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The Civil Service Commission was conferred the status of a department by Republic Act No. 2260 as
amended and elevated to a constitutional body by the !"# Constitution. $t was reor%ani&ed under '( No.
) dated September 2*+ !"2+ and a%ain reor%ani&ed under ,-ecutive .rder no. ) dated November 2+
!)6. /ith the new Administrative Code of !)" 0,. 2!21+ the Commission is constitutionally mandated to
promote morale+ efficiency+ inte%rity+ responsiveness+ pro%ressiveness+ and courtesy in the Civil Service.
Mandated Functions
2nder ,-ecutive .rder No. 2!2+ the Civil Service Commission shall perform the followin% functions3
Administer and enforce the constitutional and statutory provisions on the merit system for all levels
and ran4s in the Civil Service5
'rescribe+ amend and enforce rules and re%ulations for carryin% into effect the provisions of the
Civil Service 6aws and other pertinent laws5
'romul%ate policies+ standards and %uidelines for the Civil Service and adopt plans and pro%rams
to promote economical+ efficient and effective personnel administration in the %overnment5
7ormulate policies and re%ulations for the administration+ maintenance and implementation of
position classification and compensation and set standards for the establishment+ allocation and
reallocation of pay scales+ classes and positions5
Render opinion and rulin%s on all personnel and other Civil Service matters which shall be bindin%
on all head of departments+ offices and a%encies and which may be brou%ht to the Supreme Court
on certiorari5
Appoint and discipline its officials and employees in accordance with law and e-ercise control and
supervision over the activities of the Commission5
Control+ supervise and coordinate Civil Service e-aminations. Any entity or official in %overnment
may be called upon by the Commission to assist in the preparation and conduct of said
e-aminations includin% security+ use of buildin%s and facilities as well as personnel and
transportation of e-amination materials which shall be e-empt from inspection re%ulations5
'rescribe all forms for Civil Service e-aminations+ appointment+ reports and such other forms as
may be re8uired by law+ rules and re%ulations5
(eclare positions in the Civil Service as may properly be primarily confidential+ hi%hly technical or
policy determinin%5
7ormulate+ administer and evaluate pro%rams relative to the development and retention of
8ualified and competent wor4 force in the public service5
9ear and decide administrative cases instituted by or brou%ht before it directly or on appeal+
includin% contested appointments+ and review decisions and action of its offices and of the
a%encies attached to it. .fficials and employees who fail to comply with such decisions+ orders+ or
rulin%s shall be liable for contempt of the Commission. $ts decisions+ orders or rulin%s shall be final
and e-ecutory. Such decisions+ orders+ or rulin%s may be brou%ht to Supreme Court on certiorari
by the a%%rieved party within thirty 0#01 days from receipt of the copy thereof5
$ssues subpoena and subpoena duces tecum for the production of documents and records
pertinent to investi%ations and in8uiries conducted by it in accordance with its authority conferred
by the Constitution and pertinent laws5
Advise the 'resident on all matters involvin% personnel mana%ement in the %overnment service
and submit to the 'resident an annual report on the personnel pro%rams5
Ta4e appropriate actions on all appointments and other personnel matters in the Civil Service
includin% e-tension of service beyond retirement a%e5 $nspect and audit the personnel actions
and pro%rams of the departments+ a%encies+ bureaus+ offices+ local %overnment includin%
%overnment:owned or controlled corporations5 conduct periodic review of the decisions and
actions of offices or officials to whom authority has been dele%ated by the Commission as well as
the conduct of the officials and the employees in these offices and apply appropriate sanctions
whenever necessary.
(ele%ate authority for the performance of any functions to departments+ a%encies and offices
where such functions may be effectively performed5
Administer the retirement pro%ram of %overnment officials and employees+ and accredit
%overnment services and evaluate 8ualification for retirement5
;eep and maintain personnel records of all officials and employees in the Civil Service5 and
'erform all functions properly belon%in% to a central personnel a%ency such as other functions as
may be provided by law