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joal c y extended skills language ent + develop your expertise ise the language in advanced contexts + improve your range of communication introduction v how to use this course vill 01 02 05 Leute, Leute 1 talking about yourself * asking other people about themselves language points: questions, prepositions, genders and plurals mein Tagesablaul 16 talking about daily routines and about work and home life * expressing frequency of events language points: present tense, word order, separable and inseparable verbs Ausbildung oder Studium? 32 talking about education and training * talking and writing about past events ¢ discussing plans for the future Janguage points: perfect tense, past simple tense and future tense, irregular verbs aus der Arbeitswelt 50 talking about jobs and conditions of work language points: conjunctions and punctuation interessieren Sie sich fiir Kultur? 65 talking about personal interests ¢ likes and dislikes leisure activities. language points: verbs and prepositions, infinitive clauses $]U9]U09;= =< syue}U0o 07 09 10 und wie ist Ihre Meinung? 80 talking about health and sport * asking for and expressing opinions * agreeing and disagreeing language points: modal verbs, the genitive case Berlin ist eine Reise wert 97 making travel arrangements and making polite requests * understanding and giving directions * talking about Berlin and its attractions language points: prepositions and cases, indirect questions typisch deutsch? 113 discussing stereotypes and prejudices * making comparisons ¢ reporting what others have said Janguage points: reported speech, Konjunktiv |, adjectival endings was tun Sie fiir die Umwelt? 129 discussing environmental issues ° talking about hypothetical situations language points. Konjunktiy |, the conditional, the passive Deutschland heute 146 talking about the German press ¢ political structure * business and economy language points: relative clauses, adjectival and weak nouns listening comprehension transcripts 163 self-assessment tests 173 key to the exercises 181 key to the self-assessment tests 200 taking it further 203 common irregu! lar verbs 206 glossary af grammatical terms 209 German-English glossary 216 English-Germat grammar index in glossary 230 239 Welcome to Improve Your German Is this the right course for you? Improve Your German is designed for a number of different kinds of learner, e Are you an adult learner who has completed a beginners’ course such as Teach Yourself German? © Perhaps you are taking up German again after a break from it? ¢ Are you looking for a course that will help you to achieve an advanced standard in German? * Do you want to study on your own? Are you intending to learn with the support of a class? ¢ Are you preparing for an examination at an advanced level and do you want a thorough revision course? If so, you will find this course very well suited to your purposes. Developing your skills The language introduced in this course is centred around realistic everyday situations ranging from talking about daily routines, interests and hobbies to expressing opinions or talking about health issues or the media. The first units are designed to consolidate and build on your previous knowledge, focusing on some of the essential language functions and grammatical points. You will then UOI}ONpo.}Ul—