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Commuter and Transfer Student Life

CCL/TSL Professional Development Guidelines


It is often necessary to provide additional responsibilities and assignments for Collegium Community Leaders and Transfer Success Leaders in order to assure that they are professionally engaged and on task during the entirety of their shift in the Collegium. This can often combat the propensity for student employees to work on homework, use their laptops, text, or otherwise disengage from work during slow or quiet times in the space. It is also important, as we work within the context of Jesuit higher education, to provide our students the opportunity to grow as professionals and leaders and people for others. I believe that this happens when we challenge students to think about social justice issues within our communities and also on a national and global scale. This gives our students the opportunity to practice reflection, critical thinking, critical and dialogue in safe and educational spaces. Below, I have outlined my general structure for providing Professional Development responsibilities for my staff in the Lynn Collegium. During fall training, I ask my staff the following questions: what they hope to get out of the position their personal and academic interests what areas they are interested in growing in how they define professional development

Professional Development is then broken down in two categories: 1. Individual CCLs/TSLs are assigned responsibilities or tasks for the week or quarter depending on what theyve indicated interest in. For example: a. Programming for the members b. Leading team builders and ice breakers during meetings c. Maintaining the Lynn programming budget d. Updating and monitoring the Facebook page and other social media sites e. Being in charge of decorations for each holiday and season (making them and getting members and other staff to make them) f. Making connections with student leaders in other departments and asking those leaders to visit the space to lead workshops or programs i. OMA, Leadership Development, ISC, Health and Wellness g. Editing the monthly newsletter h. Taking pictures of members and creating an ongoing scrapbook for the year i. Creating/updating their LinkedIn profiles and assisting members in doing the same j. Creating/updating their resumes and cover letters and assisting members in doing the same k. Updating the whiteboards with upcoming campus events l. Watching assigned TedTalks with members and having a discussion group afterward

m. Following up with Learning Community events n. Creating and distributing surveys regarding members needs, wants, and participation in Lynn programs, campus programs, and Learning community programs o. Individual enrollment strategies 2. Activities are assigned to the entire staff, and they must either journal about the activity to one another or initial after theyve completed the activity. I take this as an opportunity to provide stimulating readings that I believe will lead to reflection and dialogue between staff. Some examples are: a. Reading articles Ive emailed or printed and left on the desk or chapter selections from academic books i. Readings for Diversity and Social Justice 1. I assign one reading each week and students are to journal their reactions including completion of the following sentences a. I noticed _______________________ b. I feel ___________________________ c. I think _________________________ ii. Legal cases from Google Scholar that pertain to civil rights, student rights, and human rights 1. I ask them to look up words they dont know and provide the definitions in the staff journal 2. Talk about current implications of the legal case iii. Scholarly research on our particular populations 1. Commuter students 2. First and second year students 3. First-generation students 4. Transfer students 5. Learning Communities iv. Reading the school newpaper v. Allow students to bring in their own books, articles, etc to share with the team b. Watching TedTalks or other informational videos Ive assigned using headphones at the computers in the space when there are no members or only a few members who are studying or sleeping c. Completing free online assessments through Career Services (MyPlan) d. Giving them journal topics ranging from answering silly questions to reflecting on events or questions Ive posed Each week (or timeline that works with your particular needs), create a Weekly Professional Development Sheet* for your staff and email out or leave in a shared workspace for viewing. Professional Development Resources for Supervisors: Gallup Business Journal Encouraging the Heart: A Leader's Guide to Rewarding and Recognizing Others by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z Posner Readings for Diversity and Social Justice

The 12 Elements of Great Managing MBA 510 Reader by William Weiss at Seattle University Restorative Practices: http://www.iirp.edu/what-is-restorative-practices.php Loving What Is by Byron Katie Emotional Intelligence practices The Chronicle of Higher Education

*Please see the next page for an example of a Weekly Professional Development Sheet

Week of 3/31/2014

Week 1: Welcome to Spring Quarter!

Professional Development/ Lynn Responsibilities Readings for Diversity and Social Justice o Pages 70-74: Looking at a bigger picture of the history of racial and ethnic diversity in America As always, please journal your thoughts, reactions, likes, or dislikes

Alex, please assign us pages from Rereading America (5-10 pages if possible) o Pages_________________ Cork board behind the sink This can be used for passive (informational programming), ideas include: Alcohol and drug awareness (in partnership with HAWC) Social Justice (Nikko was interested in this) Criminal Justice (Brionna) Persuasive and concise speaking tips (Suchang) o o Professor Christopher Paul could be a good person to connect with for information Journal topics (please choose one or both to journal about through the week) o 1. How do you define professional development? 2. How do you make the most of your shift? How do you stay engaged and what do you do to keep busy? What does a good shift look like? End of year programs Id like you to think about o North End BBQ (McGoldrick, Lynn, and Chardin) Lynn only BBQ/party Sophomore Award/Recognition/Graduation from Lynn Programming o

Movie day(s)

Upcoming Dates

Illumination Retreat is April 4-6th. Interested members should email bujandaf@seattleu.edu I would like to schedule the first Lynn staff meeting for Friday, April 18th from 4:15-5:45. Please let me know if you have any conflicts Our first 1:1s will be the week of April 14th All-Collegia Meeting: May 23rd from 4-6:30PM

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