ___________ kJ/K. Answer: 2.0

19. The weight-density of air at 32 degree

Fahrenheit and 29.92 inches of Hg pressure is 0.081 lb/cubic ft. Calculate its weight-density at an altitude where the pressure is 14.0 inches Hg and a temperature of 39 degree Fahrenheit. Answer: 0.370

24. When 2 lb. of unknown metal at 212

degree Fahrenheit is dropped into 5 lb of water at 35 degree Fahrenheit, the resulting temperature is 41.2 degree Fahrenheit. Calculate the specific heat of the unknown metal. It is __________ Btu/lb - degree Fahrenheit. Answer: 0.0907

20. Calculate the final temperature, in

degree Celsius, after a hot iron whose mass is 800g at 100 degree Celsius is dropped into 300 g of water at 20 degree Celsius contained in an iron vessel whose mass is 50 g. Answer: 18

29. A 300 N block is resting on a plane

inclined at 30 degree Celsius with the horizontal. It is subjected to a pull of constant force of 350 N acting parallel to the inclined plane directed upwards. After the block has moved 2 m from rest, the 350 N force was removed.

25. During an isentropic process of 1.5 kg/s

of air, the temperature increases from 4.40 degree Celsius to 115 degree Celsius. Using Cp to be 1.0062 kJ/kg.K for air, for a non-flow process, calculate the change of heat (dH).

Calculate the distance that the block will move along the inclined plane, until it stops. (Coefficient of friction is 0.2) Answer: 2.83 m

34. A piston cylinder device contains a

liquid-vapor mixture of water at 500 K. During a constant pressure process, 800 kJ of heat is transferred to the water. As a result, part of the liquid in the cylinder vaporizes. Calculate the entropy change, at kJ/K, of water during the process. Answer: 1.6

Answer: 39.7

39. A uniform solid disk has a radius of 25

cm and spins on an axis through its center and perpendicular to its plane. Calculate the radius of gyration. Answer: 0.17 m

30. The normal acceleration of particle on

the rim of a pulley 12 feet in diameter is constant at 1200 ft/sec2. Calculate the speed of the pulley in revolutions per minute, rpm. Answer: 135

40. Using a wheel and axle, a 400 N load

can be raised by a 40 N applied to the rim of the wheel. The radii of the wheel and axle are 85 cm and 6 cm, respectively. Calculate the efficiency of the machine. Answer: 71.4 %

35. A marksman holds a 4 kg rifle loosely in 31. A snow sled is travelling at 5 m/s speed
along a horizontal stretch of snow. The coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.05. Calculate how far will the sled go before it comes to a halt. Answer: 25.5 m his hands. He fires a bullet of mass 4.5 g with a mussel velocity of 200 m/s. Calculate the recoil velocity of the rifle. It is equal to minus ___________ m/s. Answer: 0.225

41. The heat of neutralization of a strong

acid and strong base is nearly equal to _____________ kJ/mol. Answer: - 57

36. A piston cylinder contains 1 kg of a 32. Material A is water, while material B is

made of glass. The index of refraction of the glass is 1.55. If the incident ray makes an angle of 48 degrees with the normal, calculate the angle of reflection of the reflected ray. It is _________________ degrees. Answer: 48 system, which expands from state 1 (U1 = 2700 kJ/kg) to state 2 (U2 = 2600 kJ/kg). During the expansion process, the system receives 40 kJ of heat. Calculate the work done in the system. Answer: 60 kJ

42. Both ends of a steel girder of length 20

m are clamped in a position at a temperature 5 degree Celsius. Calculate the stress produced in the girder, if the temperature is raised to 35 degree Celsius. (Linear coefficient of expansion of steel = 1.1 x 10^5/K and Young's modulus = 2.1 x 10^11 N/m2). The stress produced ___________ x 10^6 N/m2. Answer: 69.3

37. Calculate the molar concentration of a

solution that contains 15 g of sodium hydroxide, in 250 ml of solution. (Atomic weight of Na is 23). Answer: 1.5

33. A metal bar suspended from a certain

support has an axial load of 20 kN. If the bar has a cross-section of 40 mm2, calculate the stress experienced by the bar. Answer: 500 MPa

38. A ball is thrown vertically with an initial

speed of 20 m/s from a height of 60 m. Calculate the speed of the ball in m/s, just before striking the ground.

43. A horse was used to lift water from a

deep well over a certain period of time.

