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From: Tom Slockett [tslocket@co.johnson.ia.

Sent: Tuesday, September 22, 2009 6:14 PM
To: Kim Painter; Tom Kriz
Subject: Committee to Fill a Vacancy
Attachments: Board Appointment Committee Agenda September 24 2009.doc

Kim and Tom:

It is a sad day as we receive word of the passing of Supervisor Larry Meyers. I

know you miss
him and take comfort that he now rests in peace, as do I.

As you know, our official responsibilities continue even in such times. Under the
Code of Iowa,
it is the duty of the three of us to decide whether to fill the vacancy by
appointment or hold a
special election. Since the three of us now comprise the membership of a
statutory committee
and since two make a majority, we cannot discuss filling the vacancy with each
other except in
open meeting after the posting of an agenda.

Therefore I have taken the liberty of preparing an agenda listing likely topics of
discussion and
an �other� category and tentatively reserving a conference room, HHS 202A, for
2:00 p.m.
Thursday, September 24th for the purpose of familiarizing ourselves with the
options before us
and the task ahead. I know, Kim, you are out of town until Thursday and I have
not spoken with
you. If you are unable to meet at that time, we can cancel the meeting and
reschedule at a time
when you are available.

Tom Slockett
Johnson County Auditor &
Commissioner of Elections

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