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To: Rebecca Agosta From: Morgan Robertson Date: February 21, 2014 Subject: How my mom acts in different

roles Initial Inquiry Subject: The direction for this assignment is how my mom acts as a mom, wife, sister, daughter, Christian and worker. All of these roles are different and play a role in how she forms her identity. She may act different when at work then when she is at home being a wife and mother. I would like to know how she balances all these different types of roles. I know my mother is a hard working person in each role she has. Her role as a daughter and sister is different from her role as a wife and mother. As a mother and wife she has to help provide and take care of her family. As a daughter and sister she just checks in and catches up with her parents and sister. By knowing her life I already have a slight idea of how each role affects her identity. I am interested in this topic because my mom is my hero and plays a significant role in my life. I look up to her in every aspect of my life. She takes on many roles and I dont know how she does it. I hope when I am a mom I can be half the women she is. This relates to me because my mom is a huge impact in my life and one day I hope to be a mom and be able to balance everything she does and be able to perform in each role to the best of my ability. Methods: The first step in this process would be observing. I could watch her interact in each role and see how it plays a role in her identity. I will also look for similarities and differences between the different roles. I could support this inquiry by doing research on other moms and how their roles affect their identity. For my research I would observe at her work, our house, her parents house, our church and her sisters house. Right now I have access to everything. The only thing that might be hard is observing her at work because I am here at school. However, I know her day to day schedule and I could base this observation off of the things she talks about when she gets home. She could also right a journal of her day to day schedule. I also know some of the employees she works with so I could also ask them how she performs in this role. Questions: 1. How are these different roles similar/different? 2. Are any roles harder than another? 3. How do these roles feed off each other? 4. Are these roles a true representation of a mom? 5. How is being a mom different/similar from being a worker? 6. Do the different roles cause conflict in a family? 7. How is being a Christian a representation of an identity? 8. How are moms able to balance each role? 9. Do moms feel they put in enough time to each role? 10. Do moms feel they have any other roles?