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Special Education Folder Review


I reviewed five special education folders with the diagnostician at my school using our district's
compliance checklist. I reviewed student's complete folder which included items such as the
access log, early intervening documentation, referral form, initial consent to evaluate/consent for
reevaluation form, multidisciplinary team report (eligibility determination), current
Individualized Education Program, initial permission for placement, current written notices and
meeting notices, and test protocols and work samples. I reviewed student's with a variety
disabilities as follows:

Student 1 : Speech Impairment
Student 2: Autism and Intellectual Disability
Student 3: Intellectual Disability and Speech Impairment
Student 4: Learning Disability and Speech Impairment
Student 5: Other Health Impairment


a. Importance of findings: As an educational diagnostician, I will have the responsibility of
compiling these folders along with the Special Education Department Chairperson. Public
agencies are required to maintain records to show compliance with program requirement.
Documentation must include sufficient written detail to demonstrate compliance. We found
some documents that were missing in the folders; but was able to correct these problems

b. Connections to 5 year goals/desired position: As a future diagnostician I along with the
Special Education Department Chairperson will be responsible for ensuring that special
education folders are in compliance. As a future diagnostician I will ensure that every special
education folder meets this requirement.

c. Compare/contrast findings to experience: As a Special Education Chairperson on my
campus, I understand the importance of maintaining special education records. It is always the
goal to have special education folders in compliance; however, mistakes can happen and errors
may be found. This is why it is so important that a district has a compliance checklist to catch
these errors and correct immediately.


The compliance checklist is a great tool for the diagnostician and Special Education Department
Chairperson to ensure the required documents are available and in compliance as required.


a. I plan to use the Legal Framework which identifies criteria that must be met for all
disabilities and the compliance checklist to ensure that special education files are in compliance.

b. My experiences with the Educational Diagnostician continue to prepare me for the field.