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1) Jolene, a manager, delegates the responsibility for a project to Lee, her subordinate.

Jolene is most likely involved in which function of the management process.

A. Leading
B. Controlling
C. Planning
D. Organising
2) Which of the following best explain why human resource management is important
to all managers?
A. Investing in human capital enables managers to achieve positive results
for the firm
B. Technological changes and global competition require clear organization
C. Sophisticated accounting controls are supported by human resource
D. An enthusiastic labour force is likely to provide financial support to local
3) In most organisations, human resource managers are categorized as ________, who
assist and advice _________ in areas like recruiting, hiring, and compensation.
A. Line managers; middle managers
B. Functional managers; staff managers
C. Staff managers; line managers
D. Line managers; staff managers
4) _____________ refers to an integrated set of human resource management policies
and practices that together result in superior employee performance.
A. Institutionalised planning
B. High-performance work system
C. Balanced scorecard
D. Total quality management
5) What is the first step in the basic planning process?
A. Evaluating the possible alternatives
B. Comparing options
C. Setting an objective
D. Implementing a course of action
6) Which of the following is a simple guide used to compile relevant information about
economic, competitive, and political trends that may affect a firm?
A. External resource system table
B. Environmental scanning worksheet
C. Organizational research
D. Workforce requirement matrix
7) Which of the following refers to a process for assigning financial and non-financial
goals to the HR management-related chain of activities required for achieving the
companys strategic aims and for monitoring results?
A. HR scorecard
B. Strategy map
C. HR feedback scale
D. HR dashboard
8) Which term refer to the goal-oriented an integrated process of recruiting,
developing, supervising, and compensating employees?
A. HR planning
B. HR alignment
C. Career development
D. Talent management
9) The information resulting from a job analysis is used for writing _______.
A. Job descriptions
B. Corporate objectives
C. Personnel questionnaires
D. Training requirements
10) All of the following requirements are typically addressed in job specifications except
A. Required education levels
B. Necessary experience
C. Working condition
D. Desired personality traits
11) Romel, a manager at an electronic company, needs to gather job analysis
information from a large number of employees who perform similar work.
Which of the following would be more appropriate for Romel?
A. Observing all employees
B. Holding group interview with a supervisor
C. Interviewing the R&D manager
D. Conducting telephone surveys for all employees
12) Ethan is an employee at Westin Hotel. Some weeks he works with the catering
group, and other weeks he assists the reservations clerk or the parking attendant.
This is an example of __________ .
A. Job enlargement
B. Job specialization
C. Job rotation
D. Job enrichment
13) What is the first step in the recruitment and selection process?
A. Performing initial screening interviews
B. Building a pool of candidates
C. Performing candidate background check
D. Deciding what positions to fill
14) Which of the following terms refers to studying a firms pass employment needs
over a period of years to predict future needs?
A. Trend analysis
B. Ratio analysis
C. Computer analysis
D. Experience analysis
15) Which of the following enhances the security of a firms database management
system by specifying the type of information that a user can obtain?
A. Search engine
B. Access matrix
C. Main server
D. Intranet
16) Which of the following is not a tool used by firms to recruit outside candidates?
A. Newspaper advertising
B. Intranet job posing
C. Employment agencies
D. Online job boards
17) Which of the following is typically responsible for paying the fees charged by a
private employment agency when an applicant is placed in a job?
A. Ministry of Human Resources
B. State employment commissions
C. Employers
D. Employees
18) All of the following are common concerns that have been expressed to researchers
by temporary employee except ________.
A. Being in compliance with equal employment laws
B. Feeling insecure about their employment situation
C. Worrying about the lack of insurance benefit
D. Being treated unpleasantly by employers
19) If a person scores a 70 on an intelligence test on one day and score 110 when
retested on another day, you would most likely conclude that the test is ______.
A. Unreliable
B. Reliable
C. Valid
D. Invalid
20) As part of the selection process for a position at FedEx, Jack has been asked to lift
weights and jump rope. Which of the following is most likely being measured by
A. Interpersonal skills
B. Communication skills
C. Cognitive skills
D. Physical abilities
21) A(n) ______ is a multi-day simulation in which candidates perform realistic tasks in
hypothetical situations and are scored on their performance.
A. Work sampling event
B. Management assessment center
C. Situational judgment test
D. Applicant personality test
22) Rusli, a manager at Suria Printing Sdn. Bhd., gave a bad reference to a former
employee. Rusli could most likely be accused of __________ if the information is
both false and harmful.
A. Discrimination
B. Arbitration
C. Defamation
D. Adverse impact
23) Graphology, a tool for assessing basic personality traits, is also called _____
A. Polygraph output assessment
B. Numerology
C. Reasoning analysis
D. Handwriting analysis
24) What type of interview would most likely include the statement, Tell me about a
time when you worked successfully in a team environment?
A. Situational
B. Behavioural
C. Puzzle
D. Stress
25) In a _______ interview, a panel questions several candidates simultaneously.
A. Mass
B. Formal
C. Topical
D. Team
26) According to studies which of the following has the most influence on the outcome
of a job interview?
