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Daily Lesson Plan


Students will recognize the Powers of Congress and how they are used. (DOK1)

-Book: Magruderss American Government
- MacBooks
- pencils
- paper
- Powers of Congress Powerpoint
- Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (movie)

Opening (Set)
Review the Bell Ringer and ask students what are the 3 Congressional powers of Congress.
This will give an opening to begin the power point presentation.

Learning Task:
Power point presentation on the Powers of Congress.

- Discussion on the Powers of Congress
- Congressional Power
- Strict vs. Liberal Construction
- The Power to Tax
- Limits on Taxing Power
- Federal Spending
- The Borrowing Power
- The Commerce Power
- The Currency and Bankruptcy Powers
- Foreign Relations and War Powers
- Other Expressed Powers
- Necessary and Proper Clause
- Impeachment Power
- Executive Power
- Investigatory Power

After the power point presentation on Powers of Congress, the students will finish watching Mr.
Smith Goes to Washington. This is a movie that provides much need information about how a
bill can be passed in the Senate. The film also gives an insight of how our government can be
full of corruption.

The students will finish the movie and questions could be asked about certain parts of the film.