The well is 10 meters deep, and the horse worked for 8 hours. Calculate how many liters of water did the horse lift from the well. It is ___________ x 10^5 liters. Answer: 2.19

48. A xerox machine costs Php 20,000 and

lasts for 5 years. It has a salvage value equal to Php 200 at the end of 5 years. Calculate the book value at the end of 4 years, using the straight line method. Answer: P 4000

52. A telephone subscriber line must have

a SNR (dB) above 41 dB. Calculate the minimum number of bits. Answer: 6.52

53. A 1kg cart is moving at a speed of 5

meters per second. Find the force needed to stop the cart in a time of 0.8 milliseconds. It is ___________ x 10 raised to the 4th power N. Answer: -2.5

44. A 3.5 lb weight hangs at the end of a

spring with k = 20 lb/ft. The weight is pulled slightly and released. Calculate at what frequency it will vibrate. Answer: 2.17 Hz

49. An IT company bought an equipment

for Php 60,000 and paid Php 2000 for freight and delivery charges to the job site. The normal life of the equipment is 10 years with a trade-in value of Php 10,000 against the purchase of a new equipment at the end of the life. Calculate the annual depreciation cost by using the Sinking Fund Method. Assume interest at 6% Answer: Php 3945.37

54. 4 kg of aluminum with specific heat

capacity, Cv = 900 J/kg. K are placed in contact at 250 K with a 16 kg of copper, Cv = 390 J/kg.K at 375 K. If any transfer of energy is prevented, calculate the final temperature of the metals, in K. Answer: 329

45. A projectile is fired with a horizontal

velocity at 300 m/s from the top of a cliff 60 m high. Calculate how far from the foot of the cliff will it strike? Answer: 1050 m

50. A manufacturing company purchased a

machinery for Php 250,000 and used it for 8 years, the life span of the equipment. Calculate the book value of the machine after 4 years of use. Assume a scrap value of Php 25,000. Use double declining method. Answer: 79,101.56 51. Items purchased form a vendor cost Php 10 each, and the forecast for next years's demand is 2000 units. If it costs Php 5 every time an order is placed for more units, and the storage cost is Php 2 per unit per year, calculate the quantity that should be ordered each time. Answer: 100 units

46. A 10 N block is to be pulled up a 10

degrees incline at constant speed. Calculate the force needed to pull the block if friction is neglected. Answer: 6.4 N

55. Calculate the (ASTM) or the American

Society for Testing Materials grain size number of a metal specimen if 64 grams per sq. inch are mentioned at a magnification of 100x. Answer: 7.02

47. The wavelength of the red light from a

certain light sensor is 600 nanometer in air, but 474 nanometer in the aqueous tumor inside the human's eyeballs. Determine the speed of light in this substance, ______________ x 10^8 m/s. Answer: 2.37

56. A circular cross-section structural

member has a radius of 120 mm. Calculate its radius of gyration with respect to the axis passing through the center of gravity. Answer: 60mm

57. Calculate how much larger is the

energy lost when water at 342 K is used to store the solar energy as compared to

salts at 312 K. Take the ambient temperature to be 293 K. The heat loss from water is ___________ times greater than for salt. Answer: 3.0

Answer: 1863 MeV

64. A man is swimming in his elevated pool.

He noticed that his pool is punctured on one side, and water is flowing out through the hole, calculate the efflux velocity of water, if the pool is filled with water up to 4 feet and the hole is located 2 feet below the water level. Answer: 11 ft/s

against each other. Before collision, molecule A is moving to the right with a velocity of 100 m/s and B is moving to the left at a velocity of 1,100 m/s. Calculate the velocity of B after collision if A bounces back with a velcoity of 1,000 m/s. Answer: 100 m/s

58. Calculate how many electron volt, eV

are there in 40 ergs. Answer: 2.5 x 10 raised to the 13th power eV

69. A photoelectric work function for copper

is 4.5 eV. Calculate the maximum energy of the photoelectron when ultraviolet light of 1.48 x 10 raised to 15th power Hz strikes the copper surface. Answer: 1.6 eV

65. A pendulum is used on a planet where 59. 30 cubic cm of monatomic gas at 12 oC

and at 100 kPa is suddenly compressed to 0.50 cu. m. What is its new pressure? Answer: 93 MPa Answer: 4.9 s the gravitational acceleration is found to be 1/6 that of Earth's gravitational acceleration. If the pendulum has a period of 2 seconds on Earth, calculate the period of the pendulum in the planet.

70. A mechanic tightens a nut using a

wrench, with the following dimension: pitch = 1.5 mm; effective lever-arm is 18 cm. Calculate the force exerted by the nut, as it screws down, if the efficiency is 10% and the force of 40 N is applied in the wrench. Answer: 3014 N

60. Calculate the length of a meter stick (Lo

= 1 m) that is moving at a speed of 2.8 x 10 raised to 8th power m/s. Answer: 0.36 m

66. A wooden block whose mass is 100

grams oscillate on a spring (spring constant, K = 500 N/m). Calculate the maximum speed of the block if the amplitude of oscilaltion is 5 cm. Answer: 3.5 m/s

61. A ball is dropped from a height of 100 m

above ground. Calculat the time it takes the ball to hit the ground. Answer: 4.5 s

71. Find the osmotic pressure of an 67. In the study of lenses, a meniscus lens
whose surface is convex, has a radius of curvature = 30 cm., while the concave surface has a radius of curvature = 15 cm. Calculate the value of its focal length (of the lens) if the index of refraction is 1.51. Answer: -59 cm aqueous solution in isopiestic equilibrium, having a sucrose solution molarity of 0.10 at 20 oC. Answer: 2.4 atm

62. Calculate the molarity of ethanol in 80proof whiskey if the density of the alcohol used is 0.8 g/mL. (Use as molecualr weight of ethanol to be 46 g.mol). Answer: 6.95 M

72. A speed boat is running with constant

acceleration of 5 m/s2. If the initial velocity of the boat is 8 m/s, calculate its displacement in 8.0 seconds.

