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WPCSD Lesson Plan - S.

Davies 1/15/14 (Music 8)

Lesson Summary:
Length of lesson
Description of lesson
How this fits into
larger plan/unit
Century Chance Music Composition 2 days
After studying various 20
Century composition styles and composers,
students will create a 16-measure composition using a chance music
composition technique. Students will be in small groups of 3-4 students to
create this composition.
This activity is a small portion of the 10-week curriculum for this class. After
this unit (20
Century Music & American Composers) is complete we will
move on to units on music theory and Broadway musicals to finish the quarter.

Student Learning Objectives

Students will review (as a class) note values, staff basics, note writing basics
and time signatures. Students will work in small groups to create a 16 measure
chance music composition using guidelines provided by the teacher.
Students will use dice to determine pitches for their composition then write
their composition on staff paper.
Student compositions will be performed for the class.

Alignment to Standards Content Area Standards:
NYS Arts Standard #1 Creating, performing, and participating in the
NYS Arts Standard #2 - Knowing and using Arts materials & resources
NYS Arts Standard #3 - Responding To and Analyzing Works of Art
Common Core Standards:
ELA Shift 1

Text/ Materials Being Used

Composition guidelines (teacher developed worksheet), staff paper, rhythm
cards, dice.
Lesson Outline including
questions to students

On the first day the teacher describes the composition assignment and
expectations using the composition guideline sheet. Teacher will lead the class
in reviewing music theory basics needed for the composition (note values, note
pitches, staff basics, time signature, note writing basics). Students will be
assigned to small groups of 3-4 students to create their composition, using
chance techniques. After introduction of the assignment and review are
completed, students will have the remaining class time to write their
composition. If students need more time for composing, they will be given
some time during the 2
class, then compositions will be performed for the

Differentiated and/or
specially designed instruction
Students will participate in class discussion (review) and work in small groups.
The small groups will be assigned by the teacher and will have students of
mixed abilities. Throughout the 20
Century unit a variety of teaching
techniques will be used. Various levels of support will be provided by the
teacher providing reference materials to help student with their composition
and by the teacher working with individuals and small groups as needed.

Checking for Understanding
through-out and end of

Students will be able to contribute to the discussions about music theory basics
and will be able to contribute to the groups composition. At the end of the
unit students will take a written exam.
Additional thoughts/notes