A. Thank-you notes sent from the candidate to the interviewer
B. An interviewers first impression of the candidate
C. Favourable information about the candidate
D. A candidates extroverted personality
27) Which of the following terms refers to helping a new employees appreciate the
values and culture of a firm?
A. Offshoring
B. Outsourcing
C. Organising
D. Onboarding
28) Which performance appraisal tool requires a supervisor to maintain a log of positive
and negative examples of a subordinates work-related behavior?
A. Alternation ranking
B. Paired comparison
C. Critical incident
D. Graphic rating
29) Which of the following is an example of a compressed workweek?
A. Victor work from 7a.m. to 3p.m Monday-Friday
B. Upin works from 11a.m. to 7p.m five day per week
C. Siew Li works from 7a.m. to 5p.m Monday-Thursday
D. Raju works from 12p.m to 6p.m Monday-Sunday
30) When designing an actual appraisal method, the two basic considerations are
A. What to measure and how to measure
B. When to measure and what to measure
C. What to measure and who should measure
D. When to measure and how to measure
31) Which of the following is not a type of direct financial payment?
A. Wages
B. Insurance
C. Annual bonus
D. Commissions
32) Which of the following qualities is most closely linked to an employees success on
an international work assignment?
A. Technical skills
B. Responsibility
C. Flexibility
D. Intelligence
33) Which of the following terms refers to any salary increase the firm awards to an
individual employee based on his or her individual performance?
A. Merit pay (merit pay incentive, her salary is permanently increased.)
B. Variable pay
C. Base pay
D. Competency-based pay
34) Research indicates that employee stock ownership plans most likely ______.
A. Encourage employees to retire too early
B. Place firms at greater risk for employee lawsuits
C. Encourage transparency within global organizations
D. Increase employee commitment and motivation
35) Which of the following conditions must be met for an injured employee to earn
workers compensation from the employer?
A. The employee suffered the injury through no fault of his or her own
B. The employee was injured while on the job
C. The employee worked full-time for the employer to a minimum of twelve
D. The employee received adequate job training to understand the positions
36) In which country do individuals have a high acceptance of unequal power
distribution between managers and subordinates?
A. Mexico
B. Hong Kong
C. Sweden
D. United States
37) Marie is an Italian executive working in a manufacturing plant in Siena, Italy that is
owned by a parent company based in Singapore. Marie is a(n) _______.
A. Expatriate
B. Local
C. Third-country national
D. Home-country national
38) ____________ refers to bringing a manager back home after a foreign assignment
has been completed.
A. Repatriation
B. Expatriation
C. Mediation
D. Negotiation
Scenario Questions
My Papaz Cuisine is a national restaurant chain with nearly 20,000
employees throughout peninsular Malaysia. Over the years, My Papaz Cuisine has
attempted to develop a reputation as a fun, family restaurant that offer both
excellent food and service. My Papaz Cuisines core values honour, integrity, jovial,
and continually seeking knowledge serve as the basis for all of the firms decisions
and are even displayed on the sleeves of every employees uniform. As My Papaz
Cuisine continues to expand, executives are considering adding tests to the
screening process.
39) What of the following. If true. would best support the argument that My Papaz
Cuisine should use personality tests in the employee selection process?
A. My Papaz Cuisine encourages employees to participate in the firms Save
the Planet campaign to show community support
B. My Papaz Cuisine seeks outgoing, motivated, and compassionate
employees to enhance the experience of its customers
C. My Papaz Cuisine offers incentives to managers who meet quarterly sales
targets and exceed performance expectations
D. My Papazy Cuisine desires employees with extensive knowledge of the
restaurant industry and with at least two years of experience serving
40) Which of the following, if true, would best support the argument that My Papaz
Cuisine should not use achievement tests in the employee selection process?
A. My Papaz Cuisine will only consider applicants with previous job experience
in the restaurant industry
B. My Papaz Cuisine expects applicants for management positions to
understood the Employment Act
C. My Papaz Cuisine requires applicants for cashier positions to take typing test
to assess their speed at the cash register
D. My Papaz Cuisine provides a two-week session to all new hires, which are
frequently college students with little experience in the restaurant industry
41) The specific human resource policies and practice used to support a firms strategic
goals are known as human resource strategies. True
42) LinkedIn website is increasingly serving as a recruitment source for passive job
candidates. True
43) When rejecting a job candidate, it is best to avoid providing an explanation detailing
the reason for the rejection because most candidates view an employer more
positively when they dont know the reason for the rejection. False
44) 360-degree feedback is specifically used for job transfer purposes. False
45) The HR department monitors the performance appraisal system, but it is usually not
involved in rating employees. True
46) Most young workers entering the job market today are heavily focused on their job
and their employer, unlike baby boomers who preferred to balance work and family.
47) Providing employees with iPhones,laptops, or other tools they need to get their jobs
done in any location is known as workplace flexibility. True
48) Most firms link employees pay to performance because financial incentives are
extremely successful at motivating employees to perform above required standards.
49) Firms using a geocentric staffing model will seek the best people for key jobs
throughout the organisation, regardless of nationality. True
50) Employees preparing for overseas assignments benefit from training in cultural
differences attitude formation and behavioral influences, factual country knowledge,
and language skills. True