63. Calculate the number of MeV in 2 amu.

68. The hydrogen molecules in air are

moving toward a head-on collision

Answer: 224 m.

73. Given a face centered silicon crystal

with lattice constant equal to 4.5 Angstrom and its (110) planes. Calculate the surface density of atoms present in each plane. Answer: 69.80 x 10 raised to 13th power atoms/sq.cm

isothermally to atmospheric pressure and then cooled at constant pressure until it reaches its initial volume. Calculate the work done by the gas. Answer: 7000 lb.ft

Calculate the temperature of the common interface. (Thermal conductivities of brass and steel are in the ratio of 2 is to 1.) Answer: 66 oC

78. A stone is dropped from rest from the

top of a tall building. After 4 seconds of free-fall, calculate the velocity of the stone. Answer: -39 m/s

82. If the air in Manila is polluted by carbon

monoxide coming from vehicles producing 1.4 x 10 raised to 6th power, kg per year, calculate the amount of moles of carbon monoxide present in the air in Manila each year. Answer: 5 x 10 raised to 7th power moles

74. A rubber ball weighs 50 N. Calculate

the acceleration of the ball if an upward force 70 N is applied. Answer: 3.92 m/s2

79. In an expedition conducted by an

archeologist, a mosquito is discovered embedded in a chunk of amber, which has an index of refraction of 1.62. One surface of the amber is spherically convex with radius of curvature of 3.0 mm. The mosquito's head happens to be along the central axis of that surface and when viewed along the axis, appears to be buried at 5.0 mm in the amber. Answer: 3.98

83. A mole of an ideal gas at 273 K is

studied in a laboratory room at school. The students found out that 1 atm pressure of the gas occupies a volume of 22.4 liters. Romy, a student found out also that the product of the pressure and volume of the same gas is 1210 calories. Calculate the gas constant studied by Romy. Answer: 4.43 cal/mole.K

75. The quantity of radiation received from

the sun by the earth is 0.14 W/cm2. This is also known as the solar constant. If we assume the sun to be an ideal radiator, what is the expected surface temperature of the sun. The ratio of the radius of the earth's orbit to the radius of the sun is 213. (The Stefan-Boltzmann constant is equal to 5.67 x 10 raised to minus 8th power.) Answer: 5.844

80. A sugar solution is made by dissolving

10 g of sugar in 500 g of water at 27 oC, the osmotic pressure was measured as 2.45 atm. Calculate the molecular weight of sugar. Answer: 2 g/mole

84. Calculate the molecular weight of an

ideal gas, if 4 grams of the gas occupies 4 liters at 940 torr pressure Hg operating at 180 oC. (R = 0.082 L-atm/mole.K) Answer: 30 g/m

76. At STP, the density of chlorine is 3.22

kg/m3. Calculate the weight of the gas contained in a flask of 100 cubic cm at 25 oC and 100 kPa. Answer: 0.290 g

81. Two sheets, one made from brass, the

other steel, each with thickness 1 cm are placed in contact. The outer surface of the brass is kept at 100 oC and the other surface of steel is kept at 0.1 oC.

85. A vehicle traveling to the north released

carbon dioxide at a temperature of 303 oC and pressure of 0.2 atm at an average rate of 3.3 x 10 rasied to 4th

77. Air which occupies 6 cu ft at 15 lb/m2

gauge pressure is expanded

power, kg/hr. Calculate the volume of the gas released. Answer: 1.7 x 10 rasied to 8th power liters

90. A man drank one gulp of rhum

containing an equivalent of 50 g pure ethanol. The resulting concentration in the man's blood after taking the rhum is 0.090 g ethanol over 100 ml of blood. If the approximate total blood volume of the man is about 6.9 lietrs, calculate the percentage of ingested ethanol in his blood. Answer: 12.4%

95. A copper bar is 10 ft long at 70 oF and

has an expansivity = 9.3 x 10 raised to minus 6th power per degree, F. Calculate its increase in length when heated to Answer: 0.0037 ft

86. An astronaut measures the intensity of

solar wind at a certain planet, using a built-in collector strip, approximately 2500 cm2. If the strip collected 2.5 x 10 raised to minus 10 g of hydrogen atoms in 100 minutes, what is the intensity of the solar wind in that planet? Answer: 8.33 x 10 raised to 6th power atoms/cm2.sec

96. A steam engine receives steam from the

boiler at 190 oC (about 150 lb/m2 gauge pressure) and exhaust directly into the air at 100 oC. Calculate its upper limit of efficiency. Answer: 19.4

91. When a piece of magnesium ribbon

weighing 0.34 g is burned in oxygen, the result is magnesium oxide. What is the percentage composition of oxygen if the oxide of the resulting magnesium oxide weighs 0.54 g? Answer: 37%

