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Black Cat

Lesson Topic: City and Country

Lesson Date: Friday October 25, 2013
Proficiency/Grade level
Level One students in grades 9-12
National ELL Goals/Standards:
Goal 1: To use English to communicate in social setting.
Standard1: Students will use English to participate in social interaction.
Standard 2: Students will interact in, through, and with spoen and written Engish !or personal
e"pression and en#oy$ent.
Standard 3: Students will use learning strategies to e"tend their co$$unicati%e co$petence.
Goal 3: To use English in socially and culturally appropriate ways.
Standard 1: Students will choose a language %ariety, register, and genre according to audience,
purpose, and setting.
Standard 2: Students will use non&%erbal co$$unication appropriate to audience, purpose, and
Standard 3: Students will use appropriate learning strategies to e"tend their sociolinguistic and
sociocultural co$petence.
Language Goals/Standards:
Ob#ecti%e 1: Obtain new %ocabulary words associated with introducing yoursel!.
1.1 'se %ocabulary words appropriately in describing about your bacground.
1.2 (espond appropriately to )uestions in%ol%ing new %ocabulary words through
spoen language or actions *pointing or locating places, !lags etc.+
Ob#ecti%e 2: 'nderstand what it $eans to answer and as )uestions about yoursel! or an
2.1 ,ble to classi!y the right responses.
Background Information:
Students have had some formal instruction as adjectives, locations, and weather vocabulary that
describe a city. Students need to be familiar with understanding what each vocabulary word and
concept means.
Students can learn new vocabulary through the PowerPoint presentation for better understanding
of the book. They will receive the following definitions of: sauntering, neon, graffiti and bodega.
PowerPoint presentation of terms, the book Black Cat by Christopher Myers, Venn Diagram of
City and Country, brainstorm worksheet of city
Activate Prior-knowledge/Set:
Brainstorm worksheet of city. Ask students: What do you think of when you think of cities? Give
students the opportunity to describe things in a city.
Input/Modeling (include informal checks for understanding):
Independent Practice:
Assessment Strategies for nderstanding: Tas! performance
-.as per!or$ance is being used because a!ter / show the$ the tas and gi%e the$ directions as
what to do the students will then be ased to per!or$ the tas / ha%e gi%en the$ as an e"a$ple.
-,nd i! they per!or$ the tas that / ha%e ased the$ o! then they ha%e co$prehended it.
-0reating their honeyco$b and presenting it pairs, class or one&on&one with $e later !or
in!or$al assess$ent o! speaing sills with this concept.
-,necdotal records will be taen as the students are woring and speaing in !ront o! the class to
guide !urther instruction as well.
Extension Activities:
*While the PowerPoint presentation is being present, students have a piece of paper out and they
are following along by writing notes and drawing pictures to help them remember the
*As the PowerPoint presentation is going on take the time to give each student time to write their
own example or sentence for that word.
*Create a Venn diagram as a class that compares the theme of the lesson Bees and the Class
* *Have a research project where students learn about another city
-1resenting pro#ects in !ront o! class about their own country
-,sing )uestions and practicing co$$unication sills
-2earning about each other3s countries and where they ca$e !ro$.
Refer back to the Venn Diagram and have students complete and add anything else to their
Students with %ision i$pair$ents will be at the !ront o! the roo$
Students with %ision i$pair$ents will wor with enlarge te"ts
Students will be arranged into heterogeneous partners, pairing higher&ability learners with lower
Students will be seated ne"t to a peer $odel i! needed
Students with attention needs will be allowed to take short breaks throughout the lesson
Students with special needs will be seated next to a peer model to help
Was this lesson appropriate for this level of learners?
Did I meet my lesson objectives?
Were the students able to work independently and be successful?
Do I need to go back and re-teach any vocabulary words?
Was the website I chose appropriate and did it get their attention?
What would I do different next time to make the lesson even better?
Were students able to follow me as I read the book?
Did the students comprehend the connection of the book with city and country?