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Assignment on application of mathematics in biotechnology Topic : differential equations Name Vijay iyer Roll no 39 S E biotech Differential equations

Polymerization of actin

Rate of polymerisation Actin: length changes with time

Similar : kinesin moving with constant velocity

Slope Where m is a constant.

We can integrate this equation and get y(x) Integral as anti-derivative

Where c is arbitrary constant

We get length as a function of time

Let us take , t = 0 C is nothing but the initial length of the actin length Depolymerisation of actin

Length decreases with time

We get the length as a function time C= initial length ( length at t = 0 )

1) number of bacteria increase with time 2) the more the bacteria the more the growth

As we did before at t = 0

Cell apoptosis

Ordinary differential equations

to solve we need to know one constant

Summary Summary Biological phenomena can be described mathematically using differential equations Polymerization, depolymerisation of actin Bacterial growth Cell apoptosis