97. Calculate the number of nuclei in 2 kg of

aluminum. The mass of single aluminum atom is 26.98 amu. (Mass of 1 proton = 1.66 x 10 raised to minus 27th power kg). Answer: 4.46 x 10 raised to 25th power

87. Power coming from a 100 hp engine is

used to agitate 45 kg of water thermally insulated from its surroundings. Calculate the time it takes for the temperature of water to raise 10 oC. Answer: 25 seconds

92. If the amount of dissociation of water is

13.260 at 50 oC, calculate the pH of a neutral solution at the same temperature. Answer: 6.63

98. A galvanometer is a basic electric

instrument. It is a device that detects and measures very small electric currents. What current will cause a fullscale delfection (100 division) of a portable galvanometer for which K or current sensitivity is equal to 20 ma per division? Answer: 2 ma

88. If each molecule of a substance

contains 8 carbon atoms and 12 Hydrogen atoms, neglecting other impurities or components, calculate the molecular weight of this substance. Answer: 108 g/mole

93. If 75% of any given amount of a

particular substance decompose in an hour, compute for the half-life of this substance. Answer: 1/2 hour

89. A piece of metal weighing 14 g and

acting as a reducing agent gives up 2.2 x 10 raised to 23rd power electrons of this metal. Answer: 38 g/equivalent

94. Calculate the volume of oxygen needed

to burn 30 liters of CO completely. Molecular weight of carbon is 12 g/mole, while oxygen is 16 g/mole. Answer: 15 liters

99. The particles are acted upon by

gravitation forces. Assuming m1 = 24 kg and the distance between the two particles is 1.2 m, calculate the

magnitude of the gravitational forces that acts on each particle. Answer: 1.33 x 10 raised to minus 8th power N

Answer: 33.2%

Answer: 6.12

104. A meter stick suspended from one

end, swings. It acted like a physical pendulum. Calculate its period of oscillation. Answer: 1.638 seconds

109. If 10 cu. ft of air is cooled to 100 oF, at

a constant pressure of 8 psia whose initial temperature is 160 oF, find its change in enthalpy. (Use Cp of air = 0.240 BTU/lb.R) Answer: -50 BTU

100. If 1 kg object could be converted

entirely into energy, calculate the time for a 1000 W light bulb to be illuminated. (A 100 W bulb uses 100 J of energy per second). Answer: 2.9 x 10 raised to 6th power years Answer: 22.6 g

105. Calculate the mass of a piece of

titanium metal whose volume is 5 cubic cm. (Density of titanium is 4.51 g/cubic cm).

110. What is the relative rate at which

helium gas diffuse through an orifice at Standard Temperature and Pressure? (Molecular weight of helium is 4.003) Answer: 0.498

101. A pendulum has a string of length 2 ft.

It is fixed to one end and carries a 4 lb bob at the other. As the pendulum swings back and forth in a vertical plane, the velocity is found to be 10 ft/s when the angular deflection is 45o. At this instant, calculate the tension in the string. Answer: 9.08 lb Answer: 7,700 liters

106. A common laboratory cylinder of

methane has a volume of 50 L and is filled to a pressure of 154 atm. Assuming that all of the methane (CH4) from this cylinder is released and expands until its pressure fills to 1.0 atm. What volume will the methane occupy?

111. Calculate the volume of 0.3 Normality

base necessary to neutralize 4 liters of 0.01 Normality nitric acid. It is __________ liters. Answer: 0.13

112. If a baseball player tosses a baseball

up along the y-axis with an initial speed of 12 m/s, calculate how long will the ball reach its maximum height. Answer: 1.22 s

102. A man pulls a loaded sled with a mass

equal to 80 kg along a horizontal surface at constant velocity. The coefficient of kinetic friction between runners and the snow is 0.10 with an angle equal to 40o. Calculate the tension in the rope. Answer: 94 N

107. If 10 cu. ft of air is cooled at a constant

pressure of 80 psia, find the change on internal energy if the initial temperature was 100 oF. (Use Cv for air = 0.171.) Answer: -35 BTU

113. An astronaut is riding in his spacecraft

and is in circular orbit around the earth. With an altitude of 520 km from the earth's surface. He is travelling at a constant speed mof 7.6 km/sec. The mass of the astronaut is 80 kg. Calculate the astronaut's acceleration. (Radius of the earth = 6.37 x 10 raised to 6th power, meters)

108. If the radioactive decay constant for 103. A particular engine using 170 oC geothermal heat has its exhaust directly to the atmosphere. If the temperature of the atmosphere is 23 oC, calculate the maximum efficiency of the engine.
radium is 1.36 x 10 raised to minus 11, calculate the number of disintegration per second that occurs in 200 g of radium. (Atomic mass of radium = 226.) It is __________ x 10 raised to 12th power disintegration/s.

