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Denise Hawley Observation Lesson Plan 12/13/2013

Beginning, Middle, End

I. Standard: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.W.K.3 a. Use a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing to narrate a single event or several loosely linked events, tell about the events in the order in which they occurred, and provide a reaction to what happened. Objective/Benchmark a. I can write and/or depict a story with a beginning, middle, and end. Anticipatory Set a. Capture i. The teacher will capture the students by illustrating a three part story from her own life. b. Access Prior Knowledge i. The teacher will access prior knowledge through their ability to turn their life experiences into stories, examine their memories for details, and use writer-like attitudes and vocabulary. Input a. Task Analysis i. Gather students on the rug while singing Flat on Pockets. Once they have gathered, the teacher and students will lead out the morning meeting. 1. Students will read Good Morning! and the welcome song will be sung. 2. We will organize the visual daily schedule. 3. Students will read Today is _________, December _________, 2013. 4. We will sing the days of the week song, fill in the calendar, do the daily straw count, fill in the date, and read once together and two/three children will be asked to come up and be the teacher and have the class read together. 5. Depending on attention of students, we may take a music break. 6. Students will read It is __________. 7. We will sing the weather song and fill in blank. 8. Students will read _____ has good news! 9. The teacher will write Ms. Hawley has good news! 10. Ms. Hawley will share a story about her Christmas Eve as a child. a. First we always have vegetable soup for dinner. b. Then we go to church and sing my favorite Christmas song, Lyssna, Lyssna. c. Finally we go home and get to open one gift before Christmas. ii. Before passing out journals the teacher will go over the guidelines for journal. 1. Are you going to visualize your story? a. If you have trouble visualizing your story where will you look? i. Posters on the wall ii. Real life b. Are you going to stay in your workspace? Where is it?




Denise Hawley Observation Lesson Plan 12/13/2013 i. Floor/table c. If you arent on target what happens? i. We lose the privilege to sit where we like and we have to work in our seats. iii. The teacher will pass out tri-fold papers to help them separate the events of their story. iv. Students will get a minimum of ten minutes to work independently and the teacher will begin to conference with students. v. Students will be able to listen to Lyssna, Lyssna while they work on their stories. vi. When it becomes clear they are done journaling, they will pack up their crayons and papers. vii. The teacher will collect the papers for data analysis. b. Learning Styles/Multiple Intelligences i. This lesson compliments many different learning types. The meeting area and morning lesson promote social interactions (interpersonal), listening (auditory), and modeling the activity (visual). c. Methods and Materials i. Methods 1. Knowledge will be delivered through whole group discussion, whole group work, and small group work. ii. Materials Needed 1. Meeting Area a. Rug b. Dry-erase board and markers 2. Tri-folded papers labeled Beginning, Middle, End 3. Crayons V. Modeling a. Visual Input i. The students will visually observe the morning meeting and modeling of the teachers story. b. Verbal Input i. The students will verbally be involved through singing the songs, whole group discussion and small group work. c. Engaging Students i. Students will find this lesson engaging because they get to be in charge of their learning and story choice. Check for Understanding a. Students work will be collected and looked at by the teacher b. The teacher will conference with as many students as possible before collecting the papers. The students who do not get one-on-one conferencing time will have a conference the following school day. c. Response i. Data will be collected from the pages to see how to differentiate the lesson for higher skill mastery.


Denise Hawley Observation Lesson Plan 12/13/2013 VII. Guided Practice a. Morning Meeting b. Modeling how to write a Beginning, Middle, End story Independent Practice a. Journal Time/Beginning, Middle, End stories Closure a. Wrap-Up i. Song: Its Time to Put the Journals Away Assessment/Reflection a. Assessments i. Observation ii. Data collection from stories b. Self-Reflection i. How did the lesson go? Did the students understand the material? Were they engaged? ii. What worked well? What needs improvement? iii. How can I better myself as a facilitator and less as a teacher for the benefit of my students? Resources a. The First 30 Days b. www.youtube.com-- Lyssna, Lyssna