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Monday, April 21, 2014 Reference for Lennard Van Oord

I would highly recommend Lennard Van Oord as an enthusiastic and committed beginning teacher who has a passion for his profession. He demonstrated enthusiasm, patience when interacting with students, and was adaptable and creative in his teaching plans and classes. His Physical Education class activities were engaging and well organi ed to capture the attention of all levels of learners. I had the opportunity to wor! with Lennard and his cooperating teacher during a seven wee! teaching internship in his ". Ed. teacher preparation program at #aint $homas %niversity. His placement at &redericton High #chool as a Physical Education teacher intern brought him into contact with a wide variety of high school students, including students with special learning needs. Lennard proved to be a strong teacher, who 'uic!ly gained the respect and attention of his students. He made significant contributions to the physical education program and e(tra curricular activities at &redericton High #chool including and overnight with the Outdoor Pursuits class, )asino *ight for +rads as well as assisting with the ,evon Par! -iddle #chool "as!etball team. Lennard was always well prepared and his classes included group fitness routines, bas!etball s!ill development and weight room training regimes. He also was effective in a classroom setting, teaching Personal ,evelopment and )areer Planning classes. His presentations and demonstrations set clear e(pectations for the class. He demonstrated good !nowledge of physical development and a comfortable familiarity with curriculum outcomes to inform and guide his teaching. Lennard clearly en.oys teaching and it shows in his enthusiasm and interaction with students. I am confident that he will continue to develop his teaching techni'ues, abilities and strategies, as he gains more e(perience in new teaching assignments. He has a !een interest in students and their learning and the potential to ma!e a positive impact on individual students and school communities. I believe that Lennard would ma!e a valuable addition to a school staff team with his demonstrated interest, proven abilities and the professional spirit he demonstrated during his first teaching internship. I would be happy to give a phone reference upon re'uest and could be contacted by telephone at /0123 41251677 or email at mcconnell.ohn08gmail.com. #incerely,

9ohn -c)onnell Ed.,. #aint $homas %niversity Internship #upervisor