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WHEREAS, many people are concerned about the future of health care as the 111th
Congress of the United States seeks a solution to health care reform; and

WHEREAS, access to health care and the delivery of quality health services, particularly in
rural and remote areas are of concern to many; and

WHEREAS, the problem of health care access is particularly acute for the uninsured, under-
insured, poor and disadvantaged; and

WHEREAS, during this time of national debate on reform, Federal and State leaders have
recognized that local governments serve a unique role in providing health care access by building and
maintaining delivery systems that respect the unique needs of individuals throughout the community;

WHEREAS, local efforts to provide access to health care include the endeavors of the Dare
County Department of Public Health whose innovative and effective health care programs include
prevention education, outreach, clinical care services, preparedness and environmental protection
with services for infants, mothers, children, families and senior citizens; and

WHEREAS, further local efforts to provide health care access include the life-saving efforts
of Dare County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and the services of Dare MedFlight, one of the
few county-owned medical helicopters in the nation providing life-saving access to trauma centers
and specialty hospitals throughout the region; and

WHEREAS, many local community programs provide access to clinical and informational
programs offered by Healthy Carolinians of the Outer Banks, the Community Care Clinic of Dare
County and the cancer initiative partnership with UNC Health Care; and

WHEREAS, Dare County through its health related departments and community partners
seeks to improve the health of its citizens with access to prevention and wellness programs that result
in better health outcomes, increased productivity and reduced costs.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Dare County Board of Commissioners

supports access to affordable, quality health care to all and encourages Congress to seek fair and
practical solutions that will reduce health care costs and improve access to care.

This the ____ day of ____________, 2009.

Dare County Board of Commissioners

By: _______________________________________
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(name), (title)