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Reflection Paper Chiaki Yoshida Ivy Tech Community College


INTASC Standard, Description and Rationale

Standard #7 Instruction Strategies The teacher understands and uses a variety of instructional strategies to encourage learners to develop deep understanding of content areas and their connections, and to build skills to apply knowledge in meaningful ways

Name of Artifact: Reflection paper for a visit of Ruth Lilly Health Education Center Date: October 30, 2013 Course: EDUC 240

Brief Description: I visited Ruth Lilly Health Education Center for a part of Education 240 class activity. In this center, children and students can learn health, drugs, and how to have a healthy life. I could get skimmed version of the presentation contents which are done in this center.

Rationale: To document my understanding of Standard 8, I selected to include my reflection paper because this assignment demonstrates by ability how to use what I learned in a outside source and how to reflect it. My knowledge of the curriculum and content areas are demonstrated in this lesson planning, as well.


I visited the Ruth Lilly Health Education Center on October 30 as part of our class activities in an outside facility. It is a place to provide people with inspiring health education through innovative presentations that promote and reinforce healthy lifestyles choices (Ruth Lilly Health Education Center). Visitors do not only see presentations, but also they participate in having health education. It was one of the most impressive experiences for me as an Ivy Tech Community College student. This facility is so meaningful and practical. I have two reasons to say so: one is that the center can take a big role instead of teachers and parents, and the other is that we can learn what a healthy life is in an enjoyable way. The Ruth Lilly Health Center deals with human body and its health issues. For example, those issues are birth, drugs, problems related to puberty, nutrition, and so on. Those are not sometimes easy for parents and teachers to tell students and children. If teachers and parents try to talk about those topics to students and children, they might become too serious or hesitating. However, the center shares those serious topics instead of teachers and parents. Parents and teachers should give full appreciation for the center. It should even be an more effective way of learning for children and students. The center puts bright colors to serious topics in dark colors. The center uses technology that fascinates children and students like key pad operations or 3D displays, and students can learn serious topics while they are spending fun times in the center. We saw models of a human body, a brain, and unborn babies. All are essential elements to realize a healthy life, but sometimes not so pretty or fancy for students and children. However, in this center, students and children can learn serious topics related to health in various fun ways and via technology. In the Ruth Lilly Health Education Center, people of all ages can learn and have enough knowledge about how to spend healthy human lives in many fun interactive ways. Using bright colors and full of presentation technique, students and children can learn even


serious topics in fun and understandable ways. I think that it sometimes is more effective than the way teachers and parents do.


Ruth Lilly health education center. (n.d.) Ruth Lilly health education center. Indianapolis, IN.