Answer: 8.38 m/s2

coefficient of friction between the floor and the box. Answer: 0.245 N

122. The density of a 2.45 m aqueous

solution in methanol (CH30H) is 0.976 g/mL. Find the molarity of the aqueous solution of the methanol. (Molar mass of methanol is 32.04 g.) Answer: 2.73 m

114. A 1000 g water at its liquid state at 100

oC is to be converted to steam at 100 oC by boiling at standard atmospheric pressure (1.00 atm or 1.01 x 10 raised to 5th power Pa). The volume of that water changes from its original value of 0.001 cu.m as liquid to 1.671 cu.m as steam. Calculate how much work is done by the system during the process. Answer: 168.7 kJ

118. Two identical balls collide head on.

The initial velocity of one is 3 m/s towards the east, while the other is 1.0 m/s. If the collision is perfectly elastic, what is the final velocity of the first ball? Answer: - 1.0 m/s

123. In a human being, the heart pumps

blood into the blood vessel called aorta. The inner radius of the aorta is 1.0 cm. The aorta feeds 32 major arteries. If the blood in the aorta travels at a speed of 26 cm/s, calculate the approximate speed that blood travels in the arteries. Answer: 0.18 m/s

119. A 1.8 m string supports a 120 kg load

while vibrating in the 3rd overtone at 28 oC, as it moves toward a stationary observer at 10 m/s. If the mass per unit length of the string is 0.135 kg/m, calculate the wavelength received by the observer. Answer: 3.28 m

115. Two people are pushing a stalled car.

The mass of the car is 2000 kg. One person applies a force of 275 N to the car, while the other applies a force of 400 N. Both forces acted on the same direction. If a force of 560 N acts also on the car but opposite direction, due to friction and ruggedness of pavement, calculate the acceleration of the car. Answer: 0.058 m/s2

124. A wild flower 1.2 cm in diameter is

90.0 cm from camera's 700 cm lens. The focal point of the lens has a magnitude of 150 mm. Find how large is the flower's image. Answer: - 2.4 mm

120. In a local clinic, a person is subjected

to an x-ray examination. A potential difference of 87 keV is applied between the filament and target in the x-ray tube used. What is the shortest wavelength that the x-ray tube had produced? Answer: 14.3 picometer

116. A trucker carrying 37,000 liters of

diesel fuel left to deliver its load. The driver encountered cold weather at the destination place lowering also the diesel fuel temperature by 23 K. If the coefficient of volume expansion of diesel fuel is 9.5 x 10 raised to - 4 per oC, how many liters of fuel were delivered to the destination? Answer: 36,192 L

125. The room temperature electrical

conductivity of intrinsic silicon is 4 x 10 raised to - 4 per ohm.m. The electron and hole mobilities are 0.14 and 0.748 m2/v.s, respectively. Calculate the electron and hole concentration at room temperature. It is equal to _______ x 10 raised to 15th power, cu. meters. Answer: 13

121. A car with a mass = 1500 kg is

travelling at a constant speed of 20 m/s along a flat circular road of radius, R = 180 m. Calculate the minimum value of the coefficient of friction (microsecond), between the tires of the car and the road that will prevent the car from slipping. Answer: 0.23

117. A horizontal force of 120 N is needed

tp pull a 50 kg box across the horizontal floor at constant speed. Calculate the

126. A rider on his Honda motorcycle

headed for east. In passing a small town, he accelerates after passing the post marking the town limits. His

acceleration is constant at 4 m/s2. At time = 0 he is 5 m east of the post, moving east at 15 m/s. Determine his position and speed at t = 2.0 s. Answer: 43 m; 23 m/s

slide horizontally on the surface. Neglecting friction, calculate the horizontal force that the tray exerted on the carton. Answer: 3 N

_____________ x 10 raised to minus 11th power, g. Answer: 9.3

136. In the study of fluids in motion, a tank

containing water has an orifice of 1.0 m2 in one vertical side 8 ft below the free surface level in the tank. Calculate the speed of dischange , assuming that there is no wasted energy. Answer: 23 ft/sec

127. A baseball player bats and hits the ball

such that it leaves the bat at a speed equal to V = 37 m/s at an angle of 53.1o at a location where the gravitational acceleration is 9.8 m/s2. Calculate the time the baseball reaches the highest point of its flight. Answer: 3.02 s

131. It was observed that when absolute

temperature of the system is doubled, the equilibrium constant is increased tenfold. Determine the activation energy for the systems in kJ/kg mole. Answer: 38.287 T1

137. The diameter of the sun subtends an 132. A vehicle starting from rest,
accelerates at a constant rate of 10 m/s2, driving in a circle of radius equal to 1000 m. Calculate how long will the car go before the normal acceleration component equals that of the tangential acceleration. Answer: 10 s angle approximately 32 min at any point on the earth. Calculate the diameter of the solar image formed by a concave spherical mirror whose radius is 400 cm. Answer: 1.70 cm

128. A baseball player bats and hits the ball

such that it leaves the bat at a speed equal to V = 37 m/s at an angle of 53.1o. Calculate the height, h when the ball reaches the highest point. Answer: 44.7 m

