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COMPROMISE AGREEMENT This Agreement is entered into this ____ of _____ 20__, in the City of Cebu, Philippines, by and

between: ____________________, of legal age, Filipino, and residing at __________________________, Cebu, hereafter referred to as the FI !T PA T"; AND ____________________, of legal age, Filipino and residing at __________________________, Cebu City Philippines hereafter referred to as the !#C$%& PA "'

WITNESSETH, THAT: WHEREAS, FI !T PA T" and !#C$%& PA T" are the a((used and the pri)ate (omplainant in Criminal Case' %o' *_______ entitled People of the Philippines vs. ___________ for e(+less Impruden(e esulting in !erious Physi(al In,ury and &amage to Property pending before the -uni(ipal Trial Court in Cities in the City of ______________ .hereafter the /Case01 respe(ti)ely2 WHEREAS, the Case stemmed from a )ehi(ular a((ident .the /In(ident01 whi(h o((urred between a Toyota Corolla sedan with Plate %o' _________ .the /Car01, then dri)en by the FI !T PA T" and a motor(y(le with se)eral passengers and with Plate %o' ___________, then dri)en by _______________, the husband of !#C$%& PA T" on ________ 20__2 WHEREAS, as a result of the In(ident and upon the (omplaint of the !#C$%& PA T", the Case was instituted against the FI !T PA T"2 WHEREAS, during the penden(y of the Case se)eral opportunities for dis(ussions and negotiations of a possible (ompromise on matters that are allowed to be (ompromised by e3isting law were gi)en to the parties by the (ourt2 WHEREAS, after su(h negotiations and dis(ussions the parties mutually reali4ed and deem it best and (on)enient to resol)e the (i)il aspe(t of the (ase in an ami(able manner in order to a)oid a protra(ted litigation2 WHEREAS, the !#C$%& PA T" had manifested its willingness to be indemnified a reasonable )alue for whate)er damage, suffering or loss that it had sustained by reason of the In(ident and the FI !T PA T" is li+ewise willing to meet the demands of the !#C$%& PA T"2 WHEREAS, both parties ha)e (ome to a mutually benefi(ial arrangement as to the method of payment and mode of settlement of the (i)il aspe(t for its (on)enient and immediate disposition2 NOW THEREFORE, for and in (onsideration of the mutual (o)enants and agreements herein established, the parties hereto agree as follows:

AMOUNT OF DAMAGE !#C$%& PA T", by its own independent and )oluntary assessment (ategori(ally e3presses that the only remaining balan(e of the damage, loss or suffering it in(urred as a result of the In(ident, amounts to FIFTY THOUSAND PESOS (PhP50,000.00) whi(h the FI !T PA T" is willing to shoulder and pay' INDEMNITY FI !T PA T", mindful of su(h loss and desirous to alle)iate !#C$%& PA T"5s diffi(ult (ondition as a result of the In(ident agrees to pay the abo)ementioned amount in a manner and term pro)ided hereunder: .i1 First half of the amount or TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND PESOS (PhP 25,000.00) shall be paid and gi)en to the !#C$%& PA T" at the e3e(ution of this Agreement, and re(eipt of whi(h is hereunder a(+nowledged by the !#C$%& PA T"2 The remaining balan(e of TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND PESOS (PhP 25,000.00) shall only be paid upon the a(tual re(eipt of the payment of the insuran(e (laim from the insuran(e (ompany by the FI !T PA T" and6or owner of the Car' OTHER MATTERS FI !T PA T"5! payment shall not be ta+en to mean as an admission of any (riminal liability on its part' The e3e(ution of this Agreement by the parties howe)er, hereby absol)es and releases the FI !T PA T" from any (i)il liability arising from the In(ident if any' !#C$%& PA T" re(ogni4ed further that she had been (ompensated fully and ade7uately for any loss, suffering or in,ury that she might ha)e endured in (onne(tion with the In(ident and therefore underta+es not to file any (laim or suit against the FI !T PA T" or any other person or entity related to or in)ol)ed in any manner with the In(ident, in(luding in parti(ular the owner of the Car' 8pon the e3e(ution of this Agreement, the Affida)it of &esistan(e e3e(uted by the !#C$%& PA T" shall already be filed in the Case and the !#C$%& PA T" shall abide by the matters de(lared therein as well as the terms of the A(+nowledgment, elease and 9ai)er e3e(uted by the !#C$%& PA T" on ___________ and this Agreement' :oth parties ha)e e3e(uted this Agreement by their own )oluntary a(t and deed and in their mutually agreed terms' :oth parties warrant further, that they did so with the full understanding of its nature and its (onse7uen(e to the pending Case' _____________________ FIRST PARTY Assisted b ! ATTY. ________________ ____________________ SECOND PARTY Assisted b ! ATTY. _________________


9IT%#!!#!: ____________________ _____________________