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Lander University Teacher Education Lesson Plan Template

Rev. 2013

Teacher Candidate: Rico Salliewhite Subject/Grade: Life Skill 9-12 Learning Objective:

Lesson # ______ Date and Time of Lesson:

Students will be able to identify the characteristic of positive relationships in everyday living.

Alignment with Standards: Identify the source and list standards (local, state, and/or national) that align with the learning objective. EEDA Standard(s) SSCA Element(s) (harassment, intimidation, bullying, or appropriate behaviors) Others as needed for interdisciplinary (cross-curricular) lessons Developmental Appropriateness or Cross-curricular connections: Students will have the opportunity to focus on different vocabulary words using ELA and reading skills. Assessment(s) of the Objectives:
What assessment(s) will you use to determine student learning (pre, during, post)? Each objective should be aligned with an assessment. Lesson Objective(s) Assessment(s) of the Objective(s) Students will be given a vocabulary quiz on building relationship. Assessment for Objective 2 Use of Formative Assessment I will use the information in future self-esteem lessons. This will guide my teaching.

Students will be able to identify the characteristic of a positive relationship in everyday living Objective 2 (if applicable)

Students will be given special seating, extra time, vocabulary words printed out, and cues when questions are coming for them.

Materials: notebook, pencil, highlighter, and smart board Procedures: 1. I will ask students what he/she knows about building relationships. 2. Then students will discuss the importance of building relationships 3. We will look over the vocabulary words on the smart board. 4. Then we will get in a circle and complete a team building exercise. 5. Students will discuss how each of them builds relationships during the activity. 6. Then I will allow time for students to give personal experiences in their life 7. I will discuss the importance of building good relationships for each student. 8. We will discuss how bad relationships can effect students long term relationships. 9. Give students the opportunity to discuss the lesson and ask questions. 10. Give students a short quiz on building relationships. 11. Closure: Allow students to tell how they will make one relationship in their life better. Activity Analysis:

Lander University Teacher Education Lesson Plan Template

Rev. 2013

Identify at least two activities you plan to use in this lesson and explain why you are planning these specific activities. In your explanation include the following prompts: The circle activity on building relationship skills. The students enjoy working out of their desk. This also gives students more of a real life feel for them to make personal connections to the activities. This will allow students to visually see how a healthy relationship can make a task easier. I did use any technology for the activity. I want the students to work together and a personal connection.

Cite all references for materials/resources used in preparing the lesson. Citations should be in APA, 6th edition format.