138. A solid circular disk weighing 32 lb and

with a diameter of 3 ft, is suspended at its midpoint horizontally from the end of a vertical steel wire 4 ft long and 1/8 inch diameter. (Shear modulus of elasticity for the wire is G = 12 x 10 raised to 6th power lb/sq. inch. Caculate the period of tensional vibration. Answer: 9.42 seconds

129. In a supermarket foodcourt cafeteria, a

man pushes a 1.0 kg food tray through the cafeteria line with constant force equal to 9 N force. As the tray moves, it pushes on a 1/2 kg carton of milk, the tray and carton slide on a horizontal surface that is so full of oil that friction can be neglected. Calculate the acceleration of the tray and carton. Answer: 6 m/s2 130. In a cafeterial, a man pushes a 1000 g food tray through the cafeteria line, with constant force equal to 6 Newtons. As the tray moves, it pushes in a 500 g carton of milk. The tray and the carton

133. Calculate the normality of a NaOH

solution, if 25 mL of it requires 33 mL of a 0.1 N in CH1 solution. Answer: 0.13 N

134. The position of a particle moving on

the x-axis is given by x = 7.8 + 9.2t - 2t raised to 3rd power (t^3). What is its velocity at t = 3.0 seconds? Answer: - 44.8 m/s

139. A soccer ball with a mass of 0.42 kg

initially is moving to the left at 20 m/s. But it is kicked and given a velocity of 30 m/s at 45o upward and to the right. Find the average net force and the direction assuming a collision time of 0.01 sec.. It is __________ N and _________ degrees from the horizontal.

135. 20 calories of heat are supplied to 1

gram of water. Calculate how much is the mass of water increased. It is

Answer: 1946; 27

Calculate how much work is done on the 70 kg miner by the force lifting him. Answer: 7,420 J

148. Calculate the ordinary simple interest

on a Php 20,000 loan payable for 9 months and 5 days if the rate interest as 10%. Answer: Php 1,527.78

140. An athlete throws a ball and exerted a

force equal to 150 N. If the ball has an acceleration of 20 m/s2, calculate the mass of the ball. Answer: 7.5 kg

144. Calculate the density of free electrons

in copper at room temperature, assuming that the conductivity of copper (58 x 10 raised to 6th power) is entirely due to free electrons with a mobility of 3.5 x 10 raised to minus 3, m/v.s. Answer: 103.6 x 10 raised to 27th power per cu. meter

149. A man invested Php 10,000 at an

interest of 6% compounded annually. Calculate the final amount of his investment after 5 years if the inflation remains the same at 8% per year. Answer: Php 7,215.80

141. A fireworks box with a mass = 5 kg

slides with speed v= 4.0 m/s across a frictionless floor in the positive direction along the x-axis. It suddenly explode into two pieces. One piece with mass = 2 kg moves in the positive direction along x-axis with speed Va = 8.0 m/s. Calculate the velocity of the second piece with masss, Mb. Answer: 1.33 m/s

150. Calculate the amount that John could 145. The duration of the 2nd order
defracted image formed by an optical grating having 5000 lines/cm is 34o. Calculate the wavelength of the light used. Answer: 56 x 10 raised to minus 6th power cm borrow if he has the capacity to repay 1,000 pesos after two years with a monthly interest rate of 1%. Answer: Php 788

142. A 72 kg baseball player runs and

begins his slide into second base where he is moving at a speed of 4 m/s. The coefficient of friction between his uniform and the earth is 0.70. He slides so that his speed is 0 just as he reaches the base. Calculate how much mechanical energy is lost due to friction acting on the runner. Answer: - 576 J

151. A company is establishing a sinking

fund for the purpose of getting sufficient capital that would accumulate to be able to retire its outstanding bonds upon reaching maturity. The bonds are redeemable in 10 years and the maturity value is Php100,000. Calculate how much should be deposited annually if the fund pays interest at the rate of 6%? Answer: Php 7,586.80

146. Calculate the amount of work done in

overcoming friction between an object and the table, if the object weighs 200 g and slides 80 cm along a horizontal tabletop. The coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.20. Answer: 0.31 N

143. A cave rescue team lifts an injured

miner directly dupward and out of a sinkholeby means of a motor-driven cable. The lift is performed in three stages, each requiring a vertical disatnce of 10 meters. In the first stage, the initially stationary miner is accelerated to a speed of 4 m/s.

147. A parallel plate capacitor has a

capacitance of 0.01 F. Calculate the area of the plates if they are 1.0 mm apart. Answer: 1.13 x 10 raised to 6th power, square meter

152. A businessman intends to rent a heavy

duty copying machine instead of buying a new one. The cost of buying machine is 80,000. Annual maintenance and operating cost is 8,000. At the end of 5 years, the machine can be traded at 20,000. The cost of money is assumed to be 6%. If he rents, the rental cost is

Php20.00 per hour, at an average of 3 hours per day usage. Calculate how much ___________________ Answer: Php 3,200

Answer: Php24 million

6.5% compounded continuously, if the compound amount factor is 5.66. Answer: 4.95

157. Chevron, an oil company has

developed an oil well estimated to contain 10 billion barrels of oil at an initial costs of 100 million US dollars. Calculate the depletion charge during the year where it produces one million barrels of oil. Use unit factor method of computing depletion, in million dollars. Answer: 10 Answer: 236,247,000

161. A bridge cost Php200 M and estimated

to have a life of 20 years. The bridge must be partically rebuilt at a cost of Php80 M at the end of each 20 years. Calculate the capitalized cost of the bridge at 6%.

153. A sewing machine costs 40,000 pesos

and can be traded at the end of 5 years for 10,000. Assuming that the depreciation cost is calculated using a constant percentage of the decliningbook value, determine the annual rate of depreciation in percentage value. Answer: 24.2%

158. The demand for milk can being

manufactured by Alaska company is 3,000 pieces per month. Using presently a manual operated cutting implement, the unit cutting cost is Php20. An electrically operated hydraulic cutting machine (HCM) costing Php270,000 was offered for sale to the company. The cutting cost per unit will be reduced by 30% if the HCM is used. Answer: 15 mo. 159. A football star player is presently playing for his UK team and is receiving an annual salary of 2 million Euros. Another European team is offering him an initial annual salary of 1.5 miilion Euros, but is increasing the rate at 300,000 annually. if he can still play in FIFA league for 5 years, and if cost of money is 10%, what is the price difference between the two Answer: 43,000

162. A series of equal receipts of 1,000

pesos extends over a period of 5 years. Calculate the present worth of this quarterly payment series at 8% interest compounded continuously. Answer: Php16,280

154. An office machine costs a Php 20,000.

It has an estimated life of 5 years. Find its depreciated rate using the straight line method if its scrap value is P 2, 000. Answer: 18%

163. A businessman made a loan from a

bank in the amount of 100,000 pesos at a rate of 6% compounded continuously for 6 years. Calculate how much must he pay annually if the money is compounded continuously. Answer: Php 20,458

155. A machine is used in construction

costs Php 20,000 with a salvage value of Php2,000 after 10 years. What is th annual depreciation cost if it is calculated using the sinking fund method at 2% interest? Answer: Php 1,643.84

164. Calculate the amount of radiation

exposure of a person that receives a 0.20 dose of alpha particles. (a substantial dose) Answer: 4.0 rem

156. A mining company generated a gross

income of Php120 million for the year 2005. The net taxable income after taking all the deductions (except for depletion) is Php 48 million. Calculate the allowable depletion allowance for the year 2005? (Use percentage of gross income for minerals as 30%)

160. Calculate the number of period (in

years) would it take for a uniform payment series in an account that earns

165. In the study of light and optics, the

physical limit to the resolution of two light sources is set by diffraction effects. Calculate the diffraction-limited

resolution of the 200 inch Mount Palomar telescope for yellow light. (wavelength of yellow light = 6 x 10 raised to minus 7, m). Answer: 1.441 x 10 raised to minus 7, rad.

0.78 c with respect to earth, launches a rocket in the direction away from the earth that attains a velocity v2 = 0.78 c with respect to the spaceship. Calculate the velocity of the rocket with respect to earth. Answer: 0.97 c

174. Calculate the resolving power of an

object lens 6 mm in diameter at a distance of 30 cm under a red light. (Wavelength of red light is 700 nm). Answer: 4.27 x 10 raised to minus 5th power, m

166. In the study of light and optics, the

resolving power of a lens will be best where the Numerical Aperture (NA) is as large as possible. Calculate the maximum practical NA if the space between the object and the lens is filled with immersion oil (n = 1.55). Answer: 1.456

175. Calculate the number of photons of 170. Calculate the velocity of th elementary
particles whose mass is 2 times its rest mass. Answer: 0.866 c red light that an e;ectromagnetic energy of 3 x 10 raised to minus 18th power. Joules represent. (h, plank's constant = 6.63 x 10 raised to minus 34th power, J.s). The wavelength of red light is 700 nm. Answer: 11 photons

171. In relation to Einstein's theory of 167. Calculate the optimum Resolving

Power (RP) of a lens if the space between the lens and the object is filled with immersion oil (n = 1.55) using yellow light. (Wavelength is 6 x 10 raised to minus 7, meters) Answer: 2.51 x 10 raised to minus 7, m relativity, calculate the mass of an electron that has a kinetic energy of 2 MeV. It is equal to _______ times the mass of the electrons at rest, Mo and the speed of light, c2. Answer: 4.9

176. Calculate the maximum energy of

photoelectrons when a light whose frequency is 2 x 10 raised to 15the power, Hz falls on the surface of a material whose photoelectric fucntion is 4.0 eV. Answer: 4.28 eV

172. The mass -energy conversion factor

that relates the atomic mass unit and MeV is c2 = Answer: 931.48 MeV/u

177. Calculate the speed of a 2000 kg

moving vehicle if the de Broglie wavelength is 1.4 x 10 raised to minus 38th power, m. Answer: 24 m/s

168. Studying the Theory of Relativity, it is

concluded that not only are the time measurements differ in two reference systems in relative motion but also distance measurements. If an observer moves past a 2-meter stick with a velocity equal to one-half the velocity of light, what length does the oberver measure for the 2-meter stick? Answer: 1.73 meters

173. It is found out that the power of the

human eye's lens is maximum when the eye is fully accommodated. In this situation, the object distance (for adult normal eye) is ______ and the image distance is the diameter of th eyeball which is abut Answer: 25 cm ; 23 mm

178. Calculate the wavelength of an

electron moving at a speed of 6 x 10 raised to 7th power, m/s. (Mass of electron is 9.109 x 10 raised to minus 31st power, kg.) Answer: 1.21 x 10 raised to minus 11th power, meters

169. A spaceship traveling and moving

away from the earth at a velocity v1 =

183. In a ballistic test conducted, a 16 g 179. A bus conductor of a stationary bus

leaving Manila for Batangas stands at the door of the bus. He blew his whistle signalling that the bus is about to depart. He uses frequency 3 kHz of the whistle. Calculate at what frequency will a passenger driving his car at 20 m/s will hear his whistle while approching the bus? Assume the ambient temperature to be 20 oC. Answer: 3.175 kHz bullet made of lead travels at a speed of 100 m/s and strikes a wooden block. Calculate the change in temperature of the bullet if the bullet is transformed into thermal energy in the block and remainder into thermal energy of the bullet. (Specific heat capcity of lead = 0.0310 cal/g oC. Answer: 19.3 oC

a net torque of 100 ft-lb. (I of the cylindrical flywheel is equal to 1/2 m R2). Answer: 2.06 rad/s2

188. A man driving his car enters an 80-m

radius circumferential road which is an unbanked circular curve. Calculate the maximum speed that his car can pass through the curve if the coefficient of friction of the pavement is 0.70. Answer: 23.44 m/s

184. Calculate the coefficient of

performance of a heat pump, if it delivers 40,000 kJ/hr of heat with a 1.4 kW input. Answer: 8

180. Calculate the period of oscillation of a

uniform steel beam 16 ft long and is suspended from one end by a crane 32 ft above the ground. Answer: 3.6 s

189. Two blocks having masses of 1 kg and

3 kg, respectively is attached to a string (with negligible mass) and suspended from a smooth pulley. Neglecting friction, calculate the acceleration of the 1 kg block. Answer: 4.9 m/s2

181. In the study of machines, a man wants

to fix the flat tire of his car by using a hydraulic jack to raise the car. The input and output diameter of the pistons of the jack is 20 mm and 60 mm, respectively. Calculate the total mechanical advantage of the system. (Assume the mechanical advantage of the lever to be 4.) Answer: 36

185. A solid cylinder one meter in diameter

is made to roll down an inclined plane without losing energy due to friction. If it starts from the top of the incline, which is 12 m high, calculate its velocity at the foot of the incline. Answer: 12.53 m/s

190. A 2000-lb car travelling with a speed 186. A solid cylinder 0.50 meter in diameter
is made to roll down in an incline without losing energy due to friction. Calculate its angular velocity at the foot of the incline if it starts from the top of the incline which is 12 meters high. Answer: 50 rad/s 20 m/hr strikes an obstruction and is brought to rest in 0.12 sec. Calculate the average force on the car. Answer: 15,000 lb

182. Calculate the amount of heat energy

pronounced by a flower pot accidentally dropped from the balcony of a house 10 meters above the ground. The flower pot has a mass equal to 2 kg. Answer: 196 J

191. A 250 kg satellite is projected to an

orbit equal to 30 x 10^6 radius. Calculate the additional potential energy, the satellite will acquire, rlative to the earth's surface. (Use for Mass of Earth = 5.98 x 10^24 kg, Mean radius of Earth = 6.37 x 10^6 m, and G = 6.67 x 10^ -11 N.m2/kg2).

187. Calculate the angular acceleration of a

cylinder flywheel whose diameter is 5 ft and weighs 500 lb, and is acted upon by

Answer: 1.24 x 10^10 J

196. A machine costing P550,000 is

estimated to have a book value of P30,520 when it is retired at the end of 10 years. Using declining balance method, calculate its annual rate of depreciation. Answer: 25%

192. A businessman open an internet cafe

whereby he invested in the electronics equipments and accessories, 200,000 persos. Assuming the annual cost of maintenance of the equipment and accessories is 10,000 pesos, calculate the capital cost of the electronic equipment and accessories if money is worth 5% Answer: Php 400,000

193. A buisnessman invested P500,000 in

certain business that yields an average rate of 8% to mature in 10 years. Assuming an average rate of inflation during the investment to be 5%, calculate how much is the equipment amount of investment at maturity. Answer: Php 662,500

194. A student brought a new computer at

12,000 pesos with a salvage value of 500 pesos after 5 years. Calculate the annual depreciation charge using sinking fund method with an interest rate of 6%. Answer: Php 2041

195. A garment factory owner installed a

new machine at a cost of P800,000. It is estimated to have a useful life of 8 years. What is the capitalized cost if its salvage value is P40,000 and the interest rate is 5%? Answer: